that’s when the Addams Family Series comes out

There are many fans of Addams family who wonders what the release date is one of the most anticipated TV series of 2022. The plot, centered on the events of Little Wednesday, is written and directed by the Gothic director par excellence Tim Burton and that is enough to create some excitement among the spectators. Here’s where and when we’ll be able to see it and what they are previews of the trailer released a few days ago.

When it will be released and where you can watch the TV series about the Addams family

From the 1960s to today, millions and millions of children around the world have spent hours of their lives learning how crack with your fingers. We are not talking about a pastime like whistling or creating the strangest forms with language, but what was the trend that was almost randomly born from the soundtrack to one of the most watched and rebroadcast TV series over the years of the world television program.

There Addams family created in 1983 was the main character in a series of humorous cartoons in the weekly magazine New Yorkers before it becomes a cartoon, a feature film and eventually a TV series.

The characters belonging to the same family are present rather macabre and often disruptive interests but it does not hurt them to anyone who enters their Victorian home on purpose or by chance as a guest. The whole family is actually kind and hospitable to visitors and has no problem helping others by donating large sums to the noblest causes.

It is mostly the visitors who are shocked and disgusted by the lifestyle that the members of this family lead, starting with the little ones. Wednesday and Pugsley play with the guillotine until you get to Uncle Fester and his grandmother make soft drinks in the kitchen.

To complete the picture is also But nothe human hand cut off from the rest of the poor body to which it belonged, which lives in a box and runs only left and right at the fingertips.

To act as a butler is instead, Lurch which has physical similarities with the Frankestein monster and is endowed with superhuman strength while it cousin Itt he occasionally shows up at family parties, with the huge pile of hair covering him and an incomprehensible speech which, however, all the characters seem to understand perfectly.

It is this strange gang that excites and entertains children and adults episode after episode, reunion after reunion and a record of caliber of Tim Burton certainly could not escape the honor of being able to portray its beauty in a TV series to be seen.

The title of the film product that probably we will be able to watch Netflix in September / October 2022 is “Wednesday” and will resume Wednesday Addams, the eldest daughter of Gomez and Morticia, in a yellow tale without ever forgetting the rest of the characters that are crucial to the story making sense. As the months go by it will be also available on Sky and Now TV for those who have subscribed to the season pass and will fall into the category of effect most beautiful horror TV series to watch.

Previews of the trailer

The first teaser trailer of “Wednesday” it was released by the Netflix platform a few days ago, and from the first pictures it is possible to notice how the protagonist’s character has not changed at all over time.

The fringe that closes her pale face, the coal-black eyes directed at the camera, the long braids that fall on the white collar of the timeless black dress and the faithful Hand on the shoulder.

Wednesday Addams is exactly as we remembered it as he walks towards the frame with a decisive step, barely lit by the cold light from a spotlight placed above his head and obscured by the darkness of the room.

She looks at us as if we annoyed her and as soon as she can she raises her hands and snaps her fingers without saying a word as if that gesture already said everything we need to know.

The TV series directed by Tim Burton therefore has a mysterious and disturbing tone that is much more pronounced than the one present in the films made by Barry Sonnenfeld and Dave Payne.

A Gothic master’s fairytale style like his is unmistakable, especially if it is exposed in a series product that has as its main character a female character already macabre in itself.

Although the creation of this TV series is very new, its development had in fact already been announced in 2020, when Tim Burton himself had signed to direct an unnamed project based on the comic book series belonging to the narrative family of the Addams family. .

Official recordings only began in late 2021 and ended a few weeks ago before Netflix gave the public a small taste of the final product.

Although the trailer keeps much of the show a secret, just the fact that you want to return to talk about the Addams family creates a lot of excitement among viewers and if the details are defined by one of the most famous and talented directors of this century , then there is nothing else to add.

The plot and cast of the TV series about the Addams family

As can be understood from a first preview of the trailer offered by the Netflix streaming platform, the plot of the new TV series about the Addams family it focuses mostly on Wednesday’s adventures.

Left the air of a child who often held in his arms a voodoo doll or the severed head of a doll resembling our Cicciobello, the eldest daughter of Gomez and Morticia she seems to embrace adolescence with a certain lethargy as her paranormal powers start to give her some trouble.

To complicate things, however, there is not only the hand of his special supernatural gifts, but also a monstrous series of murders that frighten society And a mystery that parents seem involved inwhich remained unresolved for 25 years.

In all this chaos, the complicated relationships with her classmates at Nevermore (the academy she’s a student at) do not even help, not to mention her difficulty in fitting into a completely different social context than she can find at home.

There will be eight episodes of the first season of this TV series, all funded by the TV department of Golden Meyer Metro who wanted to draw the public’s attention to what in the 1940s was one of the most functional and fun creations in the horror / gothic film history.

Playing the role on Wednesday will not be there Cristina Ricci as we were accustomed to, though his presence will return in form not yet specified in the live-action.

The young woman will take over its reins Jenna Ortegathe one who previously lent his face to Jane in Virgin Jane and to Ellie Alves in the second season of YOU. In the role of the eccentric Gomez will be there Luis Guzman and next to him as his wife Morticia, the beautiful and hypnotic Catherine Zeta – Jones.

Because Tim Burton’s style appeals to the public

The TV series “Wednesday” could have been directed by anyone with a sense of horror and a particular penchant for disturbing things, and yet it was just Tim Burton to get better over other contemporary instructors. It’s not hard to understand why. Over the course of 60 years and 25 years of career, he has managed to create a niche of very loyal followers and to build a solid filmography composed of many cults such as:

  • The sleepy hollow mystery
  • Big Fish – Stories of an incredible life
  • The chocolate factory
  • Sweeney Todd – Fleet Stretts evil barber

His ingenious ability to build stories and worlds in constant changefrom combine dark atmospheres with melancholy characters often speaks of themi as marginalization and loneliness has given him a reputation that other instructors can only envy. However, what I like best about his style is the perennial will to it present the figure of the monster to the public, not only as the fruit of something unspeakable and eerie, but as a twisted and fragile human being. A bizarre being and in a sense closer to reality, the only one that evokes more emotions in us. Tim Burton emphasizes the Gothic vibe makes an almost excessive reinterpretation, completely in comic book key and with increasingly accentuated proportions and details.

THAT retrospective used in the vast majority of films they are the best way to tell the pain of your characters as well as the most appropriate technique to help the viewer understand why that character behaves like that. That archetypes often used in the stories, they refer to the characters of the witch, the rebellious girl or the naive blonde, the latter almost always as the main character’s love interest.

What makes Burton’s work worth following is without a doubt the close collaboration with the people he has worked with throughout his career. Viewers are no longer surprised to see actors like Johnny Depp, Lena Gieseke, Eva Green or Helena Bonham Carter (as the director gets married, has two children and then divorces in 2014) yes, they would be more confused about not seeing them together.

Certain stylistic choices and certain combinations are not determined by chance, but by a cultural background that in Tim Burton’s still lives off of punk culture and 1960s kitsch that mixes traditional cinema with the novelty of the moment. In all his film works, there is never a shortage of references to high-tension moments, just as copious doses of humor are always adopted to make the story easier. One thing we will most likely be able to see in the next TV series about the Addams family, scheduled for fall 2022.

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