Councilor Maisano greets the city: “In 5 years we have done a lot. Culture generates, creates “

That is how I want to greet and thank everyone, but everyone who mingled not with the Commissioner, but with the man.
Everything that has been done, everything that has been organized, has been generated by overcoming ideological superstructures.

The word, a powerful means, has crossed borders, united territories and souls, has become lingua cordis, created connections, built bridges and synergies.

The man, the man who greets you and thanks you has etymologically tried to interpret the meaning of “culture” colo-cultivate-generate-create.

I was a man before I was appointed, while respecting the institutional representation to a great extent. All this has been done. All this is substance and not just form. All that I’ve been. We’ve been all that.

Performance and programming Department of Culture, improvement of artistic and cultural heritage and right to study.

One month after the accession, an extraordinary event took place that started the work of this department by announcing the idea of ​​culture for the city: “The Night of Culture”, involving artists and actors inside the House of the “Leonida Repaci” culture, and more than 800 visitors.

A Cine celebration of the short film was also created with outstanding guests such as Fabio Mollo and other actors from national television.
There were also cultural events such as paper Sundays and Sundays at museums. The department has promoted “Libriamoci”, a national project involving city associations and schools that invite children to read through the interpretation of the texts.
In the first term, the first contacts were made with the Superintendentency and Metropolitan City for an evaluation of the management of Tauriani Park.

In February, the idea of ​​”STREET BOOK” was born, a complex format, structured in columns that see the involvement of neighborhoods, schools, local libraries, writers and writers, and cultural associations in the city. Street Book was born as a service and testifies above all to an idea of ​​common culture, open and operational, to make reading increasingly widespread and bring the public, especially those who are not used to meeting the book heritage of the municipal library and artistic heritage .. The street book project lasts a month and starts with books in the neighborhoods for free rent and the Street Book Party; a three or four day festival in the city.
On the occasion of the first reorganization of the House of Culture, especially of Pinacoteca: One wing was the framework of temporary exhibitions entitled: “Lineamenta”. The art gallery was the backdrop for book presentations and exhibitions sponsored by the Order of Architects and INARCH Sicily.

In September 2018, the agreement between Superintendentency, Metropolitan City and Palmi Municipality was born for the management of Tauriani Park: It has become a paradigm for the management of the other parks in Reggino, both on the Tyrrhenian and Ionian side.
In addition, the strong relations with the State Archives (detached part of Palmi), present in Casa della Cultura: exhibitions, conferences, presentation of books continued. All useful works that have made the culture house more and more active.

The second edition of StreetBook was held in February, with the news of the active involvement of elementary and middle schools in the city with comics and fiction competitions; the high schools Palmi and Oppido with the theater. Workshops were held from February to May and then arrived with the performances in the Street Book through a competition.
Also very important is the agreement with the UNICLA Department of Geosciences on the restoration of the busts of the Michele Guerrisi Art Gallery for 4 years. This project saw the presence of university students in our area who stayed for two weeks every two months.

Schools are increasingly involved in initiatives such as “I bring you to the park”, educational workshops to make Tauriani Park known, and also benefit from the excavations in the building for exhibitions. Park, which has been entrusted to expert associations in the sector.
To make the museums and cultural heritage known to the little ones, primary schools have been involved in the project “Let’s meet with Kulturhuset”.

The high schools were the main characters in theatrical workshops during the Christmas period through the involvement of professional actors.
Tariffs have also been set for the construction of semi-annual theater and music workshops inside the culture house.

In February, a major event at Modigliani involved speakers, musicians, dancers and then the multimedia installation of Pinacoteca.
With the spread of the pandemic, POODBOOK was born, recordings of texts for listening at home. One among all “The Little Prince”, which became teaching material for the fifth elementary school, under DAD.

Another event carried out in the pandemic is “With or without you”, an extraordinary column that led to the opening of a Youtube channel and a Street Book Facebook page. The guests at these online meetings were national artists like Pippo del Bono, TV2000 broadcast directors like Michele Sciancalepore and writers, critics, musicians to discuss the difficulties due to Covid.
LIBROMOBILE, the book service for home delivery, was then activated and is still in operation.

In the summer, with Street Book Summer, a month was held with meetings, exhibitions, concerts and projects that developed the concept of synergy between assets. This is an essential element for the development of our artistic heritage (events between the House of Culture and the Taurian Park, associated with common themes).

Also in 2020, a loan of € 10,000 was obtained from MIBAC for the purchase of new books.

IV Street Book edition involving 200 children from the city’s primary schools and from five high schools in the capital city as well as national guests and libraries from the suburban area.

Work continued with the new installation of Pinacoteca, the Library with the construction of a reading room and plaster cast gallery.
Cultural events and exhibitions continued while the drafting of a statute for the creation of a Francesco Cilea Foundation is underway.

The € 1,000,000 loan project for Taurean Park was also promoted.

It was held, on the occasion of the 1st absolute edition of FAI SPRING DAYS, with the House of Culture as the operational and central headquarters, which also saw the inauguration of the new installations of Pinacoteca and Library.

The 5th Street Book Edition has also just concluded, which is becoming a festival at the national level, with 18 extraordinary guests in 4 days: Campiello Prizes, Strega Prize Finalists, National and Regional Rai Journalists and over 3000 books on Street Book at the fair.

The Cultural Council in Palmi municipality
Wladimiro Maisano

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