Sicilian playlist # 82: Jova’s Mediterranean and Pippo Pollina’s anti-mafia pass through Palermo

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“Mediterranean” Jovanotti

Mondello, Albergheria, Ballarò, Danissini, Romagnolo, Bandita, Borgo Vecchio, Zisa, Vucciria, Barcarello and Sferracavallo are just some of the places Lorenzo Jovanotti has chosen for the video of his latest single, Mediterraneo, which takes place in Palermo. “This story in pictures is dedicated to Palermo, the heart of our sea, and its people,” writes Lorenzo Cherubini. The video was made by Palermo photographer Francesco Faraci. A black and white tale that keeps a modern and urban pace, in search of rebirth. For it is precisely the word “reborn” that opens the chorus to this song that Jovanotti is aiming for. A house piece (which eventually looks like a Salento taranta), which right in Palermo, the cradle of the Mediterranean, finds its maximum expression. And then sheets scattered on the balconies of the alleys in the historic center, old men on the street playing broomsticks while the kids play soccer in front of the house. And then again stigghiole, meusa, panel and all that this city can tell. Among the faces is also the rapper Christian Picciotto.

“Leo” Pippo Pollina

Heartbreaking tribute to Leo Ferrè contained in “Secret songs”, the new album by the singer-songwriter from Palermo, who has chosen to live in Switzerland. Pippo Pollina returns to his hometown on June 10 to end with a concert a whole range of initiatives, also planned in other Italian cities, entitled “The Mafia 30 Years After the Massacres”. Appointments born of the singer-songwriter’s idea of ​​combining the show of his new album “Secret songs” with a conference on these issues, also as an opportunity to relaunch the role of art as an instrument of condemnation and inquiry. Pippo Pollina, born in 1963, singer-songwriter from Palermo, personally experienced the season of the first major anti-mafia movement, born in the early eighties, when Cosa Nostra bled the streets of the Sicilian capital. He is always sensitive to the themes of organized crime and everything related to it, and he is one of the few artists who has brought these topics to the center of his musical activity, and dedicated famous songs to some great interpreters of anti- the mafia fight, from Don Pino Puglisi to Paolo Borsellino and Peppino Impastato…. And now Margherita Asta, to whom the song from the new album “Pizzolungo” is dedicated. The conference will be held at the Agricantus Theater (17.00 – admission with reservations required as long as the seats are sufficient – info 091 309636). In the evening, in the Teatro Massimo, Pippo Pollina will hold his concert “Secret Songs”.

“Ortigia” Meli

It’s the new single from Alessio Meli. After the first two breaking songs from the Catania singer-songwriter’s new sequel, “$ exy delir * o” and “Shitpop”, this song returns to reveal the more romantic and melancholic side. “The desire to shout that to me you are the infinite, but also the fear of not being enough, which is combined with the awareness of acknowledging one’s own faults. Autobiographical, but also sentimental, romantic and with good vibes like Ortigia », says the author.

“More” Danilo Sapienza

Lucio Battisti is still the reference point for the Catania singer-songwriter who has chosen London as his base. The song is the first single from the new EP titled “1985”, which will be released next October.

“Dei Cani” Livrizzi

“A generational electro pop cry”, this is how the Sicilian singer-songwriter defines his new single. “It’s the song I like the most. It comes from all the turmoil and frustration I felt when I worked in international giants. To feel like you’re just hamsters in mechanisms that you struggle to find yourself in, simply because you are just a number. To understand that you are not part of anything, but in any case keep your head high, “explains Cesare Livrizzi. The video clip of” Dei hunde “was born out of the desire to highlight the cancellation of the individual in the society of the new millennium. Open landscapes alternate with scenes in the middle of the crowd. The colors are distorted, saturated and unrealistic. It is the journey of those who travel through their lives and struggle to be there in reality. The only hug in the video is almost invisible, it gets lost among the people.As everything.

“The moon went out” Francesca Teriaca

New single from the very young singer-songwriter from Palermo written in collaboration with the singer and pianist from Palermo Vinnie. The play is a dialogue between two voices chasing each other without ever finding each other, just like the play’s two main characters; it is a nocturnal song with a dark charm, which tells the desire to escape from the monotonous, almost suffocating routine; it is the elaboration of the end of a relationship mixed with the repetition of daily actions: “But just as it happens in the new moon,” explains the singer-songwriter. “Even in” Luna Spenta “the darkness coincides not only with the feeling of helplessness, but also with the desire to be reborn and start a new phase”.

“Mami Wata” Chris Obehi

New single by Nigerian artist but now Palermo by adoption. A song that talks about love and the will to live, which tells the love between the main character Johnny and a mermaid in the pidgin language “Mami Wata” (from Mother of Water). Obehi interprets the dialogue between Johnny and his mother in a series of voices and fast rhythms, now emphasizing the happiness of the man struggling with his first love with overwhelming force, now the mother’s concern for this love, which he considers dangerous: «The Nigerian folk belief actually wants Mami Wata to be a divinity capable of making men lose their heads with a single glance and attract them towards the high water so they have no escape, Chris explains. “However, Johnny seems really happy and does not want to hear reasons and makes us believe that in reality even Mami Wata is in love with him that he reciprocates his unconditional love. This passage tells how love is able to overcome any prejudice ».

“Manila” Picciotto

After listening to the “black” part of the Palermo rapper with “AMhardcoreD”, let’s now go to the discovery of the “white”. “Manila” is dedicated to the daughter and is a decidedly pop ballad that embodies all the love a father can feel for his children.

“The Pantelleria Party” Nicole Nadan

On the occasion of the first edition of “The Island – Experience Festival” held in Pantelleria from 2 to 5 June 2022, singer Nicole Nadan launched the single “La fiesta de Pantelleria”, which precedes the album “Tierra caliente”. The song was born because Nicole falls in love with the island during a holiday in Pantelleria, and therefore she has decided to dedicate a song in both Spanish and Italian to that particular country, and a video clip has been made.

“Summer is with us” Dalila Zito & Flavia Bargione

Between Tik Tok, palm trees and umbrellas reopened a fun song that was to be danced in the summer at discos after two years of lockdown. The main characters are two girls from Palermo with a passion for social media and music.

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