Ferrari 296 GTB wins Car Design Award 2022

Flavio Manzoni can rejoice because Ferrari 296 GTB won Car Design Award 2022imposes itself among “Production carsThus, the Sardinian designer scores another success for the style of his “prancing horse” cars. The 6-cylinder hybrid “red” went to the award established in 1984 by Auto & Design, which enjoys great and well-deserved fame. Some. considers it the Oscar for world car design.

Ferrari 296 GTB: beauty queen

The awarding of the prestigious trophy won by the Maranello supercar took place yesterday in Milan, atADI Design Museumbelow Milano Design Week. This is the reason for the recognition:

“Creating such a beautiful and organic shape in accordance with all applicable rules while equipping the car with top-level technology and performance is truly impressive. The influence of the legendary sports racing cars of the 1960s can be found in the Ferrari 296 GTB and the end result is a fantastic contemporary interpretation of a classical design language ”.

Behind the sports car for “the striding horse”, among the “Production Cars”, ex aequo was placed in second place, DS 4 and Lotus Eletre, the controversial electric SUV of the English brand. The third step on the podium for Volkswagen is ID.Buzz. Other awards went to the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV and the Polestar team, which won the Car Design Award in the “Concept Cars” and “Brand Design Language” categories, respectively. The winners’ trophies were created by Brembo, with unique expressive connotations, inspired by a technical innovation from the Bergamo brand.

This is not the first time for Ferrari

ferrari 296 gtb silver syracuse

The Maranello House had already in 2020 won the Car Design Award for “Production Cars”, a category established in 2016. In that case, it was Rome that won. Now it’s the Ferrari 296 GTB’s turn to win the coveted recognition, awarded by a jury of specialists led by Silvia Baruffaldi, editor of Auto & Design.

Riccardo Balbo, Academic Director of the IED Group (European Institute of Design) also attended the award ceremony. These are his words: “IED shares the values ​​of the Car Design Award. A school’s mandate is actually to educate designers who understand and anticipate the needs of brands, as well as to offer brands the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the training system.

A modern jewel called the 296 GTB

Ferrari 296 GTB

Produced from 2021, this “red” has taken the place of F8 tribute, compared to which it offers 2 fewer cylinders, but a further improved performance picture. Powered by a twin-turbo V6 with 2992 cubic centimeters of displacement, which provides 663 horsepower at 8000 rpm, enjoys the extra energy of an electric motor, which puts an additional 167 horsepower on the plate. This results in an overall maximum effect on 830 horsesexpressed with breathtaking melodies, sometimes similar to those in V12.

Performance is the benchmark in its category with acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds and from 0 to 200 km / h in 7.3 seconds. The speed peak enters the territory at 330 km / h. The road behavior is extraordinary, thanks to the optimal weight balance, the finesse of the setup, the driving precision, the aerodynamic efficiency, the perfect balance between the components. The angle of 120 degrees between the two motor banks contributed to the lowering of the center of gravity, with pleasing consequences for handling.

Braking is also excellent: suffice it to say that the Ferrari 296 GTB only needs 107 meters to stop its race from 200 km / h. The credit goes to the braking system, of the type brake-for-wire, with 398 mm discs at the front and 360 mm at the rear. We talk about the best in class in every way. Its specific power, at 221 horsepower / liter, places it in the absolute top among standard six-cylinder cars (limited editions are excluded). Also available in the GTS version, this car can, in both declensions, be selected with the Assetto Fiorano, even more performance-oriented.

Jury for Car Design Award 2022

The car design award
AiA – Aequilibrium palazzetto Wanny 2022

The process of selecting the models and design groups that won the important award was led by a qualified jury, consisting of experts and journalists from major international car magazines. These are the members of the Commission:

Silvia Baruffaldi (Auto & Design, Italy)
Luca Ciferri (Automotive News Europe, EU)
Juan Carlos Payo Calderon (Autopista, Spain)
Dhruv Behl (AutoX, India)
Tetsuya Kato (Car Graphic, Japan)
Stéphane Meunier (L’Automobile Magazine, France)
Jun Miao (MJ CarShow, China)
Paulo Campo Grande (Quatro Rodas, Brazil)
Michael Köckritz (Ramp, Germany)
Kibeom Kim (Roadtest, Korea)
Andy Franklin (Top Gear, UK)

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