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We need to network with Mayor Natale (in the picture) and put pressure because the region makes a law on amnesty / partial compensation for the victims of the Casalesi clan / not all houses can be demolished: it is absurd, illogical and uncivilized.

There will be 6000 displaced people in the city with buildings dating back to the 80s: Mayor Natale a Draghi: “Help us … a sentence defines Casale as a reality to be compensated”

The city of Casal di Principe left to itself. The supports do not reach, nor do the promises.

It is a request for help, but also an indictment, the long letter that Mayor Renato Natale addressed to Prime Minister Mario Draghi, to the ministers of his government and to the leaders of national parties as well as to parliamentarians.

In a municipality where there are no special restrictions – explained Natale – there are in a reality of about 22,000 inhabitants as many as 1300 dwellings that have been subject to demolition orders that have been issued within a few decades.

To this already heavy situation must be added about two hundred and fifty Yield procedures (register of executions), ie. additional demolition orders issued by the unit’s technical office for the execution of final judgments“.


It is, as explained, “of non-speculative constructions, but built to satisfy the right to a house of individual family groups, but without a regular authorization.

The scale of the phenomenon poses serious infrastructural, economic and social problems for society as a whole. I think it is pure hypocrisy to think that such a large amount of real estate can be demolished in a reasonable time.“.

Abuse must be punished, but a single municipality, as small as Casal di Principe, has no chance of being able to do it alone: ​​”To demolish all the illegal buildings, around 200 million euros with over 6,000 displaced people are needed, the need to dispose of over 30,000 cubic meters of remaining building material.

Even if the municipality cuts all expenses, even necessary, with an average of about 140,000 euros per. house, how many could be demolished in one year (two? Three? Five?) How quickly will we be able to complete the demolition of the house. one thousand three hundred illegal properties?

If the Municipality absurdly succeeds in demolishing five illegal properties a year, it will take about two and a half centuries to complete the work.“.

Natale remembers it “Casal di Principe was for at least three decades dominated by one of the most dangerous and powerful mafia gangs in Italy, known as Casalesi clan.

In this reality, for over 30 years, the only law to be respected was the will of the pro-temporal chief, while each construction meant further enrichment of the criminal families who controlled quarries, cement factories, land relocation, and labor.

If any citizen would ask for permission to build, he would have received a laugh in response and an invitation to build as he wanted, the important thing was to spend money on the cash register on the Camorra“.


In a verdict for a lawsuit in which the municipality had appeared as a civil party, the magistrate states: “The municipality of Casal di Principe must receive significant compensation for the negative consequences inflicted on its territory as a result of the existence of the Camorra associations.

This coterie has enjoyed almost military taxing power for decades and has completely destroyed the territory of the province of Caserta and especially the municipality of Casal di Principes.“.

Although it will therefore not be materially possible to demolish all the abusive homes, most of which will therefore remain in a kind of de facto amnestythe municipality, and thus society, will pay a huge price, including debt, cuts in services and social as well as environmental problems ».

It remembers Christmas too “As an administration, we have tried to develop proposals that also use the help of experts from university professors, such as the city planner Alberto Coppola.

I think – concludes – that a state that has left these territories in a decade of abandonment cannot today pretend that the problem does not exist, leaving only the mayors, who have also actually demonstrated the will to go legally and in the fight against all forms of crime, in a process of redemption of these lands“.

An initial response came from the Minister of the Southern Mara Carfagna, who announced measures to address the problem.

To confirm that they will not be, once again, just promising.

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