Here are the 10 luxury villas to visit on Lake Como: What do you need to know

Lake Como always offers its customers unforgettable stays with breathtaking views. One of the features that makes this city completely unique is the presence of several villas. But which are the most beautiful and suggestive to visit? Here is 10 most beautiful villas on Lake Comofor a holiday between kl art, history And nature.

Villa Carlotta

For a full immersion of experiences by the lake is the perfect destination Villa Carlottato Tremezzo.

The house was built in the late 17th century from Marquis Clerici and subsequently became the property of Count Sommariva.

Thanks to him, the villa acquired it neoclassical style which today distinguishes it, though its name is due Princess Charlotteas given by the mother, Marianne of Prussia.

The villa consists of three floors filled with works of artsome very important such as sculptures by Antonio Canova o Denlast goodbye to Romeo and Juliet by painter Francesco Hayez.

That Garden of Villa Carlotta is characterized by a Botanical Garden of rare beauty and well 150 different species of azaleas.

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Villa Melzi d’Eril

In the area by Bellagio there is another villa characterized by the neoclassical style, Villa Melzi d’Erilwhich is reflected directly on the lake.

Nature plays a fundamental role in the beauty of the place, with one Garden which extends well 800 meters. That dazzling white of its facades is reflected inblue of the sky and of the water below create an atmosphere one of a kind.

Although the villa is not available, in the months that pass from March to October you can visit Gardenwhich hides something inside small hidden treasures of rare beauty.

Not to be missed is small kioskfull Arabic stylewhere the composer Liszt found inspiration for his Sonata for Dante; the chapel, where the remains of some members of The Melzi d’Eril family; andold orangerynow a museum dedicated to Napoleonic era.

Villa Melzi d'Eril
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Villa Balbianello

For those who want one holiday dedicated to exploration, Villa Balbianello this is the place for you. Its location, at the very top of Forbjerget Lavedojust before the village of Lennoseems to indicate a desire to immerse oneself in Lake Como water.

In fact one magic museum consisting of art and souvenirs to Guido Monzinofamous explorer, bequeathed to DOItalian Environmental Fund, current owner of the villa.

The structure rests its foundation on the remains of one old Franciscan monasterythat goes back to late 18th century.

Villa Balbianello
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Villa Olmo

Among the villas rich in history, which they have seen pass and host famous peopleit is definitely there Villa Olmoclose to the city Comowhich takes its name from the tree that was there before its construction.

The beauty of frescoes which adorns its rooms and from Italian-style park it’s one of a kind.

Famous Italian personalities have e.g. visited and stayed at Villa Olmo Napoleon Bonaparte, Ugo Foscolo And Garibaldi. The latter met in one of his stays what was to become his wife, Giuseppina Raimondi.

Villa Olmo organizes numerous events such as exhibitions, meetings and conferencesboth within the structure and in the small theater Here I am.

Villa Olmo
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Villa Erba

For those who are curious to explore the latest constructions among the villas on Lake Como, Villa Erba it’s the right place. Inaugurated in the late 1800s at the request of Peluso familywas later purchased by Carlo Erbaone of the leading industrialists in 20th centuryhence the name.

It is currently operated by one public consortium that, despite it being open only during certain periods of the yearoften use it as a seat for special and original eventsas international review of vintage cars.

That artwork which decorates the walls evokes an unsurpassed fascination. Many of these are made of Angelo Lorenzoni.

Also Luchino Viscontiwho lived inside the villa for a while, was enchanted by its beauty so much that he decided to use it as a location for the movie Ludwig.

Villa Erba
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Villa Monastero

In Varenna municipality, in the province Leccothere is Villa Monastero which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area.

Its name derives from its old function that it had until 1700. Its foundation, however, is even older and dates back to XXII centurywhen it was built to be one conventonly for purchase in 1800 from Mornico family which gave it its present appearance.

Now the owner is a public body in the province, which has transformed it into a museum consisting of 14 rooms that can be visited at a moderate price.

Villa Monastero offers a dip in the past while admiring period furniture and works of artwithout forgetting Botanical Garden who surrounds it and gives it one sumptuous appearance.

Villa Monastero
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Villa Serbelloni

It’s of a completely different style Villa Serbelloni. Current ownership is important Rockefeller familyas from 1925 made it the ideal place to organize important conferenceshowever, not quite visitable.

So why choose to go so far? The answer is simple. In addition to the beautiful Garden which surrounds what can be visited in the months that go by May to OctoberVilla Serbelloni offers one priceless panoramic views.

Built on top of a hill, from its terraces you can see there‘horizonfor a magical and satisfying experience.

Villa Bernasconi

Villa Bernasconi it is certainly not among the most famous in the area, but that does not mean that it is one of the less fascinating. This jewel ofarea of ​​Cernobbioin fact, it is characterized by strong style of freedom.

That delicate shapes covering its facades, of an outspoken white, fuses in harmonious way with green around the villa, creating one homogeneous and harmonious mixture between nature and human work.

A show that definitely deserves to be seen and experienced, emphasized by museum inside which will turn visitors into guests who tell the story of the villa through the centuries and of the people who inhabited it.

Villa Carcano

Villa Carcano offers an experience for the most part contemplative.

The building that today houses one lavish luxury hotelstrikes for his appearancecharacterized by square shape which is thrown directly into Lake Como water. Such statue beauty has hit since 1573 when it was built, many famous people, especially from the art world, would like to Stendhal, Rossini And Bellinifascinated by this wonderful building that is reflected in the water.

Villa Carcano was the protagonist of an important renovation work which took place in 1983necessary after being left for one long period.

Villa d’Este

Impossible to take a trip to the most beautiful villas in Lake Como without stopping to admire the most famous. Villa d’Estenow refined Hotelwhich is characterized by i.a. warm colors covering its facades, as well as for the majesty of the structure in general.

Renaissance time structure, well in demand 50 years to be completed, from 1557 to 1607. Many celebrities and politicians, from the 20th century to the present day, have chosen it as the place for their stay on the lake, and its beauty has made it the world’s best hotel of Forbes magazine in 2009.

If it might be a little too expensive to stay here, you can always visit wonderful Italian garden that surrounds this wonderful villa.

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