The quilt festival returns to the Laveno Mombello water workshops with exhibitions and workshops

Laveno Mombello

The American patchwork protagonist at Lake Maggiore with various opportunities to discover the technique behind this craft, even with experts

From 12 to 19 June 2022, under the auspices of the Municipality of Laveno Mombello, Lake Maggiore will be held at the Officine dell’Acqua QUILT Festival, where American patchwork will be the main character, that is, a craft of patches, through which, by combining different types of fabric, artifacts are created for the home, which, when padded and quilted, take the name “quilt”.

The art of patchwork is ancient, as any population from any part of the world has always combined pieces of fabric to “restore” products that are now “used” to transform them into new useful works. The artistic sense, culture, and habits then ensured that each population gave these artifacts their own “imprint,” thus creating styles such as the country one or the one consecrated by the Amish people.

“After the success last year – explains Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture, Tourism and Trade Mario Iodice – we are very pleased to sponsor an even richer and more articulate second edition conceived and designed by Francesca Miglierina, an enterprising businessman from Laveno. Textile art and culture are intertwined, and the joy of seeing wonderful artifacts on display at the Officine dell’Acqua will be accompanied by meetings and workshops dedicated to experts in the sector, to make our territory come alive again into a unique, original and quality event. ” .

A real exclusive delicacy will be the collection of Catherine and Jacques Légeret, unique in the world, as most of their duvets come from Amish and Mennonite families in the United States, whom they know personally or with whom they share activities during their many stays in community . On this occasion, about thirty Amish rugs are presented, and to complete the exhibition, there will also be some handicrafts.

Here is the program:
SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2022
11:00 inauguration of the Quilt Festival exhibition of 19th century Amish rugs and artifacts
In the presence of journalist Jacque Légeret
After living for some time in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with an Amish community, he wrote books on habits, lifestyle, and work. From the tree trunks of the Amish community, he has managed to obtain unique pieces of 19th century craftsmanship and exhibit them at international exhibitions. Some duvets from the collection will be exhibited on the premises of the Officine dell’Acqua.

TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2022
Textile workshop with Ramona Conconi
Textile serigraphy in the style of Andy Warhol
Each one, after making a personal serigraphy frame, will continue with the technique on colored fabrics. The works will be gathered in a quilt, whereupon we move on to modern style quilting and finishing in the Textile Art style.

Workshop with Francesca Miglierina
By breaking down blocks and reassembling them, a “colorful garden” will be created. Everyone wants a set of fabrics at their disposal to be assembled according to a “fun and creative” technique. We make a 50 x 110 Runner.

FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2022
Day off
Opportunity to visit the MIDEC International Museum of Ceramic Design in
Cerro di Laveno
On this occasion, visit the exhibition of LEONOR FINI’s works – Secret.

Conference day open to the public
10.00 will Dr. CUCITO, born Federico Errati from Mantua, teach you how to “keep your sewing machine healthy” and how to make the most of its possibilities
12.00 Elena Destro by Aurifil Thread
Italian company leader in the production of high-quality cotton yarn, will be available to show the public the development process of a product that in the United States is among the leaders in the ranking of consumption in the field of sewing for patchwork and textile art.

14.30 AMISH, A COMMUNITY WITHOUT TIME by Jaques Légeret. The author will tell us about his experience among the Amish community, and through a guided tour of the exhibition he will tell us about the history, religion, habits and craftsmanship of a people living in 2022 with the habits and style of the 19th century. …

Quilting day in Lake Maggiore
Gathering to sew in friendship and joy, an ancient patchwork art in Indian “Kawandi” style.
Overlays of colored fabrics, cut into small pieces that create unique pieces in the world.

For info and reservations Francesca Miglierina 329.4354820.

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