Extraordinary competition bis, in which competition class and provincial winners carry out the replacement of 2022/23

Interested applicants submit or have already submitted applications for participation in the extraordinary competition bis. In which competition class will the time-limited contract as 2022/23 be awarded?

We answer one of the many questions that came to the attention of the editorial staff, remembering first and foremost the methods and time of submitting applications, the participation requirements and the stages in which the extraordinary recruitment procedure in question is divided, in accordance with Article 59 (2). 9- bis, of Legislative Decree no. 73/2021 (amended to Act no. 106/2021), as replaced by § 5, para. 3-quinquies, in Legislative Decree No. 228/2021 (amended to Act No. 15/2022) and aims to cover the remaining positions from the ordinary entry into the role (by GaE and GM) and from the extraordinary appointments (from GPS first volume of joint mail and support) as 2021/22.


Applications are submitted electronically until 23.59 on 16 June 2022 through the application “Competition Platform and Selection Procedures”, which can be accessed with the SPID credentials or with them from the electronic identity card or alternatively from a valid user to access the services in the reserved area of ​​the Ministry with specific permission for the Online Service Instances. Access the question – Here is our guide to pictures


Applicants who:

  • is in possession of a specific qualification or qualification for access to the specific competition class or a similar qualification obtained abroad and recognized in Italy in accordance with applicable law. The 24 ECTS are not required as an entry requirement
  • have not participated in the procedures referred to in paragraph 4 of the aforementioned Article 59, or, despite having participated, have not been identified as recipients of a fixed-term contract aimed at being placed in the post, in accordance with the same paragraph
  • starting from the school year 2017/2018 and within the deadline for submitting applications for participation has performed a benefit at state educational institutions for at least three years, even if it is not coherent, assessed in accordance with § 11, para. Law of May 3, 1999, No. 124;
  • who has completed one of the three aforementioned annuities within the time frame considered in the specific entry competition.

In the absence of just one of the aforementioned requirements, it is not possible to participate in the procedure in question.

Articulation procedure

The procedure includes the following steps:

  • competition consisting of a disciplinary test (oral test) and assessment of qualifications;
  • merit placementsformed on the basis of the points obtained in the disciplinary test and in the evaluation of qualifications and only including the winners of the competition;
  • fixed-term employment in the academic year 2022/23;
  • complete a university education course in 2022/23 with conclusive evidence;
  • performduring the time-limited contract as 2022/23, of the annual basic education and test course referred to in Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 59/2017;
  • permanent employmentafter passing the final examination of the university education and after a positive evaluation of the annual basic education course and examination, with legal and financial effect from 1 September 2023 or, if later, from the date of commencement of the service, in the same school with fixed-term employment;
  • obtaining the qualification by confirming the role.


  • I want to participate in the extraordinary bis competition. I completed the specific year of service in three competition classes, Physics (A20), Mathematics (A26) and Mathematics and Physics (A27), and therefore I will be able to choose which of the three competition classes to enter the qualification procedure. Since a substitute will be appointed during the first year until 30/06/2021 or 31/08/2021, should the substitute competition class then coincide or not with the access to the authorization procedure? If so, how can I predict in which competition class I want the substitute so I can choose the competition class for entry to the qualifying competition?
  • Specifically, as I am registered in the GPS in the province of Naples, and for my cdc A-21, the call was only banned in Piedmont and Veneto … when the oral exam has been taken, where should I complete the test year and the training course?

We answer the many questions and clarify some aspects of the procedure in question, stating the following:

  • whereas the procedure in question is not an authorization procedure but, as mentioned above, is intended to fill the remaining posts of the 2021/22 appointments;
  • the qualification, for those who do not already have it, arrives at the time of confirmation in the role (so if you do not reach the end, ie you do not pass the university education and the probationary period, do not, no qualification will be obtained);
  • as this is a procedure aimed at placing in the role and at the posts intended and remaining for recruitment as 2021/22, the compensation awarded will necessarily be on vacancies ending on 31/08;
  • The competition class for participation is the one selected upstream of the procedure (in the application, in fact, the competition class for participation is indicated), and the winners will consequently be included in the GM for the specific class of the participation competition (the one selected in the application);
  • the replacement will therefore be awarded in the aforementioned class of the entry competition and at this stage he will not choose anything.

Therefore, when it results in the ranking of the winners of the extraordinary competition, the GPS will have no “value” in the sense that the GPS province no longer counts (coincidences can be a coincidence). The compensation will be for the competition class selected for the competition and in the province determined according to the computerized procedure that will be initiated to award the seats.

In practice, the colleague will have the substitute in a province of Veneto or Piedmont, depending on the region she chooses in the application.

If he should not be among the winners, his registration in GPS will be valid and he will participate in the award of substitutes from this list.

Extraordinary competition bis: application by 16 June. How the ranking will be designed: oral exam and qualifications. PARTICULAR

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