Signa, 19, dies in an accident. Two very serious girls. Friends’ tears under the pine tree: “He loved cars, in the evening at Piazzale”

Samuel Ignesti

Signa (Florence) When Damiano arrives at the scene of the accident, he bursts into tears. He touches the trunk of the pine tree where Samuel’s car crashed, peels off a piece of bark, sticks his hands in his curly hair, then throws himself to the ground on the asphalt, sitting on the side of the road. Cars whiz around, but it does not matter he stays there. There is debris left after the collision, Damiano finds a piece of the frame, gathers it, turns it over and over in his hand, until his hands turn black. Then he lights a cigarette, his hands are always dirty, he fixes his shirt and his shirt gets dirty too. Stay grounded, in your sneakers and split denim pants. And he continues to cry with his head stuck in his elbows. “Samuele always smiled when you needed him, he was always there.”

Damiano, but not only. It’s a non-stop parade by Samuel’s friends at the scene of the accident. They look at the trunk of the tree and burst into tears. They arrive here in shorts, designer T-shirts, infidels and haunted eyes. One of them throws himself against the tree, as if looking for a perpetrator. Curses fly. Anger and despair. Boys and girls, little more than teenagers, grieve over a friend of theirs. The bat becomes like a funeral monument. There are those that come with flowers, a bunch of orange tulips, three red roses. Among these young people is Irene, she was supposed to be in that car last night: “At the last minute I changed my mind and went to the center of Florence with my friend Camilla”. Hugs, sobs, compliments and troubled glances follow each other. Cigarettes are lit. They all gather around this centuries-old pine tree, in the middle of the road leading from Signa to Poggio a Caiano. Only one cottage a few steps away, the rest is in the countryside.

Friends at the scene of the accident

There’s a clearing where friends’ cars stop. One comes, then another, then another. Here is a yellow car with wing. Samuel’s Mercedes also had a wing. But not only that: “He had alloy wheels, brake calipers and sometimes he exaggerated with the speed,” says a friend. He was passionate about cars, an expert in engines: “He started with his grandfather’s Vespa, then the motorcycle, then the Audi and finally the Mercedes. If he got a puncture, he knew how to change it in five minutes. ” Erisjan I remember him with a smile: “I should buy a Polo, he told me not to be stupid and buy a Mercedes”.

Working with parents

Samuele was not very happy to study, he had left high school to go to work, first with his walking parents, then as an employee of a company. Her photos scroll on friends’ cell phones. There is one shirtless picture, another while sitting behind the wheel and smiling. “He loved to drive – remember Irene – We were at Piazza Stazione in Signa and when we did not know what to do, we took the car and went to Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, I was always in front of it”.

Passion for music

While driving, he listened to music, especially reggaeton. Music and engines, we talked above all about this in the evening under Signa’s sky. Many groups, many companies, all known Samuele. There is a whole country in mourning. And many citizens come here for a tribute, a prayer. “He called me Stellina, and I called him Little Star,” Irene still remembers. Friends observe the asphalt of the basket, but there are no signs of deceleration. They imagine the scene, they find no reason. “Maybe it’s fate,” someone whispers. And then there’s Antonio: “He was a nice person. Last night I passed this road and I saw the ambulances, I did not think he could be there ».

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June 12, 2022 | 07:30


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