Municipal, Tolentino earthquake victims between containers rented at gold prices and “distress” houses delivered 6 years later. “They are asking us for votes, but we have never seen them in recent years”

“I do not want to go and vote because there is a lot of mistrust”. Elena living in Tolentinoin the province Macerata. Like many of his fellow citizens after the earthquakes that shook them March between August and October 2016, she had to leave her home in a hurry and started the ordeal as an earthquake victim. First a transfer to the Marche coast, with travel of 120 kilometers every day to be able to live the “normality” of the past life. Then the wait for an “emergency home”., which arrived last year, five years after the earthquake, where the emergency must have been over for some time. You, like many others, on Sunday, June 12, know the next administrative electionswill not go to the polls: “Or at most I will lose nothing“. Trust in institutions has failed so much that Elena prefers not to appear with her name and surname and give her a fancy name: the terror of” retaliation “dominates the hard-fought house and the taste of everyday life to which she returned. to life after difficult years.

In fact, Tolentino is the only city in the entire crater earthquake in central Italy to have chosen to do not install the so called So e, emergency housing solutions, wooden houses, which certainly gave rise to discussion, but which at least Elena would rather have been able to stay in the city without being thrown from one house to another, for rent. “Today I say we have a house, but under what conditions? We basically pay rent, these are important numbers. In 70sqm I pay 1600 euros for a condominium a year, they did not tell us we wanted a condominium to pay for such high numbers “, he explains to Instead of SAE, in fact, the administration headed by the outgoing mayor, Giuseppe Pezzanesiat the head of a breakfast of middle righthas chosen to build concrete houses that once the reconstruction is completed, they would remain as social housing for the needy population, and to install some containers, also given the difficulty of finding rent in the inhabited center. “Boxers”, which in recent years have been designated by the committees born after the earthquake as a “ghetto”, where there is no privacy and the bathrooms are shared. Prior to the construction of the houses, promised for 2018, but delivered some between 2021 and 2022, others still to be delivered, those who requested the housing, or settle for CAS, the contribution from autonomous housing, had to face the speculative prices for rent, or living in the container area. Only these delays, today, they did lose confidence to the citizens for the purpose of the vote.

An election which today, however, the deputy of Pezzanesi e.g. candidate middle right to next administrative, Silvia Luconiasserts strongly, however, that the opponents, the center-left candidate Massimo D’Este and the bourgeois Mauro Slaves, they believe it has been overcome by facts. In addition to a slow construction of these public housing units, which is still considered an emergency, despite the fact that six years have already passed since the quake, Elena tells us about another fear that pushes her to abstain. “When they talked to us about stone buildings instead of wooden houses, they made us understand that Sae would sooner or later have to be removed – he tells He (Pezzanesi, in office for two consecutive terms since 2012, ed) did a lot of advertising by telling us we wanted ‘a home forever’, but it’s not always there. Every day we wake up with the question: ‘How long will we stay?‘”. Since these are emergency housing, the logic actually dictates that once the houses that were destroyed by the earthquake have been rebuilt, these housing will remain popular. But in fact, according to Elena, it is already like this:” I know people, earthquake victims , who have applied for housing but the houses were first assigned to people who have not suffered from the earthquake but have financial problems “.

Weighing the secret of the urn will also be choices made in the container area, an agglomeration of aluminum “boxes” where some earthquake victims still live today, but which are mostly inhabited by “a part of society that is in really difficult situations”, explains candidate Luconi. “No one was ‘deported’ to the container area – he continues – there was a section of the population who, even before the earthquake, were in special situations and let’s say false, who did not have the opportunity to choose another home because they found for rent. They were largely homeless and settled in the container area waiting to take the apartment ”.

At least until October, however, in container they could end up there too victims of the earthquake who until now have never lived there, but who have to temporarily leave their homes to rebuild after the earthquake. To decide, it is a decision of the council of 15 April that has aroused some discussion. Yes, in order to be able to utilize the containers – they have shared bathroomsno privacy and canteen – the municipality has asked to pay one rent with prices not quite in line with the Marche: 620, – for a single room And 1240 euros for a double “Under Covid Protocols”, or 483 euros for a single and 966 for a double, “in case of reduction of the Covid Protocols”. That digits that the junta has considered it “necessary” to cover the cash costs required by the container area to pay the administration has become widespread; disputed in the election campaign. “We wanted to close the areabut then some citizens asked us to be able to use it, and we decided not to burden society – explains al. the center-right candidate, the deputy mayor of the current administration – Whoever goes there should only bring the clothes and pay nothing else. It is assumed that the amount applied for corresponds to the own expenses incurred by the Municipality ‘. “If we had the Sae, we would have had the opportunity to offer a dignified situation even for a fee – comments the center-left candidate instead. Massimo D’Este – There is no room for privacy, shared toilets, the rooms are mega large rooms. You are also not allowed to make coffee legally. I think it is a big deal to propose this type of solution to these figures form of incivility. I believe that the citizens did not specifically ask for containers, but for solutions ”.

“We will see if the administration’s choice will reward or not. The vote for 12 is the litmus test. “Candidate Sclavi is convinced of this, at the head of a coalition that brings together three lists: Tolentino Civica e Solidale, Tolentino Popolare and Riformisti Tolentino.” a construction methodology of the houses that went really well in a moderately temperate zone.For example, in L’Aquila they do not want to leave the houses.In San Severino, where they made a careful choice, they put the families living in a neighboring complex they gave opportunity to have the same neighborhood situations – explains Sclavi reached on the phone – The choice that Pezzanesi made, on the other hand, it was a unexplored road. He declined the houses and chose to put people in containers as an emergency by building concrete houses. It may seem like a far-sighted choice, but six years after the event, we have people still in containers and in addition we have lost 2000 inhabitants in Tolentino. Posterity will judge. “As an administrator, he says, he would have made other decisions,” shared the choices with the people and given a schedule. “Not to mention the rents, Sclavi points out.” No one has checked them, and there have been one in recent years loss of legality at 360 degrees. We had to make the agreed rents or in coupon, and then we could get Cas (contribution for independent accommodation) based on the rental request. Here, on the other hand, there was one supermarket for entrepreneurs and the only ones who lost were the victims of the earthquake. ” and demand, which, however, according to the civic should be regulated.

According to D’Este, candidate supported by the Democratic Party and by three other lists, Depende da Noi, Civico 22 and Tolentino Rinasce (in which we find some names of the local 5-star movement that does not run with its own list), “the speculative bubble“Lowers reconstruction. But what is certain is that”the container area it is a very ugly business card in relation to our affiliation with the civil sense and to a society that would have deserved a different location ”. “I would have understood the strategy if the houses had been delivered on time – he continues – but unfortunately the projects remain on paper. And the serious thing is that we are talking about people ”.

Luconi, however, asserts the choices of the administration to which he belongs, emphasizing: “Tolentino is a common reference point for dealing with post-earthquakes, with different choices from the others. He made an important decision not to want the houses, which I “do not deny, should save public money and not endow the environment with a false situation. At the end of the emergency we will give society real homes, and today we are able to give another dignity to the victims of the earthquake”.

According to the deputy mayor, the perceived distrust of the institutions among those who suffered the earthquake depends on “reconstruction“Actually play” only last year “with the new commissioner Giovanni Legnini. “It has become a topic of political hunting – he continues – and has also been used by people who probably did not know the earthquake well”. In addition to the fights and “political hunting“As inevitably comes from all coalitions, however, there is still mistrust. “Everyone marched on the earthquake. I also stopped wondering what was behind it,” Elena continues, repeating: “None of them (the politicians ed) deserves my support. During this time, the time I was away from home, in 47 square meters, where megagalactic bills arrived, I was unable to go to anyone, and no one came to ask me ‘how are you’, ‘what do you need for’. Today, however, they come to campaign ”.

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