Designing a house in a functional way: Here are all the tips

To design a dwelling, so it is aesthetically beautiful but most of all comfortable and functional. This must be the goal of one designer or modern decor which points not only to the choice of aesthetically beautiful elementsbut above all to create an environment that responds emotional and rational needs of those who live there.

Interior design must therefore be able to build one project on a human scale.

What does functional home mean

A functional house must have the following characteristics:

  • adapt lifestyle of those who live there;
  • Be well enlightened And airy;
  • To ingest energy in a sustainable way;
  • To have one simple furniture of the series “less is more“;
  • use correctly technology.

Designing a Functional Home: How to Do It

We’ll give you some Tips on how to handle House renovationtrying to adapt each room to your own personal needs. The result will be one functional house, suitable for those who live there. Let’s see how we move forward.

Define space and create width

The first thing to do is to divide the rooms so that they are as functional as possible. It is necessary to be able to improve the environments and give the right credit to all rooms from the living room, to the kitchen, to the bedrooms and the bathroom.

  • If the house has one big size you can share sleeping space from the living room with great benefit for all those who live in the apartment, who will be able to move freely without hampering the well-being of others.
  • In case of small size, however, it is recommended create a non-continuity between the bedrooms and the open areawhere the space becomes one with the kitchen.

If the house is particularly small or difficult to divide according to your needs, we advise you consult a professionalbecause architects often have very useful tips in waiting to optimize space, especially when it comes to small sizes.

E.g choice of colors both floor both walls can help to provide amplitude as well as the choice of arrangement of furniture he was born in interior accessories.

Natural lighting and ventilation

Fundamental to the well-being of those who live in a house is proper exposure to natural light and good ventilation. Every room, in a functional home, should have the least a window.

Basically, the exposure is:

  • place sleeping space to the north;
  • to build kitchen and dining room to the south.

This will allow you to enjoy many more hours dthe sun during the day for the benefit of psycho-physical well-being of those staying there. The right exposure can also ease reduction of energy consumption.

Another important aspect isventilation. Each room should have a point of external ventilation. If this is not possible, it is recommended to use technology to remedy this deficiency. A good system of mechanical ventilation controlled will always guarantee air throughout the house fresh and clean.

If the house is under construction it is recommended to perform terraces and balconies in the living areaswhere they can spend more.

The choice of furniture

The furniture in a functional home is practicalapart from being beautiful and follow it house style.

The bespoke furniture is there Best choice because it allows you to do it rationalize space and at the same time offer what you need.

Another piece of furniture functional house must guarantee practical use: large shelves, desks for work, comfortable sofas, armchairs for reading, comfortable beds, children’s rooms complete with everything, bathrooms equipped with spacious furniture, wardrobes … Every piece of furniture has a great significance.

In terms of style minimalism can respond well to the idea of ​​functionality: few furniture but spacious, neutral colors, no superfluous things, innovative technology.

Home automation and energy management

Another goal of decorating a functional home is to install systems that can reduce energy consumption. Several factors intervene to optimize energy consumption in a home:

  • his exposure;
  • that building materials;
  • the use of technology and home automation.

The house must be considered functional if:

  • at least belongs to Energy class A;
  • the building is anti-seismic;
  • there is one photovoltaic systems;
  • the heating system is one heat pump;
  • the heating and cooling is remotely controlled.

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