The golden lance dedicated to Thevenin Institute has been unveiled

This morning in the Sala del Consiglio Comunale was presented the golden lance of the 141st Giostra del Saracino, dedicated to the Thevenin Institute for the 150th year of its founding, which took place in 2020. The work was, as usual, created by the hands of the Maestro. Francesco Conti, who in the best possible way was able to realize the idea of ​​the winning sketch designed by Roberto Felici, architect and principal of the Porta del Foro district. In the upper part, some drawings of the Thevenin children have been inserted, which further embellish the value of this work. The spear will be kept in the town hall until tonight, when at the end of the career-drawing ceremony it will be transferred to the Cathedral, where it will remain until Saturday 18 June, the Day of Joust.

That greeting of mayor Alessandro Ghinelli Have openedor the traditional ceremony: IS really a little masterpiece, the one that Maestro Francesco Conti has made for Lancia dgold dedicated to Casa Thevenin, a dutiful tribute to one of the reference institutesthe city and among the several there represent in its solidarity identity. The evocative and charged design dthatproposal from Roberto Felici has found fulfillment and has materialized in -onerefined work whose artistic value is made even moremore valuable since reference to the deep bond that exists between Thevenin and Arezzo. ONE a combination that, I’m sure, makes this Lancia specialcoveted unit, for a carousel that finally returns to be lived in its fullness, in the city, in the neighborhoods and in the square “.

En lancAmong other things there if business it was persistentto onthrough project “Adopt a spear.
“Nel maboutAndwhere to together with sinaco vi har thought from introduce sartist who would help us‘orgtonization of the event c‘was immediate great response exactly the councilsmunicipal epochs delegated to Gthatostra Paolo Bertini to which I thank The Comauto to who has it helped to the realization of trophy adopt there Launchand ringraceful three companies of the sector Arezzo jeweler, Chimet, Orchidea Preziosi and Chimera Gold, che they argued there sponsorstion ofthe courtsAnd on Piazza Grande. Important resources e.g.r cresquote of manifestostationAnd. And then -one thanks tol Master Francesco Expect that, as usual,he has made -onework d‘art extraordinarynaria. Here we arefrom today yesthey open the dancestonight with l‘extracttion of the approxrriere also from tomorrow yes ittrehà i I live returns to correcteh carousel long last secondor our tradiction. well G.iostra alle.

That trophyas expected, was realized thanks to the contribution by Nuova Comauto, in a few weeks new dealersin Renault, Dacia and Alpine in Arezzo it has decided that Inaugare your arrival in the city binding tod one of principali manifestations of territory: We are really pleased with the collaboration that has been created with Giostra del Saracino comments Gabriele Terreriresresponsible comingcial for Nuova Comauto. Withwe knew the emblem of the event, but living it from within is a whole other thing. We have been in Arezzo for two months now and we nurtured the idea from the beginningto establish a collaboration with this event as well important for the city. Of this we must certainly callrazor Ltommicommon stretchthat which is stateto cooperativeto right away: see the banners from the four districts stand out on the 100% selected Renault Zoetrica, which we have provided, gives us great satisfaction and metaphorically represents a meeting tbetween past and future, between tradition and innovation. From half April we started this adventure in Arezzo with great enthusiasm and respectivelyThe city has been positive right from the start, it gives us great joy and naturally encourages us to do so improve us every day in our work in a square as prestigious as Arezzo.

The sketch from which that Maestro Conti for realto make the trophy is dell‘architect and principal dI PThe forum’s garden, Roberto Felici to in her relationship had it so describeor the project: The idea comes from the peculiarity of Thevenin Institute, a charitable institution that has its roots in the city’s history and has always been aimed at children and mothers who are in situations of social difficulties. I have scel to design a handle that is strictly didactic. That you tell a story, an adventure for children, and that it is therefore immediately understandable and very easy to read, designed as if it were made with the constructions I play with children. I imagined a street, via Sassoverdand at night in the dark only illuminated by a few lampposts in which the door to the institute is opened Thevenin from which a light beam is strongly emitted,a light that turns into hope for the peaksli and a reference for the whole city. A beacon of solidarity in the darkness of life. A cone of light that cuts through the night and in which stands the figure of a mother with two children getting ready to enterto light, within the door of the Institute.
The teacher Accounts have added Roberto F.propeller during the presentation of the trophy is brilliant condition, it has gotten much betterto my idea initialwe managed thatn a rather complicated way of illuminating La lancia in innovative way to give toidea of ​​light that I had and rideresults is sbetweenordinary“.

And a great satisfaction pressureenter questOpera dedicated to youbut just as important to our city as Theveni isI must say to is in my opinion one of those Lancand more beautiful from memadeAnd continues Master Carver Francesco Conti – Below I have realthat Tower in red for supportking ideallysketch of Rorberto Happy he had imagined the cityà at night,rest in peaceortando in sculpture inAndlsto the height elementshence sketch with a result very special. Continuing inauction I imagined theretree of life, quattro children of different nationalities And this idea of cutking in relief inauction that drawings of the bammenbini, how sheets attached to a treeor. C.Oh yeah I asked to the little guests in CaThevenin by realizingAnd free that their designs that I recycled i scultrip gives a symbolic value again more important for the final result.

Comchin of ritual too for the principals of four quarters starting from TOndrea Fazzuoliprincipal of brings Crucode: That Thevenin is a city institution with what as a quarterwe work together a lot And it would be an honor littlehave this Therencia indthereourto sand it is. Giacomo Mtoalready, Vice-Rector of Porta Stonto SpirYou two: “Nellinnocence ofI bambini de har made the drawings utilicensed byl Maestro Conti I saw a yellow and blue figure that spI was yesto good auspicio pis our neighborhood. Roberto FeliciRector of Porta del Foro: And a spear to repscomes in a way perfect and symbolicica l‘Istituto Theveniwe are not ready for two eithercarcela. last M.touritium CoalRector of Porta Sant‘Andrit’s on: I’m making mineand congratulations Roberto F.propeller cha created the sketch and to Francesco You reckon thathas become one launches beautiful, and of course thanks to sponsor which provides their support because they are companiesoni Much important for the carousel and for the city.

Luca Berti, historical consultant dand Giostra del Sa.racino then outlinedand origin of‘Thevenin Institute whose Birth has roots in the history of the city’s kindergarten institutes in 1849 with approxestablishment of “Comito di charità ”led by Francesco Aliotti and entrusted to the management of religious congregation of the Daughters of Charity, who in the following years also delivered their pedagogical work of caring for orphaned children in need of p.occurred. In the 1870suor Gabriella Thevenin, by donating all her possessions, promoted the construction of the first orphanage in Arezzo, which took her name after her death. The work was given space first in Aliotti’s premises and later, starting froml 1928, i via Sassoverde where it still isuntil today. The mission of Casa Thevenin has changed over the years, while remaining true to the spirit of service expressed by its founder. The institute no longer deals with orphans, but tries to give response to the needs of Today toto receive mothers with children in difficult situations and minors who need temporary educational support.

Finally, greeting of Sandro SarriPresident of Casa Thevenin: V.I would like to thank those who have pensato to this dedication, who designed the sketch and who made this beautiful lancessima but above all I bring thanks true and Yesncyou were Vincentian nuns F.that C.aritet of which also sisterG.abrunfortunate T.hevenin it was a part. If we are here today, if cer quAndis dedicationself 150 years has voluto say many Possiblythatlity to moltAndguyszze, many orphan children, many mothers, many women on the spotdiscomfort is thanks to them that fthatnone to 2016 they stopped alone the fate ofTHATpathtauto. Today Caknow Thevenin is based on the total stafftoput mind sinceAnd the nunsdecreasing with number, yesoccupy sunmuch ofTHATinstitute Aliotti, men we seek of littlecontinue these principles e those appreciate it they have us taught.

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