Deafness: Milan goes on the field by funding inclusion projects aimed at children, young people and adults

It is not only marginalization, but also isolation: to be deaf is really to be beyond participation, dialogue, interpersonal relationships. A disability often not highlighted enough, the desire to go past many, the indifference that becomes indifference. Yet the wealth of their world must be understood, valued.

In fact, in July 2021, in Lombardy there were almost 9 thousand individuals INPS disability pension holders (of which 2200 in Milan and the surrounding area alone) among young people and adults with severe or deep deafness.

The overall call for Milan and its surroundings to nominate their projects in favor of the inclusion of people with hearing impairments should be seen with great interest. Deadline for applications for the call Social inclusion of people with hearing impairments from the Milan Deaf Fund and 30th of June and makes available 30 thousand eurosfor a maximum of 5 thousand euros per. project for activities to be carried out in the field of competence.

That initiatives already funded in the pastpresented on the Foundation’s page, they really span 360 degrees and can be a source of inspiration for new activities. The official data on deafness in Lombardy follow the boundaries of the national ones, unfortunately still few and inaccurate today, and deafness is still a more widespread condition than is actually perceived.

In fact, in July 2021, in Lombardy there were almost 9 thousand individuals INPS disability pension holders (of which 2200 in Milan and the surrounding area alone) among young people and adults with severe or deep deafness.

That PIS, Pio Istituto Sordiborn in 1854 as an educational institution for the poorest deaf in the area, it is today a real compass for people who have to deal with deafness and especially for institutions which works to break down prejudices and barriers by promoting inclusion. Lthe fund works in a network with several realities throughout Italy, he regularly participates in the sensory handicap table in the municipality of Milan and in the Game Commission at the Center – Playgrounds for the whole of Milan South West and East Martesana Community Foundation to guarantee the right to play for all children, and is a member of UNEBA National Union Institutions and Social Assistance Initiatives .

Ensure equal opportunities and participation for the deaf to PIS is priority among the interventions carried out in the territory: installation of installations induction magnetica in the registration offices of Lombard’s provincial capitals and at the Centro Asteria in Milan, where PIS itself supports a cinema forum with accessible screenings, and then the realization – in Milan and Varese, but also in Cemmo (BS) in Valcamonica – of sporting events and events for deaf athletes, opportunities who have been helping to strengthen the blue teams since recent Deaflympics (Olympics for the Deaf) held in Brazil in May, the deaf Italian athletes won 23 medals!

And again, thanks effective collaboration with Ambrosian Diocese, interventions to make conferences accessible f celebrations in the Duomo to promote the spiritual care of people with hearing impairments and the obligation to create historical and religious publications.

The legacy of knowledge about deafness available to society, PIS also represents a piece of historical and cultural heritage from our society through the 10,000 images of its Photographic archive which tells the story of special education in Lombardy, and which is now partly freely available at Lombardia BeniCulturali website thanks to a conservation and improvement project launched by the fund in 2020.

The PIS also supplies stably contribution to some realities in the Lombardy area such as Varese Onlus Audiological Foundation (FAV) in support of the departmental structure of ENT audiovestibology at the Hospital of the City Circle (public health facilities welcoming patients, especially children, from all over Italy), and IRCCS Ca ‘Granda Foundation, Maggiore Hospital Polyclinic in Milan to conduct a study of deafness in premature infants.

On the other hand, among the strategic alliances of recent years is the collaboration with the Catholic University of Milan – Research Center for Intercultural Relations, which created a prize named after Don Giulio Tarra, a prominent figure in the nineteenth century for the education of deaf children and first director of PIS, aimed at researchers in scientific and academic disciplines (pedagogical, medical , linguistic, psychological, sociological, historical, engineering, computer science, etc.), who have conducted research and produced scientific works on the subject of deafness.

“The realities of Milan have always been close to the PIS, and the numerous projects carried out so far for the territory are a real pride for us – he declares Daniele Donzelli Chairman of the PISwho have worked hard in recent years to consolidate a virtuous system of relationships with them – We want to be able to give life to more and more initiatives that give those living with deafness the opportunity to live a life as fully as possible with start from school, in social relationships, at work, in leisure time, to give real concretization to the concept inclusion who has led our institute in its daily work since 1854 ”.

Promoting new inclusive activities through these calls is also still PIS’s constant goal: for all details on the requirements and information, see the website or contact the organizers.

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