Astral chart and horoscope: what you need to know

Card calculation? If you are not a regular fan of Paolo Fox and astrology, you have probably never heard of astral diagram. Instead, there are several good reasons why it is worthwhile or at least the curiosity to examine this aspect of astrology. A little curiosity has never killed anyone.

What is the astral diagram

Also called the natal chart or natal chart, it is a tool that reveals our peculiar characteristics: our psychological, emotional, intellectual disposition, our strengths and weaknesses. Whether you more or less believe in astrology, you know how to understand astrology and consulting his astral map can represent a curious way to discover something more about ourselves and make us more aware, be considered as a map that can be useful as a guide in small daily challenges, in more or less important choices, such as .ex. what kind of work is best suited for us according to the starsor how to approach relationships with others, a kind of helm that leads us toward the right winds to move forward by explaining our potential with audacity and self-confidence.

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How to calculate the astral diagram

To calculate our personal astral diagram, you need to know the exact place, the exact time, and the date of birth (the time is usually determined by considering the first breath that the baby emits). The accuracy of the information is crucial for an accurate and truthful calculation of our natal chart. These three pieces of information combined will allow us to discover the exact way in which the planets and cardinal points were located at the time we were born, information that will appear on paper as a circle divided into 12 equal parts, all angled with 30 degrees. These boxes represent the zodiac signs or the twelve months of the year. From the perimeter of the circle you will notice lines sticking outwards: these are the 12 astral houses, whose width (as opposed to the zodiac signs) changes according to the season and latitude. The astral chart is based on very old astronomical tables, the ephemeris, which dates back to the Babylonian age, in the 1st millennium BC. Christmas theme.

The main elements that make up the astral diagram

One of the basic elements of the astral diagram is the ascendant, or point of the Zodiac, which crossed the earth’s horizon to the east at the exact time of birth. It is represented by a line that crosses the entire circumference and is usually placed horizontally. That is why this line, called horizon to outline the whole wheel, which is oriented at its base. Another basic diameter of the astral diagram is meridian. This is traced by identifying the zenith, it is the point at the top where the vertical wire from the birthplace meets the celestial sphere, and the nadir, which is exactly the opposite. These two diameters are used to determine astrological houses.

the 12 astrological houses

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The 12 astrological houses. What are they?

The 12 astrological houses represent the main aspects of our lives and are the guiding element for the interpretation and analysis of the arrangement of the planets, the interpretation of which must be treated with the utmost accuracy. Each house reveals aspects of each of us personality and destiny. There first house indicated by the number 1 (the reading of the houses is counterclockwise) is what marks the beginning of our journey in the world and offers more insights into personality. Next, we find the houses related to money, family, home life, love, work, interpersonal relationships, the past, spiritualitysocial success, friendship and health.

How to read the astral chart

Knowing how to read and above all interpret the astral diagram is not easy at all as the factors involved are many and not very intuitive. To get an idea of ​​how complex a complete and serious reading of the astral diagram is, it is necessary to determine in what houses and in what signs the planets fall; reading for the layman can lead to inaccurate and imaginative interpretations, pfor this reason we recommend trust an astrologer to better understand every nuance of his natal chart. Depending on the position in the relative house of the planets revealed by the map, there will be different indications, determined by the privileged angular deviations formed by the planets in the astral image.. The most important aspects in order of importance are: the sextile, the square, the triangle, the opposite, and the inflection.

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