Secret Milan: 10 hidden places to discover instantly

Secret Milan: the guide to 10 hidden places by IfExperience

Museum houses, works of art that leave you breathless, forgotten places that just have to be dusted off to return to shine, or houses and private collections that are often inaccessible for which only they have the keys. We asked Daniela White And Filippo Cosmelli from IfExperience (which since 2006 has opened doors revealing a world to a few) to tell TO, on the occasion of Design Week, the 10 hidden places in Milan that everyone (Milanese and not) should know and – why not – see at least once in their lives. Must be marked immediately in the wish list.

1. Daverio Archive

Archvio Daverio. Lent by IF Image Database

A wonderful find is the private collection of Philippe Daverio, which he keeps in his home inside the former convent of Sant’Agostino Bianco, a kind of small museum among works of art, wonders and personal curiosities. In the courtyard of the monastery it is possible to admire the large fresco of the crucifixion of Donato Montorfano.

2. Venice Day Hotel

A secret jewel from Milan, the day hotel Porta Venezia, born in the 1920s as a place to rest from the fatigue of travel, was thought of as a kind of wellness center, where other services were also offered. It is located a few meters below the traffic on Piazza Oberdan and is attributed to Piero Portaluppi. Albergo Diurno Venezia is currently under useless conditions and is neither open to the public nor open to visitors. The reopening is expected to coincide with the inauguration of the future National Museum of Digital Art based in Diurno Venezia (which is not expected to happen until 2026).

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3. Play cycle by Palazzo Borromeo

Inde Borromeo Palace the extraordinary cycle of frescoes from the “Games” brings us back to Milan in the late 15th century. Here the elegance and richness of the clothes and hairstyles reveal the high social position of the Borromeo family through the charm of play and pastime in the young offspring.

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Bramante sacristy

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A gem of Bramante’s works in Milan is Sacristy inside the Santa Maria delle Grazie complexwhere you can find the architectural elements that determined the development of the style towards the flowering of the Renaissance.

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Cabinet with drawings of Brera

In the Drawing and Printing Cabinet Brera Art Gallery you can admire the Sola Busca and Brambilla tarotas, two very refined Visconti decks from late Gothic and Renaissance periods, among the oldest completely preserved, with a very special meaning, attached to an ancient aristocratic game and to the interpretation of symbols and arcana.

6. The Duomo’s archive

L ‘The Duomo’s archive it is a unique cultural site where documents produced by Veneranda Fabbrica have been preserved for over six hundred years: accounting notes, collections of drawings from later periods as well as a rich photographic archive; a material that makes it possible to reconstruct the path to the construction of the cathedral as well as to tell a precious story about the city.

7. De Store Ånders Gaard

Inside the Ambrosiana complex, there is the precious courtyard of the Magni Spirits, surrounded by classic loggias and Renaissance frescoes. The name, the quote of divine comedy, refers to the great souls of virtuous characters in history. Here in an ideal cenacle, cultural masters such as Plato, Dante Alighieri, Goethe and Shakespeareextraordinary personalities who have changed and enriched European civilization.

8. Diatreta Trivulzio – Archaeological Museum of Milan

A unique treasure kept in the Archaeological Museum is the diatreta Trivulzio from the name of its collector, a cup found in the eighteenth century, but dating back to the fourth century AD. An object of highly refined craftsmanship reserved for the imperial milieu of Milan.

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9. Tresoldi Studio, Battaglia Foundry

An itinerary to discover Milanese modern talents between inspiration and craftsmanship, from the private studio of Edoardo Tresoldian artist who plays with transparencies as an expressive tool to bring art into dialogue with the world, to Battaglia Foundry a laboratory that has maintained the ancient technique of lost wax casting of bronze.

10. Veneranda Fabrica del Duomo

A fascinating laboratory on the outskirts of Milan preserves the memory of the Duomo and dedicates itself to the “care” of its ornaments and statues. In the same complex there is also the “cemetery”, a place to find the disused statues of the church, which are gathered to create a suggestive physical archive.

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