A lesson in style: from school desks to the catwalk

Choosing also means growing: the final exam, for example, represents one of the current moments in one’s life, as it marks the beginning of a new chapter. Which direction to follow? To find the right path, one must be guided by head and heart. If it’s a world rich in colors and fabrics that make your eyes shine, why not pamper your desires and turn a passion into something more concrete? There are those who create fashion with their own ideas, and those who instead tell it in words, but not only: there are many professional figures who exercise in the fashion sector, but to acquire the necessary skills to operate in a particularly dynamic environment and competitive, it is important to complete a specific and highly professionalizing training course. To offer fans of the fashion system the opportunity to pull their dream out of the drawer is the Accademia del Lusso, a high school that through an innovative approach has offered students – both graduates – constantly interdisciplinary paths since 2005. renewed and updated to operate in the various sectors of fashion and luxury, one of the markets considered to be among the most prosperous in Italy.

The courses, which are held in the offices in Milan and Rome, both on the technical-creative side and on the management side, allow you to follow the lessons in the classroom, led by established professionals, but also to gain experience in the field and get in. contact with companies in the sector to learn the dynamics of the labor market closely. As of the academic year 2020/2021, the Accademia del Lusso has been recognized as an institution of higher artistic education by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (Ministerial Decree 59 of 18/01/2021) and two of its three post-diploma programs issue the title of academic diploma at 1st level, corresponding to the title of 1st level (180 points). Like the Fashion Styling & Communication course, a three-year course that stimulates the student’s communicative and creative creativity, enabling him to acquire the skills necessary to become a style professional who, in addition to devising, curating and consolidating a brand’s image, must also know how to juggle the world of communication, both through traditional channels and by making use of new digital technologies.

The fashion design course, on the other hand, also accredited by MIUR and with a duration of three years, starting from the analysis of the cultural and social development of fashion, gives students the appropriate tools to acquire skills to design collections and create clothes after a personal style as well as managing all stages of the production process. The course in Fashion Brand Management is also part of the three-year courses, which give students the opportunity to learn a brand’s management and promotion strategies that deal with both the launch and the development and positioning in the market.

Facts speak more than a thousand words: to prove the talent and growth of the studentsAcademy of Luxury is the last show this year to take place on June 28 in Milan and will, as usual, represent an important showcase that will allow them to shape their creativity and to translate what they have learned during their studies, in practice.

‘Arcadia No Wasteland’: this is the name of the event ready to throw the viewer into a dreamy dimension, which on the one hand refers to the myth of Arcadia, where there was a perfect harmony between man and nature, on the other hand brings back to the present in an ideal reality, where sustainability and inclusiveness are the key words, expressions that emphasize the versatility of fashion and which are increasingly expected to land in Metaverse, one of the sector’s last frontiers. All this translates into a fluid language that will be expressed in an exceptional container, a space of about 1000 square meters carefully designed to create the right atmosphere.

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