Milano Design Week, Fashion presents Fuorisalone, and the synergy is strategic. Her pga

Installations, exhibitions, collaborations, special collections, cocktails, exclusive dinners and so on and so forth. If the whole fashion world has mobilized for Milan Design Week, there is a reason and it is worth paying attention to it for a moment. While it is true that fashion and art are two sides of the same coin, two souls that historically keep the Lombardy capital alive, on the other hand, it is also true that never before has such an deployment of forces (and means) been seen to Fuorisalonen. So much the more with the awareness that many insiders have already been busy on other fronts and with Pitti and men’s fashion week at the door. Prada, Dior, Hermés, Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Valentino, Armani, Cartier, Versace, Fendi, Missoni, Cavalli, Ferragamo, Antonio Marras, Dolce & Gabbana: there were all, absolutely all. And it did not go unnoticed. But be careful to simplify it as a pure (and excellent) marketing gimmick: of course, this is also obvious, especially after two years of pandemic that has turned interest from clothing to home, but the truth is that at the roots a potentially epoch-making change lurks in this colonization and mixing of areas. We are not talking about the furniture collections of the big luxury brands, since the 1980s, with the boom in licenses, more or less attentive “home” lines flourished: here we are talking about a factual and intellectual synergy between fashion houses and designers. So here it is today brands become patrons, supporters and active advocates of art and designand flashes to the most exclusive – and coveted – segment of the so-called “big spenders”.

“How long does man live, inhabit, clothe, eat? The mix of fashion and design it is the most logical and consistent thing to do to meet human needs. These are not problems that people face, this is what we need, ”the architect told us Ludovica Serafini during the presentation of the new model of sandals that he created together with his studio for Fratelli Rossetti. But until recently, quite recently, these two areas were in opposition to each other, with design seen as the opposite of fashion. Where the first studied forms and solutions intended to stay with us as long as possible, the second changed every three to six months to renew the desire to buy. But today this time gap narrows more and more, and focus shifts to the intersection of language and methods. And if fast fashion on the one hand is similar to fast furniture, where Ikea and Maison du Monde serve as counterparts to Zara and H&M (which also have their own home collections); on the other hand, there are the products (be it clothes or furniture) designed to survive the fashion of the time. So stylists go to look like designers and fashion houses converge towards art (we have already talked about it at the Venice Biennale) and actual design, in the convulsive attempt to go beyond the meaningful dichotomy. In a society that looks to the unreal in the pursuit of new worlds and unexplored horizons of opinion, between Metaverso and Nft, the material concreteness of the product that design offers is configured as a safe haven to anchor in times of change. At least until the signing process is complete.

Here are some of the most beautiful projects seen this week:

LOEWE – Weave, Restore, Renew is the motto that came with the project for the Spanish luxury brand at Salone del Mobile 2022, centered aroundidea of ​​giving new life to things that might be forgotten or discarded and turning them into new unique pieces, repair them and revive them through artisanal interventions. 240 existing baskets, from all over the world, each with a specific shape, function and application, were delivered to the craftsmen Idoia Cuesta, Belén Martìnez, Santiago Basteiro, Juan Manuel Marcilla, who repaired and repaired them using leather ropes, giving life to unique bags, which are an example of creativity and authentic and sustainable craftsmanship, where the concept of repair becomes fundamental.

LOUIS VUITTON – After 20 years of neglect, the former Garage Traversi in via Bagutta 2 has become a unique showroom of its kindwith its rationalist architecture by the architect Giuseppe de Min. The French fashion house has thus decided to celebrate ten years with “Nomads objectsHis collection of travel-inspired furniture and household items: The line, launched in 2012 and created with respect for environmental sustainability by also recycling waste materials, is on display on the floors of the former car park. The colorful setting hosts the new creations of Atelier Oï and the Campana brothers, the cult pieces are accompanied by the latest news and some symbolic items from the Vuitton universe, such as the iconic furniture suitcases.

ANTONIO MARRAS – The farms of State University are historically the focal point of Fuorisalone, and Antonio Marras could not have chosen a more suitable location for his Fighting. The stylist and designer certainly have that transformed the eight pillars of the Court of Honor of the University of Milan into the phantasmagoric characters in a story inspired by his Sardinia. The figures, in brass and copper, made in the De Castelli workshops based on the designer’s drawings, rest on the steel half-cylinders that wrap around the columns. A process of oxidation and erosion brushes the details: it is Marras himself who has decided on the final touches.

MISSONI – The Sumirago fashion house is the second major protagonist in the Fuorisalone lineup. In addition to his historic presence at Rho-Fiera, Missoni debuted in the courtyard of the University of Milan, via Festa del Perdono, with two installations that immediately became iconic, especially on social media: “Mega Verso ”is the name of the project that makes fun of Metaverse suggests two playful giant stuffed bears in the traditional colored zig-zag pattern.

FERRAGAMO – The Florentine fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo collaborated with Acerbisavant-garde design brand, for Italian excellence, a project curated by Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces, art directors for Acerbis. A visual tale of the spirit of the Italian spirit and the refined aesthetics that unites the work and creative research of Acerbis and Ferragamo, and presents products that tell the story of great Italian design masters with some products representing extraordinary innovation. Like the Florian coffee table by Vico Magistretti, the Menhire table, the Med-seat by Giotto Stoppino and Lodovico Acerbis and the Storet chest of drawers by Nanda Vigo, combined in the window with Maison’s iconic products.

FENDI – The Roman House has inaugurated a temporary in via Montenapoleone 3 Fendi Bar with a taste of the new Art de la Table collection (to be launched in October 2022) and allows for breakfast, light lunch or aperitif with cocktails and very logatissimo (and very instagrammable).

HERMÈS – In the heart of Brera, the Milanese district par excellence “of artists”, Hermès has chosen the renovated rooms in Pelota for an artistic exhibition that is none other than his first home textile line, combined with furniture and fine porcelain.

LUISA BECCARIA – It seems to come from an impressionistic canvas on secret garden imagined by Luisa Beccaria and presented Fuorisalone in his room in Via Formentini, in the heart of Brera. The summer table takes full advantage of an enchanting and wild nature. The color palette is romantic, opaque, pastel colored and helps to instill order and calm. The porcelain plates, with characteristic prints of the brand, are combined with cups, whistles and small liqueur glasses handmade by Tuscan craftsmen.

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