Tg School and Training, edition of June 10, 2022


The state exams have begun in 2022. The middle school students have already taken the written tests, while for the final exam there are still a few days left: The subject will take place throughout Italy on 22 June. During the rehearsals, students must wear masks, Lazio TAR clarified: the mask in the classroom will continue to be mandatory until 31 August. But Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi specified that candidates during the oral test would be able to ask the Commission presidents for permission to lower them. “The courses are beautiful – said Bianchi – and I ask the boys to take them with enthusiasm and think about them. Maturity is a passage you will forget the tracks, but you will remember that you have been together.” The Minister then invited the young people to spend the night before the exam ”with great attention, because you will always remember that. It is a crucial moment in your life. A passage to be lived with the fullness of this whole moment. Even with a little anxiety, it is part of the game, but above all, be confident in yourself, your companions and in all the staff who have followed you over the years ”.


Hot air ballooning and laughter. These are the scenes from the last day of school. Water, eggs, flour. The students greeted in this way the last bell of the year and celebrated, without masks, outside the squares and in front of the gates of the school. In Rome, most high schools have decided to organize the morning in a different way than usual. At ‘Morgagni’ and ‘Mamiani’ space for sports, with the finals of football and volleyball tournaments and the awarding of student-athletes. At ‘Cavour’ high school, everyone in the yard for a rock concert. Music also at ‘Giulio Cesare’ high school, with a unique guest: the former student from the Antonello Venditti school, who played two of his most famous songs for high school students: ‘Night before the exams’ and ‘Giulio Cesare’. “For one day we took back our freedom after two hard years,” says Dire Fulvio, a student from ‘Righi’ High School in Rome.


The final of the seventh edition of the Startupper School Academy, the Lazio region’s program that promotes entrepreneurship and creativity in Lazio’s colleges, was held in Rome, at the headquarters of Talent Garden Ostiense, created each year by Lazio Innova in collaboration with several partners. The award ceremony was attended by, among others: Paolo Orneli, Councilor for Economic Development, Trade and Crafts, Research, Start-up and Innovation in the Lazio Region; Nicola Tasco, President of Lazio Innova and Luigi Campitelli, Chief Operating Officer of Active Spaces of Lazio Innova. Startupper School Academy involved 108 schools, more than 5 thousand students and 253 teachers, for a total of 141 business projects and 20 prototypes built throughout the region. Extraordinary data that testify to the success of the initiative and the commitment of the students despite the problems caused by the pandemic. A team effort with the common goal of giving students innovative work tools and new opportunities and to support teamwork and inclusion that promotes the birth of young talent.


Use theatrical languages ​​and audiovisual media as tools to renew classroom teaching and to encourage girls and boys to participate more in class, to work in groups, and to develop the ability to solve creativity problems. This is the aim of the experimental project ‘United for the school’, launched in November last year at ten institutes in various Italian cities, the results of which were presented at the Palazzo dell’Istruzione by Minister Patrizio Bianchi together with the actresses Vittoria Puccini, president of ‘UNICA’ (National Union of Theater and Audiovisual Interpreters) and Paola Cortellesi. Purpose of the experiment: to use techniques and methods that characterize the cinema and theater work in the classroom, and make them valuable allies for an increasingly innovative teaching method. In other words, the project proposed a method to be used in an interdisciplinary way, which puts the student at the center and aims to activate each other’s creative resources. The education initiative was promoted by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, ‘Alice nella Città’, the Academy of Italian Cinema-David di Donatello Awards and UNITA, under the pedagogical supervision of the Centro PsicoPedagogico di Daniele Novara.

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