OneMorePack 2022: the latest award ceremony

Thursday June 9, 2022 is the date on which the last event in the eighth edition of the award took place OneMorePack 2022promoted and organized by Metellian graphicsit has two parallel competitions are planned, one aimed at professionals and one addressed to student.

FORUM OneMorePack 2022: return in the presence of the competition organized by Grafica Metelliana

The last event of the competition of packaging design OneMorePack, i.e. FORUM, was held in Città della Scienza in Naples, with return present after the 2021 streaming edition, also with the participation of some exhibitors.

During FORUM OneMorePack 2022 four of the organizers of the event and the price we listened to on our microphones – Vittoria Marino (del OneMorePack Scientific Coordination), Marco Fiorillo (OneMorePack art director), Iole Preziosi (OneMorePack organizational leader) e Gerardo Di Agostino (AD Grafica Metelliana, OneMorePack Promoter) -, they emphasized that they had the great pleasure of participating in FORUM also to return in presence.

An emotion also confirmed in the press release: “after a year break in 2020 and the digital edition in 2021, it was a challenge to return to organizing the event in person, and at first we did not know what to expect. The enthusiasm of the partners and all those who have supported us and the presence we have reached make us say that the balance in this issue is certainly positive.“.

The OneMorePack 2022 Awards Awarded to the Student Category

That student they delivered a project on a set theme after one Map made in collaboration with the historic bakery Gragnano Malafronte. Specifically, the project was focused on the creation of one packaging for the “Neapolitan tarallo” of the brand.

On the OneMorePack 2022 podium for this category were three students who received one total prize money of 2500 euros in workbags and vouchers to buy professional technologies, as well as receive a gift from the Malafronte company.

All three prizes for the category were awarded to the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

That first prize was delivered to Angelo Mannafor the elegant and at the same time premium look that it gives the product, making it extremely attractive – reads the press release issued –. For the feasibility of the solution and the commitment with the consumer thanks to the removable inner element, a bookmark that tells the story of the product and the Neapolitan tradition“.

That second place was awarded Federica Luminifor conjugating packaging for anniversary gifts. For the very high positioning and surprise effect generated by the product stored in a coffin pack. For the accuracy of the realization, the graphics and the chromatic choice are not at all trivial compared to the reference sector“.

Federica Lumini, II-place student OneMorePack 2022

Claudio Crescenzo finally achieved third placefor the originality of the front element, which offers a service accessory for the consumption of the tarallo, and thus becomes the packaging gadget and provides a solution for consumption in “street food” mode. For brilliant, young, sparkling, pop intuition. To expand the available communication space“.

Claudio Crescenzo, III place student OneMorePack 2022

The first classified by professional category of OneMorePack 2022

For professional category has been designated two winners taking into account the project’s innovation, creativity and functionality. Participants in this category suggested a label or packaging project already made for the market.

For the packaging section, the project is at Study summary And Studiolibero with the work of Exclusive gift box from Kiton he was appointed first placefor the relationship of perspective that label and counter-label have, thus outlining the silhouette of Vesuvius, an evocative and iconic image of the Neapolitan country. Together with the shape of the bottle, it preserves the history of the place and its taste“.

That first place label it was instead the agency Basile AD for the product of Vesuviussis the relationship between perspective that label and counter-label have, and thus outlines the silhouette of Vesuvius, an evocative and iconic image of the Neapolitan country. Together with the shape of the bottle, it preserves the history of the place and its taste“.

The mentions awarded to the professional category of the Graphic Metelliana 2022 Award

As for the professional category, a technical jury has also awarded them five reviews under FORUM OneMorePack 2022 for: storytelling, functionality, graphic design, heritage, storytelling about the territory.

There mention storytelling was transferred to the Agency Industry 01 for packaging of Sicilian Panettone by Stefanoto recreate the peculiar elements of traditional Sicilian iconography with style. A modern and successful proposal for territoriality and natural and monumental heritage. To the choice of closure, which refers to the idea of ​​a paper bag, which highlights the idea of ​​the craft of the product“.

Basile ADV, with the work of Longo food and wine bread was also elected toto mention functionality, after ranking first for the tag section. The mention was awarded for the simplicity and functionality of the solution. The strap, which acts as a handle, inserted through the cut-outs in the primary packaging, makes it possible at the same time to differentiate the different references, make the product transportable without the help of a shopper and facilitate recycling for the end user.“.

There mention graphic design was awarded the Dimensione Pubblicità for the work performed Case Delfino Battistafor the unprecedented choice of graphic sign, originally for the communication of the “colatura di alici” product. For the elegance of the package, the minimalism of the illustrations and the selected reference colors“.

The Agency Antville with Emballage Gay Odin instead he got lto mention of inheritance for the restyling and modernization that goes from the restoration of the historical image. For the recognizability and authenticity that the brand continues to have on new packaging solutions“. Anteville it also got the publicity “online audience appreciation“To win the public vote on the competition website.

The fifth mentionthat the history of the territoryfinally went to the Arcadia agency with the work of Native old red of Campagnano ‘for cuts on the front, reference to the logo and the Volturno River. For selection of copper-colored foil. For the distinctiveness that the whole bottle takes on the shelf“.

Furthermore, this year, at the site that hosted the FORUM OneMorePack 2022, a small show with everything projects that participated in the competitiondivided into two parts, one dedicated to the works of students – who participated in large numbers this year – and one to professionals.

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