The “Naples City of Music” project was presented at the headquarters of the Cultural Office of the Municipality of Naples – and in the presence of Mayor Gaetano Manfredi –


In the headquarters of the Cultural Office of the Municipality of Naples – and in the presence of Mayor Gaetano Manfredi – the project was presented “Naples City of Music“Coordinated by the newborn The music office Directed by Ferdinando Tozzi.
Among the first actions the permanent table with Supervision of cultural heritage.

Through the Music Office, Napoli Città della Musica is a coordination activity between companies and cultural institutions to create and materialize a strong connection between the network of artists and professionals and the national music company. This is the future of Naples City of Music presented this morning during the press conference where the first two NCM events were announced: Ecofest Napoli 2022which will be held in Castel Sant’Elmo and Certosa di San Martino, and the XXVIII Music Festival which will be held on 21-22. June.


Among the interventions also those of Judges Teresa Armato, Luca Trapanese And Chiara Marciani to symbolize the union of intentions that also involves Judges Vincenzo Santagada, Edoardo Cosenza and Paolo Mancuso.

The presentation of the concerts in 21 and 22 Juneif special guest stays Malika Ayane (already sold out in less than 24 hours), it was an opportunity to present a project that was considered strategic for the municipal administration and in particular for the mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi who stated:

With this project, we want to put music at the center of the city by transforming our artists’ creative capacity for growth in their economic, cultural and social inclusion. The project ‘The city of music in Naples‘is “very ambitious”, but achievable. Let’s start with the great excellence such as San Carlo and the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory – The mayor explained the video streaming link because it is positive for covid- but this project wants to have the ability to be cross-cutting by giving way to musical activities with the environment, inclusion, multicultural integration with the many communities that live in the city and on the other hand have the ability to create and locate the major musical events like the city deserves. At the same time, we also want to build events from the bottom up and promote the creativity of our young people ”. Our political action – continues the mayor – “Is to have a greater centrality in production and economic growth linked to music”. “Important work has already been done with the cinema office, which we want to strengthen even more – Manfredi emphasized – and now the music office will follow the same path. Each event will be the brick to build a house that remains over time and that allows us to make Naples the capital of music not only for its roots but also for its ability to attract and transform an identity into an economy.“.

To introduce the presentation of Naples City of Music was the lawyer. Ferdinando Tozzi already Delegated delegate for the mayor of music and audiovisual industry and expert lawyer in copyright law and from today coordinator of the activities of the music office in Naples municipality.

The city of music was born out of Mayor Manfredi’s willingness to systematize all the musical deeds in Naples, which for years has been the protagonist of creativity, now this must be put into system and create a network and improve what is to do business. Culture and business must travel together“- declares Ferdinando Tozzi. “We are so lucky to have a musically lively city. Instead of making event calendars, the municipal administration must offer both bureaucratic and material infrastructures, so that those who work in the sector get an easier job and attract investment.. “

The city of music begins today with a path that will continue for years in collaboration with Milan’s business centers and for training. Among the tools we have used was without a doubt the creation of the Music Office, I think – Tozzi continues – that we are one of the first cities in Italy to do so; a kind of Naples Music Commission, a bureaucratic structure as a one-stop-shop for the sector, which will be implemented thanks to the will of the mayor and the council to the point where a portal is created for all operators (database) and informs investors who invest in the city by finding professional skills available. We will hold trade fairs to bring Naples music to the world and place Naples in the center of the Mediterranean also for music: recent data says the North African market is one of the largest in the world in expansion and we need to be at the center. We enter into agreements with important companies in the national music sector on projects related to young people. We will establish a collaborative and positive-thinking network to create Musikbyen’s system of concrete actions“.
We want to pay close attention to the fact that artists representing the viaticum, for the concept of widespread music, without forgetting that artists need to be protected in their professional dignity. It is important to establish a single bureaucratic approach to major events in the city in order to facilitate the business and not deter it, and at this point a consultative table with supervision is active. Among the very first concrete bureaucratic actions, POC announcements and expressions of interest directed at the music industry will soon be published in accordance with the City of Music’s guidelines.

Finally, the synergy with industries and the activation, from now on, of partnership activities with international steak holders to start internationalization processes to place ourselves at the center of the musical dynamics of the Mediterranean. Last but not least, the synergy with the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory directed by Luigi Carbone should be highlighted. “

(Ferdinando Tozzi)

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The Councilor for Tourism and Productive Activities then spoke Teresa armed which highlights:

Today, there is a new major commitment from the Manfredi administration that we are already carrying out“- declares the Commissioner armed.”We announced it a few months ago, and as promised, we are here with the first concrete initiatives with a program that will continue for the next few years. Already this summer, we start with the first events and shows that will enliven the season and enrich the Naples City of Music project. I would like to emphasize the possibility of consulting with other urban institutions such as the municipalities or with the region regarding POC funds. We have banned two hundred thousand euros that will be used for the first concerts in each municipality and include the neighborhoods, even the lesser known ones, in the concept dear to the mayor of ‘polycentric city’ “.” For this ambitious program – concludes the armed – it is to emphasize, and I thank them, the implementation of the synergies between Councilors Marciani, Trapanese, Santagada, Mancuso and Cosenza for their skills“.

In addition, the Councilor for Youth Policy also attended the meeting Chiara Marciani who stated:

NCM starts today and will follow us for a long time. We have decided to activate a call, in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, for the creation of an NCM logo, which from today will be online to vote (until June 18) by citizens, and which will accompany this experience. We also want to re-evaluate the youth house in Pianura, a culture house with free recording rooms for young musicians, and we also wanted in this structure to have an artistic leader who can take turns offering young people support for their passion. and their talent and appreciated also in our city “.

The city of music in Naples is also social inclusion. In this regard, the councilor for social policy Luca Trapanese to declare:

NCM is also an inclusion city and we will not only talk about culture and art but also about accessibility, for all planned events there will be great attention to accessibility to benefit from it. A new charter that we will present shortly, where we will provide guidelines for how each event will be accessible to all“.

At the end of the press conference the surprise Eugenio Bennato.
The Neapolitan singer-songwriter, who wrote the story of the popular song in southern Italy, intervened by presenting his new song entitled “Welcome to NaplesThe song, sung exclusively, is a heartfelt tribute to the city and will serve as the anthem of the NCM project.

I have lived the city of music in Naples since I was a child, as an open city, a place of meeting and coexistence of opposite poles said Bennato. “On the one hand the classic melody loved by my parents, on the other hand the African-American swing that resounded in the bars of the harbor and which marked its beat in the hearts of the new post-war generation. And then, looking back in history, the musical vibration of its famous conservatories is surrounded for centuries by the rhythm of the tammurriate and the expansive voices of the popular streets. And back to the myth of his birth, which tells of the mermaid Parthenope, imprisoned in the bay waters of love for Ulysses, a restless traveler in the Mediterranean. And on to the present, which sees a Neapolitan welcome in the name of music to the rhythms to the instruments to the emotions that contemporary history brings us far from. “


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