«Reggio Capital of Culture? My disabled daughter is missing essential services »· Il Reggino

There is a lack of services, assistance and structures, and the invitation to the political class that has failed to protect its most fragile children is clear: “Take up”

“I read with amazement that Reggio Calabria proposes itself as the Capital of Culture in 2025. That would be right if it had all the necessary conditions to compete. Instead, we can only offer a beautiful museum where the beautiful Riace Bronzes are located and a beautiful promenade defined by all as the most beautiful kilometer in Italy. Too bad you need available trains to get to Reggio Calabria which is currently reduced to a flicker, and serves the flights in a dilapidated airport that never manages to take off, but which on the other hand the ticket costs are taking on more and more speed. These are the minimum services to provide dignified hospitality to tourists who bravely venture into this tourist business. Then there are the essential services, those that a municipality worthy of the name should guarantee the most fragile inhabitants, services that are currently equal to zero ”.

This is Sabina Berretta’s outburst, the mother of a disabled girl who for years has waged a civilization struggle to guarantee the rights and dignity of her daughter and of all children living in a fragile state. “The home care provided by the sector is reduced to 2 or 3 hours per week. The social services sector’s takeover of the person with a disability is only found in the charter. There is no reference to families becoming angry as they can in this marginalized world and where everything becomes a business. From bureaucratic practice to everyday life, consisting of victims and sufferings of seeing their children isolated from the world of youth. There is no transportation service for children attending day care or rehabilitation centers. Families who, due to their advanced age, do not have the opportunity to drive a car are forced to faint to pay for private leeches who take advantage of the need to ask for astronomical numbers, while our referring politicians in total indifference “brag” about promoting projects div. aimed at the social sector, which has nothing to do with the needs of the most vulnerable.

The families are still waiting for the promotion allowance for the year 2019, and the reminders that families systematically make are worthless. Since the only minibus provided by a private citizen has interrupted the transport service, Due to a severe mechanical breakdown, many of the children living at the Catona Day Center have been forced to stay at home because they live in vulnerable areas and cannot find anyone to accompany them. These are children with disabilities of older people, who in turn have not become self-sufficient due to their advanced age. Not to mention the state of disrepair of the only municipal day center in the city of Reggio Calabria. The region has been waiting for years for a free loan solution to start the redevelopment work. A few months ago, this resolution was born, and the commencement of the work was the responsibility of the municipality. Instead, everything is quiet. They postpone us from week to week, as if our children did not deserve to go to a healthy place with respectable surroundings. They suffer from the cold in winter and the scorching heat in summer. Meanwhile, the municipality funds projects that leave out our children’s lives.

This is not an outbreak for its own sake, but is meant as a condemnation of the state of neglect in which our children find themselves. It must be a condemnation of the total lack of essential services that a municipality aims to become the capital of culture, at least must guarantee. It wants to be a strong protest against those who literally ignore our children and ignore SOS requests from families. Prima to propose Reggio Calabria as Capital of Culture 2025 worry about providing dignified services to those living in difficult conditions. Make sure to make the streets accessible to those who do not walk, and make sure to break down the architectural barriers that restrict the movement of all citizens who do not fit into the world of “normality”. And if you do not feel a minimum of shame over what you should have done and not give up.

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