IIS of Asiago: we know our trees

We know our trees

with the plates from IIS of Asiago

From the collaboration between the addresses of Ipsia Agrario and Meccanico, the plates were born for the recognition and botanical classification of the road trees in the municipality of Asiago

CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE PLANT SHEET PAGE → https://www.istitutosuperioreasiago.it/pagine/targhette-alberatura

There is a new way to experience the city of Asiago, a way that enhances the public greenery of a city that is itself surrounded by the greenery of the surrounding mountains: we are talking about identification plates and botanical classification of road trees by the Municipality, which has been distributed in the urban context to ensure that anyone, citizen or visitor, can easily recognize the trees and flowers that are in the city.

Where does this idea come from

who saw the birth of a close and fruitful collaboration between Asiago municipality and IIS Mario Rigoni Stern?

It is now well known that “Asiago Leaves“Has become one of the main events of the Asian autumn, with its colors and the joy of the first glittering days that foretell winter, the bright colors of the leaves of our trees that give their best before making room for the whiteness of Sne.

Every year, the squares and streets of downtown Asiago are filled with children playing and people loving to take hundreds of pictures and selfies full of shining smiles.

But how many of us know the trees that are the background of our images?

From this question arose the basic idea, which later resulted in a collaboration between the Municipality and our school, to involve the students in the Agricultural Curriculum (for the accuracy ofIpsia agriculture, rural development, improvement of local products and management of forest and mountain resources) to give life to a classification using a “tagging” that allows everyone to easily recognize our tree friends and also discover something more about them.

For this reason, Prof. Francesco Mazzullo, assisted by Prof. Calogero Cinquemani and by the technician Michele Savio, involved the students of class 2 ^ R in the tree classification of the plants present in the center of Asiago and in the adjacent pedestrian areas, with educational excursions aimed precisely at the observation and botanical classification of the municipal green.

The boys

they then discovered all the varieties of plants that adorn the center and its surroundings, after which they passed on to their companions class 1 ^ R the list of trees so that they could make maps showing the characteristics and characteristics of each plant.

But one of the flagships at our school is there diversity of training courses as at a single department there are many different addresses and it allows for cross-disciplinary collaborations involving the classes in extra didactic paths that are highly alternative and stimulating.

Therefore, a class of Mechanic Hypsia is also involved in a project from Agriculture (to be exactHypsi Made in Italy and maintenance and technical assistance).

The cooperation between the two addresses

gave concrete form to the idea: students in 5th M class (especially Davide Guzzo, Tomas Oddone, Daniele Rigoni and Paolo Vignaga) led by Prof. Marino Ravenna, has made with laser printing of the nameplates with all the references needed to recognize the plants in the squares and along the wood-paneled sidewalks of Asiago.

Each card also has one QR code scanbar the link to the descriptive page of each tree, prepared by the students in 1. R after observation and botanical classification of 2. R.

And then the circle closes, and all the trees in the city of Asiago will, thanks to our children’s precious contributions, have their very personal identity cards.

CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE PLANT SHEET PAGE → https://www.istitutosuperioreasiago.it/pagine/targhette-alberatura


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