England and Italy will not be harmed

It would never ever be a rematch, but also tonight Italy managed to keep up with England. No goal, though a fun matchwith Mancini confidently watching new blue laneor.

Southgate and Mancini, disturbed teams

There is still England on the way to the Azzurri after July 11th. But it is not played at Wembley, but al Molineaux from Wolverhampton. Many changes for Roberto Mancini in the match against the English, but also for the British coach. Nine changes to Azzurri in relation to the Cesena match against Hungary. In front of Donnarumma, completely changes the defensive structure with Di Lorenzo and Dimarco outside, Gatti and Acerbi in the middle. In the middle we see Frattesi with Locatelli and Tonali. Scamacca is back in the front line centerforward with Pessina on the right and Lorenzo Pellegrini on the left. Southgate (4-2-1-3), trusted on the front line Romanist Tammy Abraham, accompanied by Sterling and Grealish, Mount to finish for the attackers. In between Rice and Ward-Prowse. Behind James and Trippier on the outer defense, in the middle Maguire and AC Milan player Tomori in front of Ramsdale. Race entrusted to the leadership of the Polish Szymon Marciniak. It is played behind closed doors due to the disqualification that UEFA has imposed on the English national team after the episodes of violence in the European Championship final. Deserted stadium with only 1500 children accompanied, which made the challenge less sad.

Two chances for each side: at the break it is 0-0

There is no pressure from the European final, and the result is an extremely entertaining first half, played openly and without tactics. England and Italy do not spare each other, what was missing was only the goal. Mancini’s position, in those first forty-five minutes, it pays off, with a team of many midfielders, with the two external strikers, Pessina and Lorenzo Pellegrini, to sink into the non-possession phase on the median line. More ball for the English, though Italy has always answered blow by blow, touches the target in a few cases. First with Frattesi using an assist to the kiss of an enlightened Pellegrini to present himself only in front of the English goalkeeper, but he opened too much at the far post with the ball slipping out of nowhere. So a nice one verticalization of Locatelli for Di Lorenzo that from behind he laid back in the middle, the veil of Pellegrini and the ball to the very lonely Tonali, who hit with a safe shot cross on the far post, but hit the English goalkeeper. Finally, Scamacca also tried, shot on the fly, the ball in the basket. Twice also for the English, the first on a wrongful release of Donnarumma that triggered Abraham, but Locatelli was good at getting in the way of the Roma player and not letting him kick. Then the crossbar hit Mount after an assist from Sterling. Good pace throughout the first half and as mentioned it did not lack the fun. By appeal, only the goal. A good national team from a tactical point of view. C.men ambitions, but the substance is there.

No flicker, it ends 0-0

It does not change the music in the recording, with two strong-willed teams playing on equal terms. Sterling pampers a step away from the blue door. He tries to pressure the English team, but Italy are there, they are careful and play with judgment and tactical wisdom. Pellegrini still lit up with the ball at the far post, Di Lorenzo closing in extremis in the corner. Double shift to Mancini who replaces Gnonto and Esposito for Locatelli and Pellegrini, and triple change also for Southgate: out of Abraham, Rise and Mount, in Kane, Phillips and Bowen. Blink from Gnonto, on the right, ball on the outside of the net. All twenty left, with England and Italy just in total. So Mancini rebuilds the first line and inserts Raspadori to Scamacca. Sterling also out in English, in Saka. The stopwatch beats the minutes quickly and finally, now very few of them are missing with England and Italy, who have spent a lot, the pace slows down and the fatigue begins to be felt. The last two changes for Mancini at the sunset of the match: inside Cristante and Florenzi, outside, Pessina and Dimarco. Three of recovery where virtually nothing happens. It ends, as it began, with a raffle confirming the Azzurri’s technical and mental progress. The team, albeit on an experimental basis, seems to have metabolized Roberto Mancini’s ideas. Many interpreters were missing, but in spite of everything, even Young Italy tonightproved that the material is there. And there is also plenty of time to work on it.

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