The Center for Books and Reading is promoting the first international conference on library therapy in schools

An absolute novelty for the Italian school: the use of the book as a tool through which to facilitate relationships within the class group, help students deal with relationships to themselves, learn to recognize emotions to deal with them, deal with complex phenomena such as bullying , xenophobia, integration and inclusion. It will be discussed on 28 June 2022 in the auditorium of Rome’s National Central Library in Library Therapy: Well-being in School through Books, the first international study conference dedicated to library therapy and its possible ‘didactic’ uses, in which ten speakers, academics and schools , will make their skills and experience available to teachers at schools at all levels. The event is promoted by the Center for Book and Reading and is realized in collaboration with the University of Verona, the first Italian university to launch a master’s and a professional refresher course in library therapy this year.

After the institutional greetings of Angelo Piero Cappello, Director of the Center for Books and Reading, Stefano Campagnolo, Director of the National Central Library of Rome and Giuseppe Pierro, Director of the Ministry of Education, the intervention of the group of academics from the University of Verona, Federica Formiga , Marco Dalla Valle and Michela Nosé, who will analyze the benefits that library therapy can offer and of the Italian model of library therapy; Rosa Mininno, a psychotherapist psychologist who first brought library therapy to Italy, will elaborate on library therapy in education and training; Irene Monge and Dome Bulfaro will illustrate two particular ways of applying library therapy: narrative philosophy and poetry therapy.

The second part of the conference will focus on the concrete application of library therapy in school: Maria Greco, teacher and head of school at the Center for Books and Reading, will talk about library therapy in teaching practice; Paolino Gianturco, headmaster and board member of the AID (Italian Dyslexia Association) will illustrate the alternative reading paths for people with SLD; Beatrice Eleuteri, PhD student at the University of Rome TRE, will analyze the pleasure of studying in school. The conference will also be hosted by two Hungarian speakers, Judit Béres, Professor at the University of Pécs, and Mónika Tóthné Muráncsik, Professor at the Bolyai János Secondary Grammar School in Budapest, who will show us the library therapy for the digital generation and the Hungarian experience. of library therapy in school, already tested for years.

The event will be streamed on the Center’s Facebook page for books and reading. Teachers who will attend the event by registering at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. they will receive the certificate that is valid for training purposes.

Conference attendees will have priority to sign up for the free and limited refresher course offered online by the Center for Book and Reading in partnership with the University of Verona and valid for training, which begins in late September and ends. in December 2022 and will be open to teachers at schools of all levels, from infants to high school.

JUNE 28, 2022


8:30 Registration of participants

9:00 Institutional Greetings Angelo Piero Cappello Director of the Center for Books and Reading Stefano Campagnolo Director of the National Library Giuseppe Pierro Director of the Ministry of Education

9:20 School libraries, library therapy and wellness: what benefits, what training?

Federica Formiga – Professor at the University of Verona

9:40 Library therapy used in training and education Rosa Mininno – Psychologist, psychotherapist and librarian

10:00 Library therapy for the digital generation: offline community, emotional support and awareness Judit Béres – Professor, University of Pécs – Hungary

10:20 Library therapy: against an Italian model Marco Dalla Valle – Library therapist

10:40 Debate

11:00 Coffee break

11:20 Philosophy and narrative in dialogue: philosophical library therapy

Irene Monge – Narrative Philosopher

11:40 The Safe School is the one taking care of Dome Bulfaro – Poet Therapist

12:00 Library Therapy and Wellness: From the Evidence of Literature to the Practical Implications

Michela Nosè – Professor at the University of Verona 12:20 Debate

13:00 Breakfast

14:00 Library therapy in didactic practice: pedagogical tool or “short dream”?

Maria Greco – Teacher and head of the School Center for Books and Reading

14:20 Support for teachers: promoting self-knowledge and coaching teachers with library therapy Mònika Tóthné Muráncsik – Teacher Bolyai János Secondary Grammar School

14:40 All paths lead to the book: alternative reading paths for people with SLD

Paolino Gianturco – DS – AID Executive Member

15:00 The pleasure of reading: how reading satisfies basic needs and strengthens the inner motivation Beatrice Eleuteri – PhD student at Roma TRE University

15:20 Debate 15:40 Coffee break

16:00 Library therapy in practice: story about school environment experiences and beyond

Judit Béres, Dome Bulfaro, Marco Dalla Valle, Irene Monge

16:40 Debate 17:10 Conclusions

Info and reservations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Personal attendance entitles you to a certificate that is valid for training purposes

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