“New school for Montignano and Marzocca”, a public assembly promoted by PD

It took place on 9 June last year: from all the interventions, there is no desire to close a school, but the need to improve the educational offer

On Thursday, June 9, the II Circolo Pd organized a public meeting on the subject at the Marzocca Social Center “New school for Montignano and Marzocca”.

This first meeting, after two years of restrictions due to the Covid 19 pandemic, despite the rain and weather alarm, saw numerous and attentive participants.

They faced very current theme in our villages the school director of Chiaravalle Lorenzo Savini, the provincial co-secretary of PD Luigi Cerioni, the regional PD councilor Maurizio Mangialardi and the PD councilor of Senigallia Dario Romano municipality. The meeting was moderated by the Secretary of the PD for Senigallia Massimo Barocci.

The professor. Savini, an expert in the school world, explained how the school in recent years has been affected by various changes, primarily the demographic decline and new difficult situations after two years of pandemic. He reiterated the importance of preparing teachers, but also the importance of school environments and structures explains how the latter built forty to fifty years ago is not in step with the times and not always sufficient. He added that staff resources are limited and often do not satisfy the need to guarantee small classes to improve the quality of teaching, and how with small realities, spread across the territory, managerial difficultiesgiven that the computer rooms and fitness centers, now indispensable if shared by several classes, could be used better.

A single school complex is therefore preferable where children also have the opportunity to open up to participate in new companions, an opportunity for enrichment.

He concluded by saying that school is a symbol to be defended and valued, and that by requiring resources it is necessary to look at the common good, and for this reason it is necessary to confront and engage in dialogue, and to abandon certain schemes from the past. to protect the new generations.

Luigi Cerioniformer mayor of Cupramontana and provincial co-secretary of the PD, illustrated the project for a new school complex currently under construction in Cupramontana. From an international idea competition, a school campus was born that hosted the middle school and primary school, with the aim of living and meeting the local community: he described the classrooms with large windows and open to an external agora, to the gym, a sports field and laboratories and with seats ready to change as needed.

After the regional PD group leader Maurizio Mangialardi he explained how today through the PNRR we have the opportunity for many funds earmarked for the school and think of the schools in Montignano and Marzocca, which were built in the 1950s, despite the rules, they are no longer able to meet current needs and as in the previous administration, in addition to the schools of Marzocca and Montignano, the schools of Marchetti and Cesanella were also identified for an adaptation to the current arrangements. For Marzocca and Montignano, an area had been designated for a perspective project. He reiterated that the decline in births is affecting the territory and that it is necessary seize the opportunity of the available resources and have the courage to make a choice and be able to look beyond by making use of skills.

The head of the PD Dario Romano illustrated the activity of the City Council with regard to the closure in the past school year of the school in Montignano and told that it appears from an access to documents that a crack pattern had already been highlighted previous years and as it would have been a summer touch-up is enoughother cracks in non-structural elements and cracks in the plaster that are not absolutely compatible with the closure of the school; officials did not take responsibility unlike the leaders of the previous administration.

He reported, as stated in an item in the budget, that in 2024, among other things. 6,000,000 Euros will be awarded to the Montignano School; an amendment talking about the former administration’s single-school project was rejected; added it nothing is known about this investmentand to be built in 2027, risks being useless already today in 2022 considering the demographic decline.

It appears from all the interventions not the desire to close a school but the need to improve the educational offer adapt it to natural developments and new needs through moments of confrontation between professionals and citizens.

from II Circle PD Marzocca

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