School, the year is coming to an end: The exams for 2700 students are free – Bolzano

BOLZANO. A few more days, and the school year 2021-22 ends on June 16th. A year that is far from easy for the aftermath of Covid in the fall, winter and spring, but which in the last few weeks has finally brought a bit of normalcy to thousands of South Tyrolean students, including outdoor tours, tours, concerts, shows, etc. Even the last audiences of the parents in presence.

Meanwhile, on June 17, for the Italian language school, the first cycle exams involving 1,450 students begin; on June 22, however, the state exams start, for a total of 1,250 students. Roughly it needs to be emphasized, because the voting began yesterday, and it is not yet known exactly how many will be admitted and how many will not be admitted.

A very complicated year

As the school superintendent points out Vincenzo Gullotta, «2021/22 was a complicated school year with different aspects, but thanks to the flexibility, dedication and commitment of the teachers and leaders, we were able to manage it in the best possible way. The goal we set ourselves was to keep the schools open, and that has been fully achieved. Now we are running out: we are moving towards the last week of school, almost everywhere the voting begins, and soon the exams start in the first cycle (middle school) and then, on June 22, the exams in the second, so-called maturity. To the girls and boys who still have this test ahead of them, I wish you good luck while I wish all the others a happy holiday ».

Another sui generis maturity

“Fortunately, we were able to stay present all year,” says the principal at Carducci High School. Cristina Crepaldi. “It’s the aspect that gives us by far the most joy and that has really brought amazing results.” The beginning went uphill, ‘but then the boys and teachers could recover, and after Dad’s long months, everything could gradually return to normal. The rules, anti Covid habits have become normal. Now we are seriously ready for the state exams’.

The other day at Carducci, the oral simulations began. “I always did them, even when I was principal at Battisti,” Crepaldi says. Above all because «students have no experience with this type of discussion, in conducting a discourse for more than one hour, which focuses on all disciplines, with a critical spirit, argumentative, using the knowledge gained over the years . It’s very important: We do it for all boys in fifth grade, for whom all this is very profitable ».

The simulation is extremely formal, as if it were the actual exam: choice of materials to be submitted as a starting point for the interview, presentation of PCTO projects, change of language. However, for these students, maturity after two and a half years of pandemic will not be easy. “But the boys always surprise for their intellectual and intellectual abilities, for their fresh minds. Of course, they could experience less the alternation between school and work, they were not abroad to practice languages. There was something missing for them.”

Double news, at the state exam this year: there come the scriptures, but only two and not four: Italian and subject matter, but no German and no English, which is treated orally. “A bit of concern is not lacking,” Crepaldi continues. “For a long time, the ministry knew that the Italian test would be held, but the second written test was ruled out. When he changed his mind, there was a bit of confusion.

The surprise involved not only the children but also the teachers, “because the clues to the second written test do not come from Rome, but must be prepared by the teachers of the class”. Maturity aside, more or less the usual agitation of all time, the usual preparation of all time. However, Crepaldi would like to end by emphasizing the joy of seeing the boys for high school dinners, as they did in the time before Covid: “Women in long dresses and heels, men in suits, after two years of renunciation”. The only downside, in terms of maturity, “is that we still do not know the security measures to be adopted. We know nothing, we are awaiting news from the ministry …”

The desire for normality

Director of the Bolzano Europe 2 Institute, Marco Fontana, who is also chairman of the South Tyrolean Rector’s Association, states: “Overall, the balance is positive. We have resumed almost all the planning that the school anticipates in normal times. During the year, the students’ attendance at school has certainly been very high, in the sense that there were no longer periods in Dad. Attendance was regular, now we have also managed to go on school trips and have resumed outdoor activities. My second and third high school were in Dobbiaco in the provincial structure, where they slept outside for two days ».

The important thing, he continues, “is to give hope to these young people. There is of course a small risk of getting sick during the trip, but one could not give up. For example, we have now sent two primary classes to Cesenatico for the blue week. We are convinced we want to show signs of normalcy ». Not having certain experiences, “loses the aspect of socialization”.

After all, virtually all initiatives have been re-launched. Removed the mask, which weighs more and more and only remained in school, «the boys got used to the normality again. The concerts are back in school, the parents ‘hearings, far away and now normal, unless mothers and fathers prefer otherwise’.

And a few days later, the final exam begins in the first cycle: “It will take place immediately, at the end of the lessons. The day after, June 17, Italian theme ». It is absolutely necessary to finish within the compulsory deadline of June 30, and in order to complete all the oral tests, it is necessary to scapicollarsi: exam in the morning and in the afternoon, and also on Saturday. “There are even schools, like Archimedes, that asked to be able to finish the lessons two days earlier and had seven-thirds to investigate.” June 18 “mate”, from Monday the 20th the oral. German and English only to speak. “Compared to the period before Covid – Fontana concludes – these guys are in a bad position. For them, the final exam will certainly be interesting, important, but more consistent. On the other hand, they will fall within the normality of things. The longest.”

“Make us a monument”

“It was a very close, articulate, complicated year,” comments the dean of the Bolzano 1 Centro comprehensive institute. Sabine Giunta. “If we go net of holidays, Christmas, Easter, etc., Covid, distances, health measures, we have tried to restore teaching as much as we could. Despite the many vaccinated, there were many absences, including students and teachers. Despite of this, the leader continues, “we tried to do our best”.

In the last phase, with the easing of emergency measures, «there was a relational acceleration. We have focused a lot on skills that are not strictly disciplinary: outdoor activities, theatrical and musical projects, outdoor excursions. We realized the huge need to get this part back, for children and adults ».

As for the exams in the eighth grade, «the children facing them this year have experienced the whole secondary school in a pandemic phase, from the closure onwards. It is clear that some pieces are missing. With the exams, they are asked for a higher performance than their scholastic experience ‘. Despite this, the South Tyrolean school has spent as much as possible: “We have not left anyone to their fate. We have given our best to respond to the constitutional mandate: The school as a social elevator ».

Without wishing to argue with the health sector, Giunta hopes for the following: “I have read that a monument has been erected for the nurses. In light of the sacrifices made for our students and our students, it would be nice that in addition to the recognition from the individual parents and the principal, who well knows what has been done in these two and a half years of pandemic, an appreciative public, fully deserved, for the school world. It would be very nice if it came ‘. DA.PA.

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