Culture? Cosenza today is just a “fry and eat” town

How to start over? How to pick up the thread in specific conversations? It’s not easy, it’s definitely not easy. The emptiness of cinemas and the difficulties of theaters prove this.
After almost three years of isolation, after months and months of loneliness and surrogate encounters how to strengthen the desire for music, acting, collective listening to feel a tension that belongs to everyone?

Being together, listening, meeting again while all the negative pre-pandemic is still present and alive, even worse. So where is a possible start? Dialect poetry and its poets become a sure reference because “the speaker is close to the poet”, as Pasolini wrote in an enlightened essay on dialectal poetry from the 10th century in 1948.

The entrance to the Civic Library on piazza XV marzo, seat of Cosentina Academy

Therefore Civicamica he proposed to Thirteen channels for June 7 one evening, with the attachment of Giuliani Fondenan evening of poetry reading in dialect, just to find out if a beginning was still possible in a city where the cultural offer in its public institutions appears degraded, desperate, with closed or almost closed theaters, where the offer of music and opera is delegated at the initiative of individuals or associations (it is a blessing that this happens), young people and young people only need cinemas for performances of films with special effects of wars and massacres, as if to confirm the obscene reality of war to which one is addicted: As a result of such a devastating circumstance, the Library has been closed for three years, the last employees unpaid for 45 months, its board repressed by a mountain of debt, with a faint hint of Cipe funding.

Old accents evoke Padula, Ciardullo, Buttitta

So three associations are mobilized, if common intentions agree an applicationa time, the place: the miracle of a twilight takes place in the garden of the monumental complex San Domenico, where old accents speak of neighborhood, of poverty and wealth, of emigration of injustice and loneliness. The verses entrusted to the voices of the members of the The thirteen channelspoets themselves and good speakers who respect the pronunciation of the phonetic richness that the Calabrian “spoken words” have delivered over the centuries.

The public is numerous, enjoying in the garden’s cool unpublished sounds leading to distant childhood or to sounds from districts and neighborhoods now abandoned and almost desertedbut magic is gaining attention, consolidating knowledge of well-known verses such as those of i.a. Bendicenti, Padula, Ciardullo and Paneas well as Neapolitan poets el Throw it away with the mighty Littra to a German mother. Perfect evening, nothing to say? Let’s go home quiet in the heart and saturated with atmospheres of grace and bon ton? But it does not pass me by more in capu! But not for a moment.

Culture in Cosenza? All “rose and eat”

The indignation is rising and flowing over how Cosenza’s fate has been reduced, a “fry and eat” town since 2017, which visiting Tuscan friendswhen they found themselves wrapped in one fog of smoke between piazza 11 and piazza dei Bruzi: It was certainly on December 23, and what happens to paraphrase Mozart is well known.

There public cultural proposals in this city have not existed for a long time: from what went on as a major event “The Soler Concert” in Piazza Bilottiin the statement of the then mayor, we read that the singer’s performance for New Year’s Eve “represents an important part of the overall program for relaunching the city in terms of image and visibility”, certainly another congruent boast was the sale of 10 thousand croissants at night to the oven on the square.

It is a pity, however, that at the same time there was a waiver of design for Fus, the relinquishment of the direct responsibility for Fix itdripping in the management of other theaters as well as delegation to the individual of the programming of seasons of prose, flattened to television standards for audience success.

Rendano Teatret

Fortunately, there are private entities, associations and foundations

It can not be said that the city’s cultural life has been able to register a public address as determined by law; that the municipality has an educational task, as well as for other local authorities, is confirmed by a regulatory apparatus based on our charter, also present in the statutes of the bodies themselves, obviously for those elected, in the hangover of victory goes in mind, and the mentioned task – the most important from antiquity – “exemplum” – is omitted.

The tight offer of the cultural offer has in recent years been in proposals from private bodies, associations and foundations, which with their own and often few funds presented a varied, broad, local and national panorama that demonstrates how many energies are present in the territory, how many thinking heads and many hopes to promote knowledge, participation, dissemination, taste for beauty and worship of what fascinates as art and science. Because this broad spectrum of activity and thought it does not attract the attention of those who are called to administer to propose a comprehensive program in this sense? It will be objected to me: There is no money, large productions are not possible.

Were the lights better than the Civic Library?

The piece is worse than the tears, the money was there, it was decided to use them in one way rather than another. Not to open the mind and alert the conscience, but to consolidate a homologation that confirms more and more who has and who has the power … Yes, still an ancient discourse, unfortunately always current. Speaking of choice, for example, it was decided to refuse the contribution to the Civic Library, as it considered it an unnecessary cost, while the lighting system was assessed as an urban decoration … Again to enhance the famous “visibility of the city”.

Palazzo dei Bruzi illuminated by the circles symbolizing the Occhiuto administration

The uncultivated city that does not like disagreement

It is clear that “Tata does not understand” as our well-known song says, he does not understand and will not understand, for he does not usually go to theaters, go to the cinema, read fiction or non-fiction books beyond the probable academic duty, does not accept comparisons on real data, intolerant of dissent , basically because he cultivates no passion other than power, for the sheer pleasure of exercising it for himself and for his very personal designs (hopefully only for these). Not what it serves to improve, but what is useful for me to favor, to get votes, to “cheat” the opponent etc etc … So it’s not just me who sees it, but it’s the common feeling of those who then participate in the agreements and find that the “chosen ones” are almost never there … Just to name one .

But “Oh, I die, I die, I die” we do not sing it, Tranquilli Lor Signori, we will always be on your crusts because someone in town, in Cosenza cares.
But while waiting to expand the discussion to the deeper causes of the deliberately cultivated homologation, a glimmer of hope emerges: the newly established government, after their own admission, faces very serious problems. At the moment, it shows signs of attention, albeit of some weakness (apart from the calls for the historic center and last-minute restoration of plans), but we can talk about this again, always with an angular eye, with no discounts for everyone.

Gilda De Caro

Civicamica President

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