‘DigEducati’ lands in the meta verse. Literacy courses in Italian start this summer

‘DigEducati Ukraine’a spinoff project of ‘DigEducati’ dedicated specifically to cultural dissemination and integration activities for Ukrainian children, hosted in the Bergamo area, grows and when four cities in the province. Born in the wake of the ‘DigEducati’ project by the Bergamasca Community Foundation, funded by the Cariplo Foundation and the Impresa Sociale Con in Bambini as part of the Foundation for Combating Child Education Poverty, which aims to reduce the digital divide between minors aged 6-13 in fragile conditions in Bergamo province – the ‘DigEducati Ukraine’ initiative has set itself the goal – in collaboration with the Provincial School Office and Ruah Cooperative – to support the integration of Ukrainian children through literacy and cultural dissemination initiatives. Launched at Boccaleone Community Point – set up at the Bergamo District Library -, the project extends to Treviglio, Clusone, Seriate and Zognoinvolving the respective Community points to offer the small Ukrainians hosting these territories the opportunity to access the project activities and enter into relationships with other children, facilitate integration with peers.

ALPHABETICAL COURSES START IN BERGAMO From their arrival in Italy until the end of the school year, the girls and boys received in the schools of our province were able to attend reading and writing courses in Italian. However, the end of the school year does not diminish the need to continue with the language learning activity, which is crucial to give children the opportunity to socialize and prepare for the resumption of the school year in September. The founding of the Bergamasque community together with the founding Caritas and L’Eco di Bergamo, thanks to Aid for Ukraine Fund takes care of this need and organized at the request of the schools in the Bergamo area (including the municipalities of Sorisole and Torre Boldone) summer reading and writing courses, which will be held in the city, but will be open to all girls and boys who are welcome in the provincial municipalities. The courses, which will initially involve approx 75 children between primary and secondary schools, they are held, in collaboration with Ruah Andelsforening, by experienced teachers and cultural communicators. The courses include two appointments per week, at schools that are easily accessible even by public transport. At the end of the summer, with the start of the new school year, the Italian courses are intensified to prepare the children for the start of school, and then continue throughout the year to follow the learning paths.

‘DIGEDUCATI’ LANDS ON ROBLOX, IN METAVERSEN Digital education also goes through the experiment with an innovative virtual space, which ‘DigEducati’ has organized by creating a Virtual Community Point on Roblox, a digital platform that offers various video games, very popular among children and very young children. Within the virtual environment, players move through avatars, that is, characters created by the players themselves in the game space of the platform. In a setting that has been developed down to the smallest detail, the player thus experiences different experiences and actions: games, adventures or everyday life, such as shopping, exchanging items, using tools, etc. In this digital environment, in the new virtual Community Point on Roblox, young players will be able to meet DigEducati educators – also in the form of avatars – who will suggest activities and opportunities for relationships. This allows children to learn secure information and skills for proper use of the Internet. The project thus captures the challenge of the meta-verse – a dimension that combines real and virtual – to offer young people an extra training opportunity through the tools they use every day.

To build a useful and necessary relationship between virtual reality and real life, Community Point on Roblox will launch, from June 27an educational prize game designed to encourage general participation in DigEducati activities: Winners will be invited to pick up their prize at the nearest Community Point, where they will be able to meet the project operators and dedicate the possible activities for them dedicated. To learn more about the ‘DigEducati’ project: www.fondazionebergamo.it/digeducati.

TWO DAYS TRAINING IN DASTE BERGAMO To keep up to date with the latest news from the digital world, the Bergamasca Community Foundation is organizing Monday the 13th And Tuesday, June 14, 2022 from 8.45 to 18at the Daste Bergamo Cultural Center (via Daste e Spalenga, 13), two days of training for over 60 operators – teachers, librarians, teachers – involved in the ‘DigEducati’ project. The program includes, in the morning d Monday, June 13than in-depth study of “Virtual Community Point: Roblox and the metaverse” by the journalist and communicator expert on the subject of Gianluigi Bonanomi (from 9 to 11) and on “The Digital Library: MLOL and Madeleines” by Veronica Novali of the Bergamo Library Network (from 11 to 13). In the afternoon, however, the focus is on (from 14 to 18) on “Connecting onlife communities. Ideas and considerations that come out of the experience”, with Marco Rondonotti, Teresa Soldini and Gaia Del Negro from Metodi. Tuesday, June 14th the day opens with the meeting “Children and media prairies. Orientation between consumption of digital content and new languages ​​”, curated by Roberta Franceschetti and Elisa Salamini di Mamamò (from 9 to 10), followed by “Information and Podcasting” by Odemà. Participants will then be divided into groups and will in the latter part of the morning and in the afternoon participate in some workshops: “Graphics Lab: take the first steps with graphic design using Canva”, curated by Alessandra Stevanin di Mamamò, “Laboratory video: Take the first step with video production using Filmora ”, curated by Christian Torelli di Mamamò, and a podcasting course curated by Odemà.

FUNDRAISING “AID FOR UKRAINE” CONTINUES Meanwhile, the collection continues “Aid to Ukraine”, promoted together with Caritas Diocesana and L’Eco di Bergamo, and also supported by an important contribution from the Cariplo Foundation. Numerous institutions, organizations, industry associations and private companies in the Bergamo area have joined the campaign.

The figure reached to date is 1,318,132 euros, Osvaldo Ranica, President of the Bergamasca Community Foundation: DigEducati could not effectively intercept the new generations if it did not reach them where they are: minors now spend a lot of time online and use web platforms that for them are authentic spaces to meet their peers, and this is a phenomenon that we With the opening of our virtual Community Point, we have decided to take up the challenge, represented by what is now called the meta-verse, to also try to carry out our formative and educational task here, emphasizing the importance of a balance between real and virtual.On the Roblox platform they will be able to find us and thanks to this access point get in touch with competent people who can help them use the technology correctly.To do all this you need first and foremost for training, because these are complex and constantly evolving issues: hence the idea of ​​the two days at Daste for DigEducati operators, meanwhile we keep the attention of Ukrainian children fleeing from the war, high: The presence of cultural mediators also in the province’s Community Points makes the projects launched by the foundation more widespread and able to reach an increasing number of children.

The activation of reading and writing courses also during the summer intends to increasingly promote the integration of young refugees in our local communities. The need does not stop; The situation that will arise in September is currently unpredictable and attention must be paid to fundraising ‘Aid for Ukraine’: only the generosity of donors will allow us to respond effectively to the needs that will gradually arise.

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