Outdoor design, in the enchanted garden among tables, chairs and wooden cabinets

“The Lord planted a garden and placed man there: he made all kinds of trees, pleasant to look at and good to eat, sprout from the ground, with the tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of knowledge. Good and evil.” With these words, Genesis describes the most enchanting place in creation, that which is in all our dreams. How much we have longed for it, the garden, in the long months we have spent in the company of the pandemic, an ungrateful guest. How much nostalgia the plant world has inspired us. Closed at home, barricaded behind the masks, we each dreamed of our own lost corner of paradise. The Garden of Eden is a little corner of the world: it is tailored to our pace. Here God goes in search of Adam and Eve, who hid among the leaves, under a plant because they tasted the forbidden fruit. They will not leave the enchanted place … Since then, it has been an eternal desire to imagine and live in our enchanted garden.

Perhaps for this reason, never more than this year, outdoor life is the protagonist of collections that interpret terraces and green spaces as wonders. How not to think of a sunny morning in the Garden of Eden, with the breeze rattling the trees, sitting on one Sissi by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, a Roly Poly by Faye Toogood or a Tube by Philippe Starck all in recycled plastic? Dryad is launched Black is the new green , a capsule collection of iconic furniture re-released in a new type of plastic material obtained from waste from internal production and from recycling of products that are disposed of with separate waste collection (for example PET bottles and containers). All seats are characterized by a neutral, dark gray or white color. The label is also green, biodegradable and made from a specific type of paper that contains non-GMO seeds that germinate in contact with water and soil. A garden is never just the work of nature.

The magic also lies in what the human hand and heart create. Like the mosaic that gives free rein to personalization and imagination. Sicis’s were put together piece by piece to follow the dream of those who ordered it. And to tell us that perhaps the most beautiful mosaic is the one that has not yet been composed. And it’s always about magic when Baccarat’s soul and savoir-faire are there, as in Owl Faunacrystopolis by Jaime Hayon: round lines, electric colors and deep cuts characterize the new collection of sculptures, completely handmade following a design by the young Madrid artist. The owl in transparent crystal, blue and red, rests on a black marble base. Relax, have fun, play: all this and much more means having an enchanted garden all to yourself. Maybe with a curious, unique, unpredictable object like Near-Swiss ball from Sunnei, the inflatable gym ball in orange, white, blue and yellow-striped denim. Being in nature means feeling part of it, knowing you are in the right place.

Man’s work has also always been this: to create a home made to measure for the world day by day. Thus the suspension was born Sun-Light Of Love, represented by Tord Boontje for Foscarini, geometric and at the same time organic, inspired by the sun’s magmatic surface, condensed in its 390 metal rays. How to create the closet collection Protoplasting Nature 04 by Marcin Rusak (structure in iron, leaves and resin): fallen leaves collected in different phases of their life cycle are collected and resined to cover the structure in a process of deconstruction, renewal and reconstruction that revolves around the concept of time. As a typical baroque piece of furniture from the 16th / 17th. century, where the decoration was hand-carved and imitated floral motifs, then the Marcin Rusak collection is made with only organic elements, a part of our own lives.

What could be better than sipping a cocktail under a pergola of dense vines, at the foot of a centuries-old tree that protects us with its majestic shade? The Rubelli fabrics in the new Outdoor Vibe collection are 14 patterns inspired by the cocktails that accompany us in the summer, such as Tequila Sunrise: on the ivory background, which is the constant of all five varieties, here is a regular sequence of essentials relief ribbon, elegant. A fabric that talks about nature and is reminiscent of woven mats. The garden is the perfect place to grow otium, even better if it is suspended in the air, rocked by a jeweled hammock in soft leather. Atelier Oï has interpreted it as a fabric for the collection Nomads objects by Louis Vuitton, intertwined and adorned with 786 golden rivets. And if you feel like changing the landscape, just fold it like an origami and carry it like a backpack to your next destination. Tectona Paris also offers an interesting vision of suspended time, but you do not have to be in a hurry. The circular teak bench Circle bench it is inspired by the seats of the great English and French parks of the 18th century, arranged around hundred-year-old trees to invite contemplation or to host an intimate moment of conversation. It is placed in an elevated position because it has “grown” with the plant around which it was attached and is an interesting variation on the tree house theme.

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