The working culture ‘nobility’

It’s called Nobìlita, and it’s the Festival of Work Culture. It may seem strange and even risky to talk about culture in the workplace, yet it is there and it works. We have experienced it with a certain amount of knowledge, which made us understand the importance of looking and seeing the work in the eyes in this very aspect: each of our employees is a resource in the true sense of the word, but not to become exploited but to be trusted. As opposed to the earth’s resources, the more you extract, the more you will find.

This ‘unusual’ festival, promoted by Fior di Risorse, was held in recent days in Imola and has fortunately attracted not only many ‘workers’, but several companies who truly believe in the ‘work culture’.

It should be immediately noted that this festival is not a corporate product, it does not enjoy political support, and as the organizers would like to point out, it does not live off of ‘hustlers’. For more than 10 years, Fior di Risorse has developed a different, stimulating business culture, free from the usual schemes.

It is a community of passionate people who already have a job and who have decided to spend part of their time building something new, different, their own. It is therefore a project with great passion, where each of the human resources in FiordiRisorse – A New Culture of Work and the entire editorial staff of their monthly Senzafilter feel really proud to be able to say: “in here is a piece of me“.

The meeting in Imola

That said, let’s hear the impression of those who attended the last meeting live. We ask Christian Tarantinoengaged in marketing in the paper sector to the printing industry.

Marco Picasso – Christian, I know you work in the world of the graphic industry. Have you met colleagues from some companies in our sector or in the packaging sector?

Christian Tarantino – Absolutely none. It was actually a well-known graphic industry, certainly not in enthusiastic terms, after the recent “scandals” that we know …

MP – Can you give me an example of how Fior di Risorses’ ideas apply within the supplier-customer relationship?

CT – Fior di Risorse includes companies, but above all people and entrepreneurs who believe in a new work culture. By “new” I mean respect, freedom, true cohesion in a group, involvement. A ‘community’ where everyone is rowing for the same goals, precisely because they are animated by values. The big layoffs of 2021 (and you can find a thousand articles, Marco, on this phenomenon) have further highlighted how values ​​are the most important driving factors for people’s choice when it comes to switching businesses.

MP – Agile work has evolved with the pandemic. Not so much thought of as a remote job, but a job where results count. For the companies that have taken it on, and for the employees, it is a step forward. However, I do not think that many companies, especially SMEs, have understood this concept and applied it intelligently.

CT – This is the basic concept: just tight control for incompetence, lack of trust and measurement of kpi only quantities. Time spent in the company (or outside, but still at work) becomes more important than the salary itself. People need to identify with companies that reflect their values, otherwise new talent will make a market selection, but it will be too late to change.

MP – What functions in the company would you recommend to participate in Fior di Risorse? Marketing, sales, manufacturing, business management?

CT – At the top of the company. Absolute CEOs and CEOs, including for SMEs. Certain changes have to happen from above because certain people “feel them”. Otherwise, we continue to cultivate the gym for the staff or the kindergarten for the children (all useful things for charity), but if the values ​​are not in the DNA, then assimilated in the company, people do not feel welcome, understood and they can not give their best . So of course also the HR and marketing managers, but above all the top management.

MP – What practical benefits, in your opinion, can a company, let us say medium-sized, achieve by applying the principles of Fior di Risorse?

CT – Who are with more involved partners who feel they are really participating in the project and in the company’s vision (as long as it exists). Employees who feel the company as their own.
Bruno Pisani, head of a company that also operates in the graphics and packaging industry, in a meeting on ScambievolMENTE he said with a metaphor that it would be safe if he fell backwards that his collaborators would be ready to catch him and avoid the fall.

MP – This seems to me to be a perfect synthesis of the FiordiRisorse culture.


What is the festival

Currently limited to the Emilia-Romagna region, the Nobìlita festival attracts companies that know how to look beyond, and after seeing the festival as the perfect tool to also train their partners, they have always been present for some time.
It is worth mentioning: Acantho, Marconi Airport in Bologna , Agos, Ammagamma, Ethical Bank, Camst Group, Casa Zero, Change project – Training and Counseling, CIRFOOD, Coopservice, By day, Fiabilis Consulting Group Italy, Heinemann Italy, Hera Gruppen, Imola Informatica, Qualtrics XM Institute, Sammontana SpA, Vianova, Warrant Hub.

Although unfortunately there are companies that, by virtue of some political value, completely ignore the festival and often do not even respond to invitations, as if talking about work was not an important signal not only for the territory but also for each of their employees ..

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