The Brilla di Stelle event at the Andree restaurant in La Spezia

Friendship, sharing, generosity. These are the ingredients for the success of the first edition of Andree shines with starsthree evenings intoxicated by the spring breeze and animated by a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, which brought the chef’s excellence to the table Andrea Besanain his restaurant Andree of La Spezia. To support him, the ‘colleagues’ friends of the Italian community the Collectors: Andrea Incerti Vezzani from Ca ‘Matilde, Massimo Spigaroli ofOld Pallavicina Court And Theodor Falser of the restaurant Johannesstubemain characters in gourmet dinners which they played with different culinary concepts, fell in original dishes. All paired with excellent wines from local wineries.

The restaurant’s refined interior Andree

“Let’s start again from here, with an initiative – for this area – almost revolutionary,” he explained to us Andrew, «We opened the new restaurant in the middle of the pandemic, and today we are based on more solid assumptions. We made a reflection and decided that it was appropriate to review the offer with the aim of helping our nearest and dearest: the small local producers, who have become the real reason why we now only enter into dialogue with our area. Sure, in this way we offer a few dishes less, but our identity remains unchanged, as well as the quality of what we bring to the table ». He has clear ideasAndrea Besanaenthusiasm and talent, determination and a great desire to do and do well.


Chef Andrea Besana is originally from Novara and will open the restaurant Andree in 2019 in La Spezia

Originally from Novara, the chef Andrea Besana opens the Andree restaurant in 2019 in La Spezia

Each of the menus designed for the evenings is unique: four-course dishes, divided into dishes not included in the restaurant’s suggestions, while each chef has brought something of his own cuisine and tradition. An alternation of flavors mixed with the chef’s creative flair, Andrea Besana which has always combined tradition and innovation, seasonal ingredients with past recipes through the use of contemporary techniques; and of course the guest chef’s creations with his most identifying dishes. A fine selection of selected wineries completes the picture, to create the right combinations for the dishes.

Andrea Besana and Andrea Incerti Vezzani together with the work in the kitchen

Andrea Besana And Andrea Incerti Vezzani together with the work in the kitchen

A real success from the first date: it starts with the star chef Andrea Incerti Vezzani from Ca ‘Matilde who suggested dishes from the Reggio tradition with respect for the farmer’s culinary culture. In combination, the wines are from Terenzuola winery of Fosdinovo (province of Massa-Carrara), in Lunigiana (region on the border between Liguria and Tuscany) founded in 1993: here the vineyards stretch over about 27 hectares and produce complex wines with great personality.

Andre's kitchen brigade with chef Massimo Spigaroli from Antica Corte Pallavicina (first from right)

The kitchen brigade ofAndree with the chef Massimo Spigaroli ofOld Pallavicina Court (first from the right)

The main character of the second night, Massimo Spigarolicook protector forOld Pallavicina Court1 Michelin star who brought the specialties of his gastrofluvial cuisine and the lower Parma area. To accompany the menu, this time, the wines from Cà du Ferrà winery di Bonassola, or nectars from the vines located on the hills overlooking the bay of the Ligurian coast of Levante. Good practice, attention to naturalness, which is increasingly oriented towards organic certification, are the cornerstones of this young company, aiming for a natural product of excellent quality, sourced from certified vineyards.

Chef Theodor Falser from the Johannesstube restaurant

Kitchen Theodor Falser of the restaurant Johannesstube

It ends with South Tyrolean Theodor Falser of the restaurant Johannesstube1 Michelin star, within Wellness Hotel Engel Gourmet & Spa. The air of the Dolomites and the creations of the chef Falser they thus found new expression next to the young man’s Ligurian specialties Besana. The mating pigs were eventually delivered byPossa farm from Heydi Samuele Bonaniniin Riomaggiore, the historic village of Cinque Terre: committed to improving the original wine production, it brings it back to its old splendor with unique wines, the result of heroic viticulture made by passion, tradition, sacrifice and above all respect for nature.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the response that the territory gave us: the dinners were out of stock in less than 24 hours from the communication, ”he said Besana. “We will definitely repeat it.” In the meantime, he gives Andreein La Spezia, the welcoming town Besana (originally from Novara) for over a decade you can taste his cooking in the area, as he likes to call it, which uses revisited typical recipes: an example is the stockfish, a typical Ligurian dish that Andrew he completely revised by exercising his creativity. Then a scenography of seasonal products, of the work of farmers and breeders “adopted” by the kitchen, such as Lunigiana trout farming or aromatic cress. Behind the simplicity of the raw material, we can read the ability to work with textures and with different cooking techniques, because “his” supports Besana “It will be a kitchen that can be enjoyed by everyone and that points directly to the taste”, which makes the lesson about Marquises. There is no shortage of dishes born randomly like Gnocchi with stinging nettlescollected from a field and transformed from waste material into a delicious ingredient.

By his side is there Chiara Brusonicompanion also in life: with her, since 2010, he manages Villas Relais, 12 rooms (and the first restaurant) with panoramic views of the hills of La Spezia. He in the kitchen, she in the reception. To Andrew And Clear the art of hospitality is expressed in a cozy and familiar place, which puts the guest at the center. “We are always very careful about assessing how much people want to be involved in the activities we offer and how much they need relaxation and privacy instead,” he explains. Clear.

“The personalization of the experience is in the foreground: we make suggestions to discover and experience the territory fully, supported by a tour operator with a network of excursions in Cinque Terre Naturpark“. We are talking about 4,300 hectares of surface, which i.a. Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare, five villages rich in history, art and nature situated on rocky heights. The best way to explore them? By boat: along the 18-kilometer coastline of extreme eastern Liguria, between the high and jagged coasts and the Apennines, stretching into the sea between Punta Mesco and Punta di Montenero. A landscape of great beauty, one of the many experiences that so many French, Swiss, German and northern European tourists arrive to, who like to return to Villas Relaisor rather, at home Clear And Andrew.

Andree restaurant, and

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