At the donation school with the municipal newspaper OdV of Reggio

“It was a really good experience to share their first donation with students, and it was exciting to see the sadness in the eyes of those who were ready to donate and were not eligible. Lockdown and pandemic restrictions have undoubtedly caused a slowdown in activities carried out in the schools, therefore, we immediately started to recover, right from the time the management entrusted the task.Thanks to the extraordinary cooperation between leaders and reference teachers and young people, truly motivated and involved, we have reached a significant milestone and shared months very beautiful “.

These are the words of Nicola Pavone, also Vice President, and Alfredo Candelas Delegate for Relations with Schools in the municipal newspaper OdV in Reggio Calabria, describing the intense activity carried out to raise awareness among the younger generations and spread the gift culture in the schools.

“We are particularly pleased with the marked recovery and results of this school year, which certainly bodes well for the future. We have experienced moments of great intensity. In particular, we will remember the testimony of a school staff member who had directly experienced the need. For the blood of the gift and importance and wanted to share his experience with the children and with us “, says Alfredo Candela and Nicola Pavone.

Raffaele Piria’s technical and economic institutes, the industrial technician Vallauri – Panella, the artistic high school Preti – Frangipane, the scientific high schools Leonardo Da Vinci and Alessandro Volta, the Tommaso Campanella boarding school joined the appeal with great enthusiasm and participation. Tommaso Gullì Higher School of Humanities, Boccioni – Fermi Institute of Higher Education. Dozens of female and adult students have donated, and numerous donation promises have also been collected.

“Since the intuition of the late Professor Domenico Comis, who started the experience of Avis in schools from Reggio Calabria, this activity has gained increasing and significant value in connection with our associative mission.

We are deeply grateful for the compact response from the schools, who apparently understood how fundamental their role is for Avis and for the health of our territory, and for the great work done by Alfredo Candela and Nicola Pavone, who have dedicated with a great spirit service for organizing collections “, emphasizes Myriam Calipari, chairman of the municipal newspaper OdV Reggio Calabria.

“We started a very fruitful conversation with leaders and reference teachers to meet the children, answer their questions and plan the stages of the auto-blood test at their institutes. This was a very meaningful experience for us.

The entire association with health, management and volunteers is committed to ensuring that the collection unit, which is also our headquarters, is increasingly open to the area and especially to young people. We hope that they can grow in our association and by renewing the choice to be donors also in the future and thus guarantee continuity in the collection of blood and in the service provided to the Great Metropolitan Hospital “, emphasizes Nicola Pavone and Alfredo Candela, delegate for relations with the schools of the ‘Municipal Avis OdV in Reggio Calabria.

“With great hope, in the wake of this year, when we have resumed our cooperation with the schools after the pandemic period, we are preparing to experience another summer. It is a season that is always particularly full of unknown holidays, without having donated in advance involve a decrease in the collected blood bags in light of health needs, which on the other hand do not change.

Therefore, we renew our call for donors and donors to remember to donate before leaving for the holidays, to secure blood bags to the large capital hospital in Reggio Calabria for all the necessary services. We need the commitment of the whole community “, concludes the chairman of the municipal newspaper OdV Reggio Calabria.

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