From technology to fiction, from poetry to children’s workshops, the surprises from the Passaggi Festival

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Fano 11/06/2022 – Passaggi Festival will not only live in the central square of Fano with the big popular names in non-fiction and non-fiction: after the opening on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June in San Costanzo, a hilly village ten minutes away from Fano, with the novels of Andrea Delogu, Veronica Pivetti, Iva Zanicchi and Catena Fiorello, the wise men will return as protagonists of the fifteenth-century Benedictine monastery in the historic center of Fano.

High-level reviews for curious and attentive readers, such as the one at 19.00, curated by the young guru in performance marketing and AI, Paolo Dello Vicario, who deals with the delicate relationship between artificial intelligence, technology and human life, with authors such as . as Guido Scorza (20/6), lawyer and member of the Guarantee of Personal Data; Franciscan Paolo Benanti (21/6), professor at the Papal Gregorian University and one of the leading experts in the world of bioethics; Massimo Canducci (22/6), Head of Innovation at Engineering Group; with them also the interviewers Fiamma Goretti and Filippo Rosati. 19:00, from 23 to 26 June, will instead be dedicated to books that talk about the environment, psycho-physical well-being, sports (Paola Turroni on women’s stories and environmental defense; Maurizio and Sandro Di Massimo with yoga for age). well; Alberto Grandi with the history of the snow; Olympian Alex Schwazer with his story of fall and rebirth).

From Monday the 20th to Saturday the 25th again in the Monastery at 21.00 the agreement with art with Rebecca Pedrazzi and Giacomo Pigliapoco on art and artificial intelligence will play (20/6); Lorenzo Belli, Ilaria Perlini and Francesca Bottacini on Nordic art in the province of Pesaro and Urbino (21/6); Matteo Riccomini and Ivan Antognozzi at the art market (22/6); Enrico Maria Dal Pozzolo and Anna Maria Ambrosini Massari on Lorenzo Lotto (23/6); Attilio Brilli and Marta Paraventi (curator of the review) on the eternal myth of Venus (24/6); Gloria Fossi and Giuseppe Capriotti about the hidden riddles in art.

The period from 22.00 to 23.00 will be dedicated to philosophy. The curator of the exhibition, the philosopher and journalist Armando Massarenti, will speak with Mauro Bonazzi (21/6), Maurizio Ferraris (23/6), Roberto Casati (25/6); Alessandro Paolucci (@God on twitter) and Michele Binotti (22/6) and Michele Gerace and Silvia Andreoli (24/6) complete the program.

In the last appointment at the Monastery, under the starry sky at 23:00, we will talk about science, in the review curated by the Rector of the University of Camerino, Claudio Pettinari. It begins (20/6) with the intergalactic journey, where the famous astrophysicist Luca Perri will lead us together with Egizia Marzocco from Unicam, we will then discover how the first Olivetti computer was invented together with Ciaj Rocchi and Matteo Demonte (21 / 6) interviewed by the scientific popularizer Massimiliano Trevisan; We will therefore address a very thorny topic with the professor of bioethics at the University of Florence Matteo Galletti and Pettinari (22/6) Can one be forced to become good, perhaps with a pill? It continues with Daniele Scaglione (23/6), trainer and collaborator for Radio 3, who with her “More idiots than dinosaurs” will bring a parent’s point of view on climate change and will speak with Phosphorus director Mattia Crivellini. In the last two meetings, geophysicist Enrico Bonatti and Unicam physicist Flavio Travasso (24/6) will make us discover quarks and galaxies, while CNR scientist Giovanni Sebastiani (25/6) will make us discover his mathematics for each day.

Next to the monastery is the Montanari Mediateca, where the Passaggi Festival has for some years placed activities for children. Curated by Maddalena Palestrini, the 0-18 year old workshops are back (free, with reservation required at made by Unicam, Born to Read, Born to Music, Fish ArtLab of Pesaro, Brown Dwarfs of Ancona, Omero Tactile Museum of Ancona, Phosphorus Science Festival of Senigallia, Frolla Microbiscottificio of Osimo and Stefania Schiaroli. For children and teenagers, there are also two book reviews, the first is “Piccoli asSaggi, essays to grow up”, edited by Valeria Patrignani, head of library services in Fano municipality. Four meetings are scheduled: Chiara and Davide Morosinotto (20/6), Valeria Cigliola and Elisabetta Morosini (24/6), Bruna Cases and Federica Seneghini (25/6) and Vanessa Roghi (26/6, 9.30). The second review, “Ask Why”, is curated by the expert in philosophical practice with children Ippolita Bonci Del Bene and combines a workshop activity with the presentation of the book: Roberta Angeletti (21/6), Daniele Aristarco (22/6), Paolina Barucchello and Andrea Rivola (23/6).

Also in the historic center, Passaggi’s second seat is the scenic Church of San Francesco: here has foreign fiction, poetry, non-fiction, plays, magazines and local publishing and finally thrillers their home.

First appointment at 18: books on the territory of BCC Fanos (23/6) with Romualdo Rondina and Massimo Foghetti, the magazine Vitruvius (24/6) with Lella Mazzoli, Dino Zacchilli, Oscar Mei and Roberto Marcucci; Cosima Buccoliero and Serena Uccello with an essay on the open prison (25/6), Feltrinelli magazine “Under the volcano” with Marino Sinibaldi and Elisabetta Stefanelli (26/6).

The appointments at 19 are with essays: the former director of Bankitalia and today BCE member Fabio Panetta will discuss with Corsera journalist Federico Fubini the present and the future of money in the digital age (20/6), Giacomo Gabellini will talk about Monroe Doctrine with Giacomo Losurdo (21/6), Guia Soncini will talk to Flavia Fratello about the new exhibitionisms (22/6), Vincenzo Spadafora will tell Giorgio Santelli about his life experience in politics (23/6), Marilù Oliva will let us discover, together with Carolina Iacucci, The Aeneid from Didone’s Viewpoint (25/6), Finally, Actress Federica Rosellini (Ubu Award for Theater) and Campiello Award, Giulia Caminito, will present “Carne blu. Study on” An Orlando “”.

The hour of poetry will be at 9 pm with the review “Passaggi diVersi” curated by Fabrizio Lombardo. Guests will be Anna Franceschini and Alessandra Carnaroli, who will speak with Marco Ferri and Lombardo (20/6), the poets from the Italian Switzerland Fabiano Alborghetti and Laura di Corcia with Milena Magnani (21/6), one of the best known names of European poetic scene, Valerio Magrelli (22/6), Antonio Riccardi and Vincenzo Bagnoli (23/6). The final night of the poem will be with the finale of the Fortini Prize and the announcement of the winner.

For the fourth year, the open-air church San Francesco hosts the story of “Europe / Mediterranean.” It begins (20/6 at 11pm) with a story of pain and rebirth through the music of Ukrainian Yigal Leykin, who will discuss it with Anna Lattanzi, literary critic and coordinator of Scuola Passaggi. It continues (22/6, 23:00) with the Albanian Anilda Ibrahimi and her “I would be Madame Bovary” (Einaudi) or the possibility of overthrowing many stereotypes about women through an ironic sentimental education. A secret revealed on live radio will instead be the theme for the presentation of the book by Hungarian Tamás Gyurkovics (23/6 at 11pm). Tom Kuka, aka Simple Demi, a very popular Albanian journalist, winner of the European Union Literature Prize with his novel “Flama” returns on Saturday 25 June (21.00); at 23 the same day, an author with extraordinary sensitivity, Mimoza Hysa will present her latest intriguing novel with a psychological background and unexpected implications taking place under Albanian dictatorial rule.

Two agreements with the theater, both at 23:00: the first Tuesday the 21st on the occasion of the European Music Festival with “Tra le lines by the Beatles. Music and readings” with the policeman and expert of the Liverpool quartet Paolo Molinelli, Francesco Belfiori and Andrea Celidoni (preceded by Pelagio D’Afro, Stefania Ricci and Fabio Manini, who will present the cartoon “Here Comes the Sun”). The second appointment (24/6) will look at San Francesco one of the masters of Italian film and television, Leandro Castellani, Leone d’Oro in Venice, who will instruct the actors Maria Flora Giammarioli and Pietro Conversano in reading letters from Oriana Fallaci to Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Finally, there are two nightly meetings: the meetings in “Giallo at midnight”, with Michele Catozzi and his commissioner Aldani (24/6), accompanied by the director of the Oliverian Institutes of Pesaro, Brunella Paolini, and with Giorgio Santelli, author of an environmental detective (25/6), which she will present together with Andreina Bruno.

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