“Altre Storie” is back, the festival of music, culture and entertainment in the Parish of San Luca in Latina

From June 17 and for three weekends, many events will take place in the oratorio and amphitheater next to the church


Third edition of Other storiesthe review organized by the Quartieri Connessi Association with the San Luca Parish under the artistic direction of Ferdinando Cedrone and Gioconda Bartolotta.

It is three long weekends that take place between music and culture in the oratory and amphitheater of the religious structure.

The review Other stories was born in 2018 and after a two-year hiatus due to Covid, it returns to offer a space of social cohesion, a sense of community and belonging.


It begins Friday, June 17 at. 18.00 with the official opening of the festival, which debuts with the concert for students from IC “Don Milani”. 20.30 is held the first evening of the music competition “Altre Stelle”, and then at. 21.30 the concert with The soul and the gangwith the big hits of Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Madonna and many others in a pop-soul key.

For the competition, registration is free depending on availability for both singers and bands.

On Saturday 18 June at 6 pm, it is time for the little ones to make an appointment High. Reading books and games for boys and girls aged 4 to 10 years. Curated by Botteghe Invisibili. Kl. 20.30 the second evening of the competition and at 21.30 they plow the stage tables. Tony Montecalvo & The Dreamcatcherswith their beloved mix of Folk-Rock-Blues-Country played with traditional American instruments.

To end the first weekend on Sunday the 19th at 18 we will talk about waste with ABC: Separate collection in Q4 Q5. Updates, critical issues, doubts, advice. With ABC executives and technicians.

At 20:00, Ferdinando Cedrone, chairman of the Quartieri Connessi Association and artistic director of the exhibition, will make the appointment. Communicate effectively: Active listening, body language, public speaking.

At 9 pm, archaeologist, author and popularizer Francesco Moriconi will present his most recent discovery: From Pomezia Italica to Littoria.

After a short weekly break, Friday 24 June will resume at 2 p.m. Scams for the Elderly: Information and Prevention. Edited by Antimo Di Biasio of the National Neighborhood Control Association.

20.30 agreement with poetry: Presentation of the book by Francesca Suale Fragile. With the author, journalist Teresa Faticoni, the D’Altrocanto Choir after all. Readings by Robin Corradini and Gioconda Bartolotta.

The evening ends at 10 pm Maguiva acoustic triowhich proposes pop and rock music by adapting it to only three instruments: Emanuele (percussion and voices), Guido (guitar) and Ivan (guitar and voices).

After Saturday the 25th at 18 the children return to the protagonists of the agreement Circus of clouds, animated reading for those aged 4 to 10 years. Curated by Botteghe Invisibili.

20.00 presentation of Nicoletta Zuliani’s book “Do not tell my principal that I teach (English) like jazz”. With the author, the 3ForJazz group. The event, justified Jazz and words: A new didactics it will be moderated by Amalia Tagliaferri and Ferdinando Cedrone.

9.30pm Tony Montecalvo will appear in the show Music & lyrics. The musical part is from Montecalvo, and the readings are entrusted to Stefania Cavalcanti and Gioconda Bartolotta.

Sunday the 26th of June, to close the second weekend of Altre Storie, we start at 8 pm with a presentation of the project of Urban Park of Medium Waters. With Loretta Isotton, Rapporteur for the Pro Parco Urbano Acque Medium Committee, Adriana Calì, Councilor for the Environment of the Municipality of Latina.

21.00 the theme continues with Climate, Agriculture, Chemistry and Society: An Overview. Edited by Dr. Giovanni Morelli and Marco Mastroleo (writer and scientific popularizer).

The last weekend opens on July 1 with the deal It can be done… in time with the music. Child-friendly first aid. Curated by Christian Manzi. 18 o’clock.

At 20.00 the notes regarding MediterrAnima, in an instrumental journey through the melodies and rhythms of the Mediterranean. From Italy to France passing through Andalusia, a sea universe of sounds mixed and regenerated with Gianluca Verrengia on flamenco and acoustic guitar, Matteo Roccia on acoustic guitar and Rafael Nieto on percussion.

The final of the competition is scheduled at. 21.00 Other stars: jury voting, award ceremony, performance of the winning competitors’ pieces.

Yet read aloud for Saturday, July 2 from kl. 18 for boys and girls aged 4 to 10 years. Curated by Botteghe Invisibili

Tonight’s music super main character with Canusìa and Botteghe Invisibiliin The island that exists. Songs and stories between land and sea at 20.30 and Mamas Soul Beats (a choir of about 25 mothers and working women assisted by 4 musicians) at. 21.30.

Grand finale on Sunday 3 July with the expected presentation of the book by Andrea Stabile “Hidden stories about Latina. Part II“.

20.30 agreement with Medicine and society: Will Covid be just a memory? by Professor Miriam Lichtner, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Hospital of Santa Maria Goretti in Latina and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sapienza in Rome.

Finishing in style at 22.30 with the awarding of some personalities from the world of medicine, sports and entertainment, The spontaneous excellences, in the presence of the Mayor of Latina Damiano Coletta.

Every night will be there catering service arranged by el Papì 1980.

“We have reached the third edition of Altre Storie – declares Ferdinando Cedrone, President of the Quartieri Connessi Association and Member of the Q4Q5 Civic Network Coordination this year, the review of events will range from all cultural genres, music competitions and performances by bands that will range from different music genres, debates on important socio-cultural issues with key speakers, presentation of books with the authors; in short, many events designed to involve people of all ages, but above all it must be said that ‘Altre Storie’ is becoming a traditional event in which all Latina participate, that this review has gone beyond the boundaries of Nuova Latina and Nascosa neighborhoods (ex q4 q5), to enrich the panorama of summer events in this city, in such a difficult post-pandemic period, want to give a sign in the hope of having left lockdowns, fears and forced isolation, which have weighed heavy in culture and socialization and impoverished our lives because they have created a void that we must all now commit ourselves to filling ”.

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