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Over 300 a year it causes inattention and non-compliance with the red flag. Data from the Ministry’s observatory. Of about two thousand episodes, 58% registered victims, mostly men

They are classified among the deaths that can be prevented and almost all would be so if common sense and safety rules were respected. Every year there are between 300 and 350 cases of “immersion”, of drowning. People who lose their lives in the sea, rivers, lakes, canals, swimming pools and bathtubs, most often due to personal or other people’s inattention.

Young victims

The summer season has just begun and is already filled with tragic episodes. Let us confine ourselves to those of the small, the most painful. The last one is on June 11 in Torre Annunziata. Vittoria, 5 years old, swallowed by the waves. On June 2, Brian Puccio, 4, drowns in the sea in Termini Imerese, in front of his parents’ eyes. June 7 Villagrazia Carini, 7-year-old Giuseppe Corradengo, falls into the home’s swimming pool. He is in the company of his grandmother and little sister. It is the neighbors who sound the alarm. Parents donate organs. On June 7, the disgrace entered a family in the suburbs of Milan. Marouane, 8 months old, swallows water while bathing in the tub with her big brother while her mother is away to get the ducks to play with. So the adults, victims of underestimation of the danger or overestimation of their swimming skills. They dive where bathing is prohibited, where the red flag is waving, or when the water temperature is cold, such as in lakes and rivers.

Newspaper columnist

Two researchers from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Giuseppe Balducci and Sabina Cedri), experts from the Observatory on Drowning Prevention set up by the Ministry of Health, are completing the analysis of the stories they have found traces in the newspapers: 2,097 cases in 5 years died 58% (1,209), the other survivors, often thanks to the intervention of lifeguards. “We have taken the news reports as sources because the official available data do not always provide useful information for prevention purposes, such as: the dynamics of accidents, victims’ behavior, weather conditions (eg the presence of rough seas and / or strong currents)”, Balducci lists the circumstances.

Rivers and lakes

Accidents on boats and while diving along the coasts were also counted. The sea is the main cause of drowning (50.3%), while 41.3% of deaths occur in inland waters and 8.3% in swimming pools. 28% of drowned and almost-drowned are addicted to sudden illness, 15% of ruthlessness: even when the lifeguard is present, whistling and running flying on the skate, there is little to do for those who jump despite the presence of the red flag. announces harsh lake. 14% of the causes are due to falls in the water, the rest inexperience, inability to stay afloat, ruthless dives where the seabed is shallow or rocky.

Lifeguards were also victims

Furthermore, it is sad to note that in 3-4% of cases, the accident occurs during an attempt to rescue those in need by another bather, an attempt that often has tragic results. To find themselves in risky situations, fatal or otherwise, it is more often men, the ratio is 3 to 1 and drastically increases in drowned: almost 7 to 1. Most of the victims are between 76 and 79 years, followed by 70 -75 years old. At the base there is disease, often a consequence of physical exertion, advanced age and heat, sometimes with the aggravating circumstance of the presence of hard seas and strong currents. Elderly people should not walk on the beach at non-recommended times between 12 and 15. In fact, sometimes death occurs during a walk at the water’s edge.

The armrests

However, there is a focus on children. ISS is relaunching its guidelines, simple but basic. Remember that those up to 3-4 years old can get into trouble in a few inches of water and can not shout or ask for help. It takes 3-6 minutes to drown. Maintain continuous visual and auditory contact and be ready to intervene. The armrests can come off. The notion of time deceives, “What seems like a few moments to make a phone call is actually minutes.”

Only with parents

Children from 0-5 years may only be in the water with the physical presence of an adult. Up out of the water: if we think there may be swimming pools, puddles, ponds in the surroundings, let us not lose sight of them. Enclose the basins on the 4 sides or cover them with sheets, remove the floating toy that may be attractive, use headphones under the bath to prevent the hair from being sucked in by the suction nozzles (must be covered with gratings). Registration for swimming lessons is recommended.

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