Franceschini and Zingaretti at Maxxi to reward 62 projects of

Culture: Franceschini and Zingaretti at Maxxi to reward 62 projects to improve cultural sites, homes and historic gardens in Lazio –

Culture: Franceschini and Zingaretti at Maxxi to reward 62 projects to improve cultural sites, homes and historic gardens in Lazio

MAXXI – The National Museum of XXI Century Art in Rome, hosted DIAMO LUOGO ALLA CULTURA, an award ceremony for the 62 winners of the 2021 Calls for the Improvement of Cultural Sites and Historic Homes and Gardens in Lazio. The event was attended by the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini, the President of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti, the President Lorenzo Sciarrettas Delegate for Culture and Youth Policies, the President of the MAXXI Foundation Giovanna Melandri and the Regional Leader of the Cultural Heritage Improvement Area Sabrina Varroni

“The region continues in its commitment to promoting and protecting not only its architectural and artistic beauties – comments the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti – but also the many cultural centers in the area. A fundamental work done thanks to the great commitment of the cultural heritage area, the Regional Directorate for Culture and Creative Lazio In recent years, we have achieved great results with the redevelopment of many cultural sites in the areas of the provinces of Lazio with the allocation of a total of 9 million euros last year alone – 7.6 million euros for cultural sites and 1.4 million euros for historic houses and gardens. Important projects that will surely enrich this extraordinary beauty laboratory “.

For Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini: “Parks, gardens and museums, which have been rebuilt also thanks to these two measures implemented by the Lazio region, constitute just as many parts of the cultural revival of the territory, the authentic cornerstone of the sustainable and harmonious growth of society Congratulations to the many administrators who believed in these projects with lasting investments that are able to strengthen the reference cultural heritage “.

During the event, the 30 new redevelopment and restoration projects of cultural, historical and artistic sites were awarded, such as museums, historical archives, libraries, archeological sites and parks and monumental complexes of enormous value funded by the 2021 Public Relation for the Improvement of Lazio Cultural Sites. Each recipient, owners of the structures, but also both public and private managers, were able to achieve up to a maximum of 300 thousand euros. The winners will be able to use the funds for different types of interventions: maintenance, improvement of accessibility and user-friendliness, support for the development of digital technologies, construction technology, restoration but also interventions of contemporary art to be performed within the cultural sites.

The 32 historic houses, accredited in the regional network, were also rewarded whose projects were the winners of the Public Order in 2021 on the improvement of homes, villas, architectural complexes, parks and gardens of historical and cultural value in Lazio. The owners or managers of the assets will receive contributions of up to 50 thousand euros for restoration work, general maintenance and security measures that are able to improve their availability and usability.

The event was also an opportunity to recreate some virtuous experiences among the interventions carried out in connection with the two postings. For the announcement of Cultural Sites, the Mayor of Latina, Damiano Coletta, MAXXI told the public about the project of the Duilio Cambellotti Civic Museum, winner of the 2019 edition, and transformed into a central pole of the city’s cultural life with a completely renovated structure inaugurated on July 31, 2021; Enrico Pittiglio, Mayor of San Donato Val di Comino, in the province of Frosinone, also spoke and spoke about the new museum of the twentieth century and the Shoah, which will be inaugurated next June 18 thanks to the redevelopment and reorganization of the rooms of the former City Hall funded with the 2020 edition of the executive order.

For the Communication on the Improvement of Historic Homes and Gardens, Rocca Sinibalda Castle (RI) was discussed with Enrico Pozzi, legal representative of the property owner, who presented to the public the results of the interventions funded by the funds. achieved with the 2018 edition of the call; also presents Emiliano Carnà, President of the Valle del Treja Regional Natural Park, who illustrated the fruits of the restoration and maintenance work of the Mola di Monte Gelato in Mazzano Romano (RM) and the building work of the Anguillara Baronial Palace in Calcata (VT), funded as part of The 2019 edition of the executive order.

The day ended with President Zingaretti handing over the plates to the representatives of the 62 winning projects.

Public announcement 2021 to improve the cultural sites of Lazio

For the province of Frosinone:

Falvaterra Municipality – The Natural Monument Caves in Falvaterra and Rio Obaco – “Immersive Caves”

Giuliano di Roma commune – Ernico volcanism museum

Ausonia municipality – Ausonia stone museum

Municipality of Pontecorvo – Museum of Agricultural and Popular Culture of Tobacco

Diocese of Frosinone – Diocesan Museum of Ferentino

Sant’Elia Fiumerapido Municipality – Sant’Elia Fiumerapido Municipal Library

Municipality of Fiuggi – Municipal library in Fiuggi Municipality

Commune Ferentino – “A. Giorgi”

Municipality of Villa Latina – Bagpipe Museum

For the province of Latina:

Riviera di Ulisse Regional Park Authority – Roman Port of Gianola, Formia (LT)

Minturno Municipality – “Luigi Raus” Municipal Library

Priverno Municipality – Priverno Archaeological Museum

Terracina municipality – “Adriano Olivetti” municipal library

For the province of Rome:

Municipality of Palestrina – Monumental archeological site in Barberini Park in Palestrina

Municipality of Mazzano Romano – Virtual Archaeological Museum of Narce – MAVNA

Music Study Center “Stone Towers” – Saxophone Museum

Municipality of Monte Porzio Catone – Archaeological complex by Barco Borghese

Commune Sant’Angelo Romano – Orsini Slot – Cesi

Municipality Torrita Tiberina – Municipal library / historical archive – municipal and school library

Vicovaro Municipality – Monumental complex of the hermits of San Benedetto and the ancient Roman aqueducts

For the province of Rieti:

Magliano Sabina commune – Civic Archaeological Museum

Municipality of Monteleone Sabino – “Trebula Mutuesca” archeological site

Montenero Sabino municipality – Orsini Castle

Castel Sant’Angelo municipality – “Terme di Tito” archeological site

Vacone Municipality – Vacone Municipal Library

For the province of Viterbo:

Capranica municipality – New civic center “Piersanti Mattarella”

Vignanello municipality – “diVINO” wine museum in the Cimini hills

Graffignano Municipality – Baglioni Castle

Nepi municipality – monumental complex “Forte dei Borgia”

Municipality of Vetralla – Monumental complex of the Church of Santa Maria in Foro Cassio

Public announcement 2021 for the improvement of homes, villas, architectural complexes, parks and gardens of historical and cultural value in Lazio

For the province of Frosinone:

Succorte Castle (Liri Fountain)

Park of the fortress Torre Colonna (Serrone)

Iseo Palace (Anagni)

Cantelmo Doges Palace (Atina)

For the province of Latina:

Ninfa City Hall (Cisterna di Latina)

Former Convent of the Poor Clares (Sezze)

Medieval Castle (Itri)

For the province of Rome:

Orsini Baronial Palace (Anguillara Sabazia)

Villa De Pisa, Civic Art Museum (Olevano Romano)

Cardinal Villa (Rocca di Papa)

Innocenziano College (Rome)

Villa Versaglia (Formello)

Park of Villa Sciarra, formerly Villa Belpoggio (Frascati)

Palazzo Doria Pamphilj (Valmontone)

Spazio Colleferro Architectural Complex, Formerly Paolo Parodi Delfino Institute (Colleferro)

Villa Morani (Arsoli)

Torre and Pietra Castle (Fiumicino)

Abbey Castle (Civitella San Paolo)

Barberini Palace (Palestine)

Caccia Canali Palace (Sant’Oreste)

For the province of Viterbo:

Palazzo Farnese (Latera)

City Hall (Nepi)

Palazzo Cecchini Bisoni (Proceno)

Villa Savorelli (Sutri)

Villa Bruschi Falgari (Tarquinia)

Palazzo Farnese (Valentano)

The gardens of the Rocca dei Papi complex (Montefiascone)

The ancient city of Castro (Ischia di Castro)

Municipal villa / lawn garden (Viterbo)

Palazzo Chigi Albani (Soriano nel Cimino)

Guido Ascanio Sforza Palace (Proceno)

Giulia Farnese Castle (Carbognano)

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