Comparison of school, state, municipal, wage and benefit insurance agreements

The negotiation season continues for the long-overdue CCNL contract renewals, and for which news is expected not only in terms of wage increases, but also for further changes to terms and welfare system. We put under a comparison of the development in the discussions about the various renewals of school, state, municipality, insurance contracts 2022-2023 between wage increases and further news.

  • School contract renewal 2022-2023 changes under discussion
  • Renewal of government contracts and local authorities between wage increases and terms
  • New salaries and not only for the renewal of the insurance agreement 2022-2023

School contract renewal 2022-2023 changes under discussion

That renewal of the school contract 2022-2023 there is still a debate between wage increases that we would like to raise again, and further news about education and more. As for awage increases for teachers and school staff, the figure appears to be at an average of 90 euros gross per. monthfor 50-55 euros more net per month in pay slips, but Education Minister Bianchi has announced his willingness to bring wage increases up to over 100 euros, although everything is currently quiet about the matter.

While the unions are demanding more resources for wage increases, there have been prospects in recent days solution of a bridge CCNL for the period 2019-2021to ensure rapid arrears and increases for teachers and school staff.

According to National President Anief, Marcello Pacifico, the solution of a Ccnl bridge is necessary to guarantee school workers owed increases and arrears in order to support the current economic trend, and it gives them 3,000 euros and 107 euros in gross increases immediately and then the new table for renewal of the agreement 2022-2024 is resumed.

That further news that is still under discussion about the renewal of the school contract for 2022-2023 concern:

  • education, with commitments and prizes, starting from training during the period of service and remuneration for the acquired skills and recognition of a one-time bonus for education, with annual intermediate evaluations and a final verification, during which the teacher can demonstrate that he has achieved an adequate level of education. ;
  • Father and need to regulate agile work considered complementary and teleworking, such as teleworking at home and other forms of teleworking that can be performed elsewhere than the physical site;
  • improving the number of class coordinators, departments or trainers for new staff.

Renewal of government contracts and local authorities between wage increases and terms

Negotiations regarding renewal of contracts for state and local bodies and for state bodies the end of the talks seems to be expected, especially in the wake of the recent statements by the INPS President, Pasquale Tridico, who would have spoken of the need to adjust the wages of state workers to the wages of private workers who receive higher wages and benefit better working conditions, between agile and flexible work and smartworking.

For renewal of state contracts 2022-2023, increases have been announced that are struggling to reach over 100 euros: in fact, an average salary increase for the renewal of the government contract of 117 euros gross for the range of administrative assistants (former area B3) is discussed, to a net increase of 90 euros per month.

The discussions continue too renewal of the municipalities’ contract 2022-2023Both for wage increases must be defined on the basis of the relevant sectors and categories and levels of employment, both for contractual arrears and additional resources for ancillary wages for the work carried out by those involved in civil protection activities both during the pandemic and for the refugee emergency from Ukraine, and for additional matters such as:

  • definition of the use of resources for the reform of professional systems;
  • release of decentralized funds;
  • plan future hires.

New salaries and not only for the renewal of the insurance agreement 2022-2023

Instead, I’m just oneNegotiations on renewal of the insurance agreement 2022-2023 beginboth for the salary increase, to which i.a. unions asked for an increase of 210 euros, corresponding to more than 10%, both for other news and matters related to the revision of duties and welfare levels and measures.

With regard to the revision of levels and duties, the trade unions request changes in the classification and revision of the classification of managers and civil servants in a single level of remuneration with two different professional figures.

The purpose of the unions’ requests for contract renewal of insurance is to define grades that correspond to the people’s qualifications and at the same time make the leveling less difficult, thus making it easier for skilled and deserving employees to level up and change jobs.

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