Communal house: goodbye to NRP’s resources

CREMONA – After the ‘case’ area Donna, the goddess on the second level assigned to Mantua, now the question of Communal house in the former Inam in viale Trento e Trieste, which with a decision of 23 May removed the Lombard Council from the list of new health facilities funded by Pnrr and included it on ‘list B’ of the works for which it will be up to the Region to find the resources.

This list also includes the community center and the territorial operations center in Casalmaggiore elCommunity Hospital in Soncino.

Instead, they remain financed with i.a. Pnrr finances the community centers of Rivolta d’Adda, Crema i via Gramsci 12 and Cremona i via San Sebastiano 14.

Then there are the territorial operations centers of Crema and Cremona and Rivolta d’Adda community hospitalsi via Monte Grappa, af Soresinato Robbiani and off Cremona and vial Concordia.

On this last issue and the question of the goddess on the second level – which the Lombardy Welfare Council, Letizia Moratti, would like in any capital – Mayor Gianluca Galimberti will speak to the same Vice President of the Regional Council during a meeting already scheduled for Thursday morning in Milan. With Galimberti, there will also be Casalmaggiore’s ‘colleague’ Filippo Bongiovanni is it off Lombarddam Roberto Marianias chairman of the consortium assembly in the Cremonesian social area.


From the region, they stated that the selection was dictated by economic criteria with a maximum ceiling of 6 million per. structure, as well as the homogeneous territorial distribution of the offices. The 17 houses on the second list will also be built, assures Palazzo Lombardia, by entirely regional funds.

And Asst CEO Giuseppe Rossi explains that the change in resources “is not a stop, and it was widely expected that the community center in the former Inam could not be funded by PNRR funds”.

These are not small resources: the cost of the intervention in Viale Trento e Trieste is actually estimated at 19 million and 250 thousand euros. The region’s original plan presupposed its completion in December 2025 with activation in 2026 according to the terms of Pnrr. Now the times are getting longer. “And fortunately,” Rossi emphasizes, “funding has changed: the forecast for 2026 was not realistic and could never have been made in time to fall within the limits imposed by the NRP. Given the high level of funding required, we already knew that it would not be included among the works to be carried out with Pnrr funds.

But the house will be built with regional funds. However, the commitment to rebuild the Viale Trento and Trieste complex is contained in the Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of the new hospital. We have already talked about it with the mayor, and on Monday we will take up the issue at a meeting scheduled for the new hospital ”.

And a note from the strategic direction of Cremona Asst adds: “As this is a complex operation and linked to the construction of the new Cremona Hospital, it was removed from the Pnrr interventions at the request of the Lombardy region, which provided DGR XI / 6282 of 13 April 2022 for a supplementary fund for regional co-financing, which is currently under definition.This project is in fact included in the Memorandum of Understanding between Asst Cremona, the region, the province, the municipality of Cremona and Ats della Val Padana, and therefore part of a wider and more articulate road, which will therefore should undertake to identify the possible funding channels aimed at the construction of the new hospital and its integration with the territorial network of health and social health services ».

The Protocol in Article 2 states that “the Parties undertake, with the common aim of encouraging the implementation of the highly specialized services that the hospital can provide to the citizens, to pursue integration between hospital and territory and a policy of dissemination of clinical and social health services and health protection measures, including through the redevelopment of existing structures such as the complex of Viale Trento and Trieste as a city center for local medicine “. “We have many projects in mind – Rossi explains – that will involve the whole territory”.

The mayor, for his part, announces that on Monday we are at the table for the new hospital ”talking about quick activation of the town hall via Sebastiano. But a technical table will also be set up, which together with the Region, Ats and Asst defines the necessary planning for the former Inam in order to be able to quickly find funds to finance the intervention ”.

Democratic Party Councilor Matteo Piloni announces an issue that will be presented in the Chamber on Tuesday and will also address this issue: «The region has established criteria on the basis of which 505 houses are to be built in Lombardy. It has now been decided that 17 should not be financed with PNRR funds, but it is not known according to which criteria these were selected. It is actually not true that there is no money: it is there, but the Region has chosen not to allocate them to these 17 structures. Clarity is needed. what criteria have been used, why have they not been agreed with the territories and finally with what money should these 17 structures be built? I remember that Ats, Asst and the mayors of the area worked together to identify the sites for communal houses, which are now excluded from NRP funds. I add that it is still left to identify the third communal house belonging to Cremasco, on the basis of its 150 thousand inhabitants. It would be a good thing for the Lombardy region to focus more on the territorial socio-health clinics provided for in the new regional health law. The region should explain how, when and how quickly it intends to implement this truly widespread health tool in the area.“.

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