Environmental journalism. “Regenerating sustainability for a care culture”

Saturday, June 18 from kl. 9.30the education and culture of the environmental initiative will take place at new research center Polymeres of the RES project in Pozzilli

Regenerating sustainability for a care culture “, Best practice development of the territory is the theme on which they will develop two panels: ethics and environmental culture and good practice and media dissemination. Among the speakers will be intervening experts in environmental reality and journalists from the national UCSI reality, such as President Vincenzo Varagona and Secretary Salvatore Di Salvo; in the field of journalism, the President of the Molise Vincenzo Ciminos Journalist and the President of the UCSI Molise Rita D’Addona will also intervene.

UCID (Christian Union of Business Managers) will also intervene in ethics and circular entrepreneurship with the report from National Ecclesiastical Consultant Don Antonio Mastantuono and for the UCID Provincial President of Campobasso Ernesto D’Aquila. On the environmental issue and climate change, President Alfonso Cauteruccio and climate expert Domenico Gaudioso will speak from the Greenaccord Association. Finally, in terms of good practice, there will be speeches by Maria Cristina Finucci, designer and architect, and by Antonio Lucio and Antonio Alessandro Valerio, entrepreneurs of the Valerio Group. In the institutional greetings will be the presence of the Vice-Secretary of State for Education and Environment of the Molise Region Roberto di Baggio and UCSI National Councilor Enrica Cefaratti. THE PANELS will be moderated by UCSI Molise journalists Paolo Scarabeo and Felice Mancinelli and by Vatican News Marina Tomarro.

The choice of a research center as a concrete example of good practice to tell about the environment, encourage debate, talk about circular economy, human development and integrated ecology, is the fundamental factor to focus on the potential of resources. territories. From plastic to fashion is not a slogan, but a concrete example, pride for Molise, as a courageous choice of regeneration and human and cultural development, in a time of growing social and environmental instability. Seven years later Laudato Sì, encyclical letter from Pope Francis, UCSI Molise intends to awaken, in its own territory, the awareness of coherence and connection, and to call for a collective conversion that goes through a new education that is capable of changing everyone’s lives and lifestyles. “There are not two separate crises, one environmental and another social, but a single and complex socio-environmental crisis” (Laudato Si ‘, 139).

The innovation of the economic development model based on sustainability, renewability and recycling, elimination of polluting emissions, is the subject of study of the journalistic education proposed by UCSI Molise to promote awareness and a change of mentality. The “green economy” with the concreteness of the good practice of the Polymères Center, which is part of the RES project (Sustainable Ethical Recovery) within a technological pole and research center in the plastics sector is therefore “A method and a good practice, that goes beyond the limits of the 2030 agenda – like stated the President of UCSI Molise-. In the era of 4.0, where everything is connected, is best practice of small and large enterprises in the territories is the highest form of connection and ethical sustainability to be known, disseminated and disseminated. Research, development and recovery are an ecological footprint. The theme of ecology therefore opens up space for reflection on moral responsibility and on the integrated commitment that engages people and their relationships ”.

In the afternoon, at 18.30, in the historic village of Campobasso, a naming ceremony will take place Plaque dedicated to Fred Bongusto, songwriter and musician. The plate, from Rotary Club Campobasso, will be affixed next to the bronze sculpture depicting the artist from Campobasso. The ceremony will be attended by Campobasso Mayor Roberto Gravina, Campobasso Rotary Club President Eliseo Sipari and Fred Bongusto Spokesman and UCSI National Councilor Gaetano Rizzo.

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