‘Design Forever:’ The Elle Decor Italia exhibition on the “duration” of design in Palazzo Bovara

With Design Week in Milan, the news from the design world and its planning is concentrated, which entails the need for a reflection on their function, their history and their relationship to the present. An excellent project that continues these aspects is “Design Forever”, the project of Elle decorations Italia on the occasion of the sixtieth edition of the Salone del Mobile.
At Palazzo Bovara, a historic mansion overlooking Corso Venezia, Elle Decor Italia has created an exhibition itinerary involving fifty companies, setting up a series of rooms inside the building with over a hundred design pieces currently in production. , marks a “dynamic moment of reflection on the inherent qualities of design”, as the magazine pointed out. It is precisely the “timeless design”, they continued, which forms the element of convergence between past and present, and which, it seems, emerges through the spaces, is the basis for living in the future.

Design Forever, Elle Decor Italia, Palazzo Bovara, Milan, 6.-12. June 2022. Photo: Angelo Ferrillo. Source: www.elledecor.com

With these words Livia Peraldo Mattondirector of Elle Decor Italia, explained the project to exibart: “” Design Forever “was born from the idea of ​​dedicating a tribute to duration, that is, choosing these projects and these quality products both from a planning point of view and implementation which has in their ability to last over time.At Palazzo Bovara, we wanted to create, within symbolic spaces, a combination of objects that have these characteristics, but which belong to different moments in design history or even which are presented this year at Salone del Mobile The intention is to demonstrate that it is possible to build a contemporary house that mixes pieces from different eras in harmony and without nostalgia.The message is also ethical: to design and produce quality objects that have the potential to become gods timeless, which has a long lifespan to be able to enter our home and then dialogue with everything that comes to the future. Basically, the project we proposed this year to the public in Fuorisalone and to the city is therefore a space-time experience that brings together quality designs from different eras contained in a historical volume interpreted in different ways in the different spaces, each with different design philosophies, and we hope it becomes a good experience seen from a point of view immersed on the one hand and cognitive on the other ».

Design Forever, Elle Decor Italia, Palazzo Bovara, Milan, 6.-12. June 2022. Photo: Angelo Ferrillo. Source: www.elledecor.com

For the exhibition design, Elle Decor Italia has called for collaboration Calvi Brambillaas through words of Paolo Brambillarecalled how “the exhibition stages a selection of over a hundred pieces of furniture, all in production, by new masters and designers who demonstrate how timeless design is”.

Thanks to another collaboration, the exhibition project leaves the building’s interior space to expand with natural continuity into the inner courtyard: the landscape architect Antonio Perazzi he actually turned it into a temporary garden that embraces the visitor and brought him into a dimension of temporal stratification thanks to “the choice of evergreen plants – which come from Catania, from the famous Vivai Piante Faro – after the idea of ​​furniture and the favors attention to constructive and geometric beauty, ”as Perazzi himself explained.

The exhibition project also includes experimenting with new technologies with interactive installation Color monitoring from Kokoschka resuscitation, in which – explained the collective – «the light paths intercept and follow visitors to make the movement and usability of the room noticeable. They amplify with an intangible experience of light, color and sound ».

The articulated, dense and layered path that the visitor can walk on in “Design Forever”‘s premises has its roots in the tradition that Elle Decor Italia has built on the reflection on design and on its effective connection with the present and “reconnects to ” observation of the lifestyle and lifestyle that has been the subject of previous exhibitions curated by Elle Decor Italia – ‘Soft Home’ (2016), ‘Concept Store’ (2017), ‘ONLIFE Millennials at Home’ (2018) and ‘ Elle Decor At Work ‘(2019),’ La Casa Fluida ‘(2021) ”, the organizers remembered.

Design Forever, Elle Decor Italia, Palazzo Bovara, Milan, 6.-12. June 2022. Photo: Angelo Ferrillo. Source: www.elledecor.com

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