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Silvia Biasini

MUSA, acronym for Musica Adulta, is the name of the new project on well-being, culture, inclusion and sociality, which was presented in recent days by “Carlo and Guglielmo Andreoli” Music School Foundation and is operational from October 2022 to May 2023.

The project, which is divided into two areas, includes three different initiatives covering a wide range of needs that have been carefully identified in recent months. The recipient of these three initiatives is a part of society that can greatly enhance their lifestyle with music. “Our school is aware of change and intends to grow in the coming years, follow the dynamics of society, and offer quality projects aimed at an ever-widening audience, which can draw experience from music and improve their well-being,” explains the director. of the Music School Foundation, Mirco Besutti.

Mirco Besutti

The two areas are care and well-being through music on the one hand and culture and beauty for pure play-intellectual enjoyment on the other. The three initiatives are How beautiful it is for Cantar, active choir since 2014 for aphasia patients, which now opens its doors to all, Sound workshopa collective music course aimed at increasing emotional well-being by counteracting cognitive and orientation impairment and depression in people with dementia, and Gulliver: musical travel plansaimed at all those who are keen on beauty and culture.

“The time has come – explains the coordinator of MUSA, Professor Silvia Biasini – to dedicate an important part of our teaching, our experiences and our making music for adults and above all to ensemble music for adults. MUSA expands the audience of users of the projects of the Fondazione Scuola di Musica, which thus becomes a local institution open to all age groups and every need “.


  1. “Music, Care and Wellness” area

The choir, which was born in 2014 in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Medicine Unit at Mirandola Hospital and consists of aphasia patients, is now opening its doors to everyone. It is a choir for everyone who wants to have fun and discover how the voice works, in connection with mind and body, to be a part of experiences of great emotions and sharing.

Concerts are planned and the repertoire includes songs, voice exercises, songs with one or more voices, musical sketches and there will be moments dedicated to socialization. The group is led by a choir leader and a speech therapist. The meetings take place once a week from October to May from 9.30am to 11am at the Mirandola office.

This collective music course has characteristics of great novelty. “There is a large body of scientific literature that demonstrates how music aims to increase emotional well-being through cognitive and social stimulation. It has beneficial effects on short-term memory, mood, spatial-time orientation, sense of identity and expressive and relational skills.

Making music together also reduces depression in people with dementia and delays the deterioration of cognitive function and orientation. The rehabilitation phase performed by an occupational therapist in synergy with the Mirandola Center for Cognitive Disorders and Dementias (Complex Operative Unit Geriatrics and Cognitive Disorders of the Modena Ausl) will be followed by musical activity focusing on the use of the spoken and sung voice, body and musical instruments . Musical instruments built during the course will also be included in the overall practice. The meetings will be led by a choir leader and an occupational therapist.

2.1 Gulliver: musical travel plans

The third initiative belongs to the Music and Culture area and is aimed at all those who are eager to find interpretations in everyday life and escape moments, where the artistic-cultural aspect is the starting point.

Gulliver is a symbol of curiosity; those who take part in this journey will feed their need for beauty and culture and will not do it alone and share the experience.

The path, which aims to learn and appreciate important musical aspects, will fuse different areas of culture and art into an interactive itinerary: music, literature, aesthetics, history, anthropology, food and wine, figurative art. The environment that is created will be a kind of cultural salon. The path full of stimuli, of encounters with famous personalities from the musical and cultural world will be divided into three periods, each dedicated to the study of a musical side, and will culminate in a musical and cultural journey to important musical centers and institutions (theaters, festivals, arenas …).

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