FuoriSalone 2022: what fashion brands do

A famous self-invited, al FuoriSalone 2022 there fashion made his presence felt more than ever. From the Brera to the Triennial, passing through the Città Studi, Darsena, the roofs of skyscrapers and historic buildings, the San Babila, the Duomo and the inevitable cloud of micro-events in Montenapoleone, it has appeared everywhere. Presentialist and self-celebrating fashion, a little schoolgirl close to graduation, first in class and unaware of what awaits her outside, she exhibited her projects, many to tell the truth extremely satisfactorily aesthetically, with anxiety in those who expect the highest grades. Follow her during Milan design week it is a way of understanding how an important part of contemporary society wants to represent itself.

Choosing to decorate your home with the accessories and objects that the brands we love imagine actually does not just mean being faithful or rather loyal to a name: it is a statement of closeness to these codes of thought and, consequently, a cultural grant to take into account research and the values ​​that support it. Between the first and consolidated collaborations, here is a selection.

Dior by Starck, Palazzo Citterio

Adrien Dirand

Diorwhich over the years has built a sophisticated universe for home decor, a kind of couture extended to the home, a Palazzo Citterio bring the chair back. However, like last year, Monothematic leaves it to Philippe Stark, who listens to it before interpreting it, and through an emotionally charged installation of light and sound, it returns its voice. The Medallion chair, a milestone for the studio, loved by the founder and entered from the right in the iconography of the house, appears to us in its purity: the aluminum body, naked and galvanized in the shades of chrome, pink and gold, is revealed; a perfect silhouette without armrests or, as a tribute to the musicians of Monsieur, Victoire and Odile Kern, who sat down and tossed the wide skirts of their dresses to one side, with only one.

fuorisalone 2022 fashion brands

Prada Frames, Braidense Library

Lorenzo Palizzolo

A few steps away, in the Braidense Library, a series of meetings, a symposium, developed by Prada and Formafantasma, a research and design study based in Milan and Rotterdam. Theme: the relationship between natural environment and design. The visual identity of the project is the manipulation of a scan of an oak forest using the Lidar technique, which uses the laser to scan objects of any type; an invitation to go deeper, beyond the visible, to redefine the approach to matter and conceptually to its and our life cycle. For the guests, among the seats, some historic pieces of Italian design by Gio Ponti, Franco Albini and Gerrit Rietveld, made available by Cassina, stood out.

fuorisalone 2022, floating forest

Floating forest, Darsena

Daniela Di Corleto

It is green Timberland, as with Studio Boeri Interiors moorings on Dock in Viale Gabriele D’Annunzio a floating forest. Telling his own story and projecting himself into tomorrow by evolving into conscious productions, this is the ultimate goal of the yellow boot brand; to once again show the citizens of the world that urban green spaces can be lived and designed in an alternative way. In a small space, Boeri concentrates more than six hundred plants, which at the end of the event will be donated and planted in other habitats.

fuorisalone 2022 fashion brands

The dolls from B&B Italia newly interpreted by Stella McCartney, Caselli di Porta Nuova

Courtesy Photo Stella McCartney

To question ourselves – and to question ourselves – also about the world to come Stella McCartney. Its fun and imaginative installation in New door (the picture in the opening), now projects us into distorting spaces, now into very tidy English-style rooms from the beginning of the twentieth century and, in the meantime, explains why it is important to focus everything on protecting and protecting the environment. There are his precious mushrooms, which he learned to make an eco-leather from, which have nothing to envy the animal, and which he also used for a new wallpaper in two color variants, red and blue. And so many videos about the drama of intensive agriculture and excessive use of the planet’s resources. There is also the designer’s first complement, her vision of the historic armchair The dolls from B&B Italia designed in 1972 by Mario Bellini.

fuorisalone 2022 fashion brands

ITALIAN EXCELLENCE: Acerbis X Salvatore Ferragamo, Montenapoleone Store

Lorenzo Cappellini Baio

Also from Ferragamo the main character is the chairman: Italian Excellence, a project signed by the duo of Acerbis, Francesco Meda and David Lopez, have developed some interior classics in the spirit of the brand: In the men’s and women’s stores we find new sofas in wood and fabric, lacquered consoles and multifunctional stools, while in the shop window the two rationalist seats. stands out, Med. For him, the project reinterprets the 1959 shoe designed for Andy Warhol, which the artist also wore during his painting sessions, so some sketches of color inevitably ended up covering them. In this case, the leather back and seat transform these stains into a decorative motif. For her, however, the project pays homage to the Rainbow wedge from 1938. It is made for Judy Garland and is an explosion of bright colors and a precursor to contemporary models, the same is Med.

fuorisalone 2022 fashion brands

Louis Vuitton, Garage Traversi

Stephane Muratet

To Louis Vuittoninstead of Nomads objects. Exhibited on two floors at Garage Traversi on Piazza San Babila, the limited pieces of the line drawn by its fourteen stars (plus one). Chinese designer Franck Chou has just joined the team and has added a sofa and an outdoor seat characterized by aerodynamic shapes to the existing accessories. Expressions of eclecticism and a savoir-faire capable of masterfully uniting the work of the studio and the work of the laboratory, Nomades are daydreams.

fuorisalone 2022 fashion brands

Tissue, restore, renew by Loewe, Palazzo Isimbardi

Courtesy Photo

Tissue, restore, renew: with these ideals, after two years, Loewe is back at FuoriSalone. He settled in the beautiful 18th century court Isimbardi Palace, sets up an exhibition of revived objects. Unique pieces, recycled and which Jonatan Anderson wanted to give a second chance. There are handmade ceramic vases, others that reflect the texture of Galician leather and bags of woven straw. The latter are exalted in a series of caps resembling those of the samurai depicted in Miyazaki’s film: arranged in orderly rows, resembling the guardians placed to protect the precious works handed over to human hands.

fuorisalone 2022 fashion brands

Generation, Re-Generation, Post-Generation by Antonio Marras, Despite Marras

Courtesy Photo

At the same wavelength is there Marras, with Generation, Re-Generation, Post-Generation. Welcomes us to his room in via Cola di Rienzo He first tells us the story of Cerchino, a fairy-tale character, the opposite of Tom Thumb, who gathers and gathers everything that strikes his sensitive curiosity. Then he shows us the new collaborations: The beloved lily flower, Lillu Arrùbiu, becomes a pattern on a wallpaper signed with Wall & Decò and then goes on to the porcelain for the table at Casa Marras. There are the Segni lamps, illustrated by hand for Servomuto and then the vases, unique pieces, for Galleria Rossella Colombari in collaboration with Marsiglialab. A child’s wonder rests on everything Antonio Marra’s eyes and heart knows how to filter through the world of adults.

fuorisalone 2022 fashion brands

In a Box by Arthur Arbesser, Triennale Milano

Courtesy Photo Arthur Arbesser

Arthur Arbesser imagine a thumbnail size, In a box, for his first home accessories and takes them to the rooms at the Triennale Milano. A chair, a coffee table, a set of modular containers that, if necessary, turn into shelves. All in laminate printed with the patterns of which it is a poetic and pop interpreter. They evoke the design experiences of the eighties collectives, between smooth shapes and well-defined angles; for those who love domestic irony.

fuorisalone 2022 fashion brands

Sunnei and Bloc Studios, Sunnei Building

Nicolò Panzeri

Matter and destruction exist side by side in Sunnei building. Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo play with a wooden set that has been deliberately destroyed, collapsed, to highlight the collaboration with Carrarese Bloc Studio. Marble for the table, both in the object itself and in the accessories to cover it, not as a style exercise, but as the desire to write a side of the dining room’s minimalism.

fuorisalone 2022 fashion brands

Modes Assemby, Piazza Risorgimento

Courtesy Photo

The modern banquet is also the theme of Fashion collection. The Gonzales Haase AAS architecture studio has designed a modular and degradable installation for the exterior of the store in Risorgimento square. Benches, small camp tents, a walkway, a support surface define the surroundings where one can enjoy the encounter with the other. The material chosen is metal, while the whole intervention is overcome by large reflective rubber boats, which emphasize and change the perception of space.

fuorisalone 2022 fashion brands

Courtesy Photo

Valextra bowl to design in via Manzoni 3 celebrates its incomparable Tric Trac. A masterpiece of leather goods made in Italy, it has become the symbol of one generation, the coolest, the beat, and the object of desire for the next, Z.

fuorisalone 2022 fashion brands

Toogood and Carhartt WIP, Spazio Maiocchi

t-space study

By Maiocchi place, Toogood and Carhartt WIP they install giants wearing a capsule collection signed by four hands, a fusion between functional workwear and the avant-garde formalism typical of both identities. To be comfortable, a limited series of buffers in glazed ceramic.

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On the road Santa Ceciliaguest at Boffi | From Paduawe find Paul Smith. His everyday life is a tribute to the domestic simplicity that translates into attention to detail. Sofas, armchairs and coffee tables are the linear, comfortable, elegant we already know; the inevitable joy of the designer’s color palette is added.

fuorisalone 2022 fashion brands

Zig Zag by Gerrit Rietveld with One Block Down and Cassina, Rinascente

Courtesy Photo

We got a glimpse of it at the beginning of our trip, we find it elaborated and the main character in a monumental installation on the sixth floor of the parking lot. Rinascente, is the Zig Zag chair by Gerrit Rietveld. They celebrated it One Block Down and Cassina, which covers it with aluminum to give it new dimensions without changing its original shape. Limited edition, throughout the duration of FuoriSalone, the thirty pieces remain together in the form of pyramid, totem and guardian to keep an eye on the success of the event.

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