I charge up everywhere, that’s the strength of my Tesla

Recharge everywhere: After a 6,000 km journey in Northern Europe, Edoardo explains what Tesla’s real strength is. And because refueling abroad is also easier with a capillary and user-friendly network of Superchargers. We remember that the one who would tell his life in electrically, you can write to info@vaielettrico.it

I reload everywhereI charge everywhere, a journey of 6,000 km has given me confirmation

S.is perhaps among the very first Italians to have an approach to the electrical world, after trying many hybrids since 2004. Toyota Prius in 2005, OpelAmpera plug-in and so on, up to the present Tesla Model 3, which remains the only one I will never sell. I wondered: why after owning two BMW i3 (strictly Range extender), thaw Renault Zoeone Hyundai Konaone HyundaiIoniq 5, in the end do I always choose Tesla? Considering I’m a very anxious person, Tesla is the only home that allows it security in relation to travel and replenishment which the other brands unfortunately do not offer. And in fact, I am writing to tell you about my first experience on a very long journey, ien Ireland via northern France. I chose a trip abroad because of the large number of Tesla chargers already available, especially in France. In Ireland, however, a few Tesla columns, but many recharges over 150 kW.

I reload everywhereTesla’s software is my lifesaver

That Tesla software it allows you to know the exact charging points and relative times from the start. And it really is mine “save anxiety“. Because if it’s true that the other houses also allow you to see the charging times before you reach the column, unfortunately you never know the exact points where to stop. And here it comes the sore spot: Generic charging managers now offer the latest generation of applications. But there is never the security that the American brand offers. At least in Italy, I have always had negative experiences to find columns illegally occupied, defective (and not reported), payments are not always accepted etc. For Tesla none of this.

You know where you go, where you stop, how much you fill up, when you use … all with one platform.

I reload everywhereRecharge anywhere, even in Italy between breakdowns and illegal …

THATl travel of approx 6,000 km it was nothing short of amazing. Not to mention that now, compared to a few years ago, charging stops for me has become an excuse for a relaxing break between coffee, lunch, dinner or just a drink. The training of other drivers outside Italy is very different from ours. Other things sore point. In Ireland, where there are still not many Tesla refills, generic charging stations have never caused problems. Never an illegal occupation, never a breakdown. I would say the top. Total price for the trip: approx 160 euros. Had I had a slightly thirsty diesel car, I would have anyway used triple. Now, perhaps with the maturity of our country (hopefully), I look forward to being able to be calm and peaceful even for a trip to Italy. For now, however, I do not want to. Congratulations on the excellent work you do ”. Edward Rabascini

I reload everywhereEase of use and sense of belonging, the keys to success

Reply. We wrote it in unsuspecting times, in an article with the title exactly: “Tesla’s true desire? Superchargers“. Model 3 and Model Y they are excellent machines, but the icing on the cake is given by a capillary recharging network, practical and very easy to use. The latter aspect should not be overlooked: Tesla introduced the mode plug & charge long before the competition, making the use of cards or apps unnecessary, sometimes a source of complications. It was a huge investment that was paid with interest, which created the one driving Tesla a sense of belonging which is another key to the brand’s success.


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