Trips or weekends by boat with children

Trips or weekends on a boat with children: tips and ideas for tackling a holiday on a sailboat or catamaran with your children

Trips or weekends by boat with children

Organizing family vacations always requires organization and a little advance, and with all the variables to consider in times of Covid, many ideas are discarded. Today we offer you an alternative that you may not have considered yet: trips or weekends by boat with children!

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Why choose trips or weekends on a boat with children

European capitals, long-haul flights, exotic islands, family hotels in the mountains or the Romagna Riviera: Now you have tried them all and are looking for something different that will give you a unique and unforgettable experience. To do trips or weekends by boat with children may be right for you because not only do you want to live moments that you will always remember, but because life on a boat trains team spirit, is adventurous and learns a lot! People like it adults and ai childrenwho tries something completely new and experiences the excitement of being part of it sea.

Weekend on boat, ideas and advice

If you are not garden experts but if you want to try this experience, you can contact one of the many agencies that arrange two or three day cruises. How do they work? Usually rent a boat sailingcomplete by skipper, with or without other families, and choose the destination that suits you best: the French Riviera, the Italian islands, Corsica, the possibilities in Italy are many. In the days of navigationBesides enjoy the sea and the sunyou can learn the rudiments of navigation and become a little skipper.

On the Sailsquare page, for example, you will find collections of many offers from weekend on a sailboatto enjoy the sea, learn the rules of the boat or relax without thinking about anything.

Boat trips with children

THAT boat trips instead, they are the right cruises. But if you are not interested in classic cruises, with thousands of other people, you can choose the same formula, namely to buy a package with skipperon sailboat or catamaran, and set out to discover magical places. From Italy you can go as far as France or Croatia, you can spot whales with WWF or choose yoga or wellness packages for it all family. Contact a specialized agency if you want to organize one vacation of this type and you have no experience!

Tips for sailing with children

But what to consider when deciding take a vacation or a weekend on a sailboat with their children? Even if you do not need any special preparation, it is always better to leave nothing to chance!

For example, make sure no one suffers seasickness: if that happened then the holiday would be a disaster. At the pharmacy they are available antiemetics which can prevent disease, even for children, but create drowsiness.

First find out what type of trip you plan to do and what it entails, whether there will be stops on dry land if you risk finding bad weather, if you can spot whales, dolphins or other animals.

Buy clothing right: comfortable shoes, a windbreaker, a sun hat and sunscreen should never be missing, but also take something heavy because it can get cold on the boat.

Another point that is better to inquire about is food: If your children have special needs, first check the possibility of bringing what you need on board and be able to make it. Do not forget to bring one small first aid kitwith basic medicine, patches and sunscreen, although they are usually already on board.

And then books, fins, goggles, camera and everything else you need to relax, have fun and make your days on the boat unforgettable!

Do one trip or a weekend on a boat with children it is not an experience for everyone, it often has high costs and is suitable for those who do not suffer from seasickness. But if it suits you, it will be a real dream vacation that the little ones will always remember (and not just them!).

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