Salone del Mobile 2022: between art and design

Right between the status of a work of art and the status of a functional object, the artifacts at the center of the group exhibitions we are talking about have in common that they test the limits of materials by proposing new uses.


Isia Faenza, Andrea Piffari forum

A procession of ceramic totems in the cathedral of Fabbrica del Vapore, where smoke once rose from the machines used to produce the Carminati Toselli trams. It is the heart of the exhibition with which ISIA of Faenza, one of the most interesting experiences in the panorama of Italian education, precisely for its ability to create design and artistic craft dialogue, presents the works of the students at the product and communication addresses. The 14 sculptures were created during a workshop conducted by the Neapolitan artist Diego Cibelli, as instructed boys and girls in the manipulation of ceramic material and even in the initial stage of the study of special mixtures suitable for the two forms of design required by the project: casting, for the “bodies” of the totem poles and in the plastic state, for the decorations. A book was also dedicated to Fabbrica ISIA Faenza, edited by the President Giovanna Cassese and by Director Maria Concetta Cossa.

Via Procaccini


Green Island

The atrium at Porta Garibaldi station will be a thriving park thanks to the 20th edition of Green Islandthe program for the improvement of urban green and sustainable design created on the initiative of Claudia Zanfi and His Landscape Atelier. Created specifically for the Vivaio Coccetti vegetation railway station, Florar Garden hosts the very delicate works of art by Antonella De Nisco, based on the interweaving of natural materials such as branches or wicker, the duo’s floral theme photos Bloom & Me and the hives for solitaire bees designed by Caracol and printed in 3D using polylactic acid or PLA, a bioplastic made from sugars of natural origin. This latest project is linked to a series of actions for the protection of bees, which have already been carried out during the previous editions of Green Island, for example with the construction of the first artist’s apiary in Milan (in 2015) and the organization of courses in urban beekeeping.

RFI station of Porta


The Dutch designer Sabine Marcelise OMA, the architectural studio founded by Rem Koolhas, present a collection of unique pieces created for SolidNature. Monumental Wonders is a project between art and design that seeks to pave the way for new uses of natural stone – show them their potential, staged with skill and with the aim of offering an immersive experience in the five rooms of the laundry in the former military. Baggio Hospital in Alcova. We therefore discover that a marble slab can become a bed – habitable, design OMA – and that a majestic pink onyx monolith can be used to bring to life the artistic installation of a bathroom that bears Marceli’s unmistakable features while a block of natural stone with a rough finish can even be converted into an electrical outlet (and guarantee the necessary electrical supply for the entire exhibition path).

Via Simone Saint-Bon 1

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