“Roots of popular culture in dialect theater”

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The extraordinary commissioner of Barletta municipality, dott. Francesco Alecci, sent a special round of applause and thanks to the cultural leisure association “Actors Spontaneous Barlettani”, heir to the tradition, which was launched on stage by the unforgettable Giggino Cafagna in the seventies.

“I received the two valuable photographs taken in the Paolillo multiplex on the evening of Sunday, April 24, 2022, at the end of the performance of the beautiful comedy” A ‘navicule stà vacande “in the Barletta language, where I had the pleasure of To participate and I am grateful for your attention to my person and above all to this bourgeois body.The photographs will serve as a valuable reminder in general of my human and professional experience in this area and in particular of an approach to the enormous and varied world of culture, history and art, which magically in the city of Barletta always assumes excellent thicknesses and qualities “.

The Extraordinary Commissioner continues in his letter: “That comedy was also a confirmation of that consideration. I still remember well today the skilled and intense commitment of the actors who were the main characters, and the enthusiastic and warm feedback from the public that was very much present in the stalls.

As the date of the end of my commissioner’s approach approaches, I extend my thanks and greetings to the association with so much, so much cordiality, and embrace with you Actors all the Barlettan citizens who in this human and professional “journey” of mine have never failed to offer me their attention, their support and their sharing. I wish the Cultural Recreational Association “Barlettani Spontaneous Actors” and the public who love Vernacle a happy continuation “.

LA RENTREE ‘SUNDAY, APRIL 24, 2022 – It was actually a great success with the public in Barletta for the great return to the stage of the living dialectal folk theater with the comedy “A ‘navicule sta’ vacande” by Barlettani Spontaneous Actors in Paolillo multiplex, where “sold out” was recorded record for the 300 armchairs in the elegant stalls. Humor and language, laughter and popular culture, fun and satire of costume in the comedy that reached its nineteenth repeat more than two years after the previous “sold out” Sunday, March 1, 2020, the last live performance in Barletta before the lockdown. Barletta Municipality sponsored the event with a specific decree of the Commissioner recognizing the socio-cultural value of the show and its solidarity purpose, taking into account that a significant part of the proceeds will be donated to philanthropic and voluntary activities in the territory following explicit indication from the public and sponsors.

And for this purpose, at the end of the year, a volume of photos and texts of the twenty manuscripts in dialect written by Giggino Cafagna (copyrighted by Siae) has been published in the city’s schools.

Winners: Cultural Leisure Associations Spontaneous Actors; Paolillo multiplex; Michele Cafagna, lead actor and director; Antonella Porcelluzzi, protagonist; Pamela Fiorella, actress; Anna Lisa Desiderio, actress; Nino Vinella, journalist; Zingrillo.Com; Pasquale Comitangelo, vintage props and antiques; Bellino Ecometals demolition; Falco Roberto Porte; I Dicataldo food goodness; The Giganti Cultural Circle; Renzo Leone, Audio One Service. In addition to still photographer Rino Lattanzio and Gianni Civita Studio for video recordings.

The manuscript and the related manuscript belong to the latest history in popular dialect theater, where the Barletta language stands up to the comparison with the most everyday events in everyday life. And it blends all these ingredients in the modern adaptation of the three-act script that was brought to the stage in the Dilillo cinema in the spring of 1976 with identical, exuberant success by the unforgettable author and protagonist Giggino Cafagna.

46 YEARS LATER, it is due to his son Michele’s passion for having paid this debt of gratitude to those who in a way “invented” the Barletta dialect theater in the second half of the seventies, making use of tradition and a certain taste of irony spiced with generous gifts of country satire. An invention … spontaneous, entrusted at first with the historionics of its pioneers (who recited a subject, as in the time of the Thespis wagon, i.e. without a written manuscript) and then gradually grew and developed into creative forms destined to be handed down for the existence of transcripts with a lot of scripts, jokes and everything else useful in the “toolbox” of those who do theater not for a job, but for love and a lot, a lot, a lot of emotion.

There are even twenty scripts, as well as various sketches: as many as there are comedies that can be remade on stage, and why not? the dialect often subjected to improbable upheavals, but still suggestive in the most genuine expressiveness. About half a century later, the legacy of this unique experience of popular life remains entrusted to a (temporarily) small circle of actors in a … high school led by Michele Cafagna with perseverance and a lot of passion.

“Rentréen” on Sunday 24 April, full of energy and desire for a healthy live show, has thus archived the nineteenth repetition of the comedy from the distant debut in 1976 in this time of recovery and return to a normality where one can recognize oneself on the scene between a joke and a laugh can definitely chase the emergency away from everyday life.

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