The School of Future “Fair Trade Activists” – Friulisera arrives in Carnia

The first of the three “Altromercato Summer Camp” planned by the main Italian Fair Trade organization, “Altromercato”, will take place in Carnia from 25 to 31 July to promote this kind of solidarity and sustainable economy among young people and adults who intend to take concrete steps to renew the international market in the name of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The “Summer School of Activism” in Carnia – entitled “Towards a new economy: the power of choices” – will be organized by Udine Cooperative “Bottega del Mondo”, which manages the Fair Trade stores in Codroipo, Spilimbergo, Tolmezzo, Trieste and Udine, and will host the “La Polse di Côugnes” ecumenical center of reception, culture and spirituality (near Pieve di San Pietro, in the municipality of Zuglio).

From 20 to 25 young people between the ages of 19 and 26 will be welcomed and registrations will remain open until 30 June.

The proposed study and reflection pathway will examine the main mechanisms of international trade in order to compare them with the principles, function and effectiveness of Fair Trade. Through simulation games, group work and guided syntheses, meetings with the leaders of “Altromercato” and with volunteers already at work in “Botteghe” in Friuli, participants will be stimulated to reflect on each individual role and power to become non-only . “ConsumAttore”, but also volunteer and “activist” of “Altromercato” and its territorial branches. Comparisons with other actors in the new sustainable and solidarity-based economy will also be proposed to hypothesize joint interventions and synergies.

The organizers, mainly active at the “Bottega del Mondo” in Tolmezzo, have also developed a program of thematic excursions and moments for exploring some “treasures” in Carnia, in an atmosphere of celebration and participation, where all students will participate. responsible and main characters.

The other two “Summer Camps” in “Altromercato” will take place in the provinces of Cremona and Padua. ThatThe training project is in line with the “Consume or choose?” campaign carried out by “Altromercato” in recent months.“We start with ourselves to act, to choose, to do – he saysAlessandro Franceschini, President of the “Altromercato” -.We have chosen to commit ourselves to training tomorrow’s activists on the issues of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We want you to experience first-hand what it means to be sustainable, and that anyone can be: to do even a small act of sustainability every day, combined with many other consumers. Over time, we will build the change to be achieved as quickly as possible for the benefit of our planet and its inhabitants.We give participants the opportunity to meet and discuss topics related to sustainability in all its facets, because we believe that comparison is the key to understanding how to act and do it together “.
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Registrations must be formalized by June 30th


Altromercato is the most important Italian Fair Trade reality and one of the largest in the world. It is a Social Enterprise – Cooperative Society formed by 87 members and 225 stores, it manages relationships with 140 producer organizations in over 40 countries, in the south and in the north of the world. The work of hundreds of thousands of artisans and farmers is respected and fairly paid because it is based on a transparent and traceable supply chain, which protects producers, the environment and guarantees the quality of the products.

Altromercato offers products that have one thing in common: they are good for those who choose them and for those who produce them. Its range consists of foods, many of which are organic, even fresh, and a selection of typical Italian products (Solidale Italiano), a line of natural hygiene and cosmetics (Nature), handicrafts for the home and anniversaries, clothes and accessories from the ethical model line .

The most important references are present in 2000 specialized organic shops, as well as in restaurants, school canteens, bars and naturopaths, Solidarity Purchasing Groups.

Altromercato nurtures a healthy economy, a vicious circle – from producer to consumer – that has lasted for thirty years, a sustainable lifestyle for all.


The Bottega del Mondo Cooperative Society was born in 1989, in Udine, thanks to some pioneers who, in the Fair Trade proposal, saw an effective tool for concrete cooperation with the countries of the southern part of the world. Today, after 30 years, Bottega del Mondo offers a serious and viable economic alternative, open to the general public of attentive and sensitive consumers, well-established and well-established in the territory of Udine province and in Spilimbergo’s territory.

In itB.otteghe Altromercatothere are excellent foods, crafts and natural cosmetics: products made without utilization, bearing the history of the hands that have worked them, consisting of difficult past, present of commitment and confidence in the future of Italy and the world.

The Udine office is located at Via Poscolle 36 / c; the other stores in the Friulian cooperative are located in Codroipo, Spilimbergo, Trieste and Tolmezzo.

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