Rolling Stones, tour 2022 Madrid and Liverpool

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TO The miraculous Ernesto Assante told us about the tour in Rolling Stones that tonight they must play one Liverpool.

The concert in Madrid …

Fabio Canino: “Unfortunately due to work Ernesto is forced to go to see concerts, he wanted to stay home to watch Derrick rebroadcasts and he also went to see Rolling Stones to Madrid

Ernesto Assante: “Yes, I went to Madrid and I had a lot of fun. The old ones are still very smart and it’s still worth it to see them in concert.

… And the one in Liverpool

LaLaura: “Tonight, after 50 years who did not do it anymore, they want to play in Liverpool “

Ernesto Assante: “They go to the wolf cave as they say in these cases. I have to say the game is easy for them because I do Beatles they have not stood on the stage for a long time, they won the match by leaving the field Beatles VS Rolling Stones but I have to say that the rivalry between them has never been and I think tonight all the Beatles fans will be in Liverpool to see the “cousins” who are still around “

After years, we are still the same

LaLaura: “I remember when I was inside 1982 they played in the evening it World Championship and everyone already said it would be one of the last times they would see each other live! “

Ernesto Assante: “But there is no doubt! The beautiful thing is that now I say, who is much older than you: “heck, but they were very young!“. They seemed to us very old, in fact they were forty. But as Fabio will remember, the arrival of Punk had suddenly made everyone very old.”

Fabio Canino: “As you say in your article about the Madrid concert, you look around and see in the audience all people proud to have white hair and to dance and sing all their songs”

Ernesto Assante: “I found it the most beautiful of it all. To be at a Rolling Stones concert at a certain age is a choice of field, it does not mean to have given up, it still means to be what it was in the past despite the age and therefore when it leaves Get me started you have to move, even with arthritis “

The band’s ups and downs

LaLaura: “Mick Jagger under all these 60 years of career has it had many ups and downs, how did your bandmates experience it? “

Ernesto Assante: “Not very good, I have to tell the truth. They had very high ups and very low lows too. I remember the concerts in the darkest period, end 80s, which were difficult to carry. This primarily why? Because Jagger wanted to be a soloist, he wanted to go to more territories pop while Keith Richards he wanted to stay attached to blues as it always has been. They fought a lot and played together just to keep the cabin going, and it was very, very melancholy stuff. Instead, now they’re having fun, and it’s showing that they’ve found their balance. “

Fabio Canino: “During the pandemic, I presented a concert for Rai 1 at night, it organized by Lady Gaga where each artist performed from a different part of the world. As I watched the monitor, the Stones getting ready, the youngest of all, the others bored, sat … And they kept dancing, humming, joking with people, wonderful. “

Ernesto Assante: “And I have to tell you more: at the concert of Milano you will discover that there are two punk gentlemen on stage, who are Keith Richards and Ron Wood they play badly, they mess up, they do not care … they have fun “

The magical mystery tour of Assante and Castaldo

LaLaura: “With Gino Castaldo you organized “Magical Mystery Tour“Between Liverpool and London on the Beatles’ track “

Ernesto Assante: “Exactly, we become guides on the 60th anniversary of the Beatles’ first single Love me do and we take those who want with us to take the trip to historic sites. We go to the hospital where he was born John Lennon, the first club where they playedthe houses of McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison

Fabio Canino: “Pedestrian crossing off Abbey Road? “

Ernesto Assante: “Of course the Abbey Road crossing. I want to ask you to follow us because it’s worth it “

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