Pnrr and health. Technological culture as a professional challenge. The 22nd AIIC National Conference in Riccione

Over two thousand participants are expected for the most important national health technology event. At the heart of the work are cybersecurity, medical apps, dialogue with citizens and clinicians, bioengineering and HTA applications.

10 JUN

It has for years been the event par excellence for those involved in healthcare technologies, and this year with a “challenging” title confirms that it is an inevitable event: The XXII National Conference ofItalian Association of Clinical Engineers-AIIC has chosen Riccione as its stage for 2022 and launches a title – In addition to PNRR: towards a technological culture in support of healthJune 12-15, Pala-Riccione – which looks to the future and to the actual returns that the plan may leave on SSN.

“We have proposed a 2022 conference with a challenging title because we believe the National Recovery and Resistance Plan represents a historic opportunity for our country,” he said. Umberto Nocco, chairman of the association, ”It is an opportunity that, however, can not be exploited by a sum of independent and uncoordinated project investments. In fact, it is certain that for the healthcare sector, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for Mission 6 focuses on two objectives: strengthening prevention and assistance in the area and modernizing the NHS’s technological equipment. As professionals at the forefront of this sector, we view this push for innovation positively – Nocco continues – but we know that it is not enough to buy or innovate technologies to create effective and useful change: only anchoring and disseminating a true technological culture in management, in the organization, in complex planning and processes, will be able to help our NHS achieve the qualitative leap that even the pandemic from SARS.CoV.2 has shown that we are indispensable today. A new reference platform for the whole system is indispensable, which we call ‘technological culture’, which is able as a whole to connect all the elements that form the framework for innovation in the healthcare system ”.

The AIIC President emphasizes: “To initiate and anchor this technological culture, we must meet stakeholders, policy makers, citizens and, above all, the professionals who work with us in healthcare, and with them all create the basis for a new strategic and organizational phase. and professional for the NHS “. Therefore, it is central to the “challenge” that AIIC launched in Riccione.

So what are the macro themes of the event brought together by Lorenzo Leogrande (President of the Conference) and by Stefano Bergamasco (Chairman of the Scientific Committee)? Here they are: Telemedicine (Telemedicine and ICT for a health system with higher quality and financially sustainable; Project management in the organization of telemedicine services); PNRR and technology investments in healthcare (major technologies: is this really what our country needed? Obsolete machinery and investment plan; Reliable priority indices; Evaluation of the real quality of equipment in the procurement processes); Regulatory MDR and IVDR (pre- and post-market clinical trials; monitoring equipment; Eudamed; new areas of clinical engineering expertise (surgical instruments; laser safety management); technology value for technology management; home care; multiprofessional collaborations; project management and organization; maintenance and innovation of repair activities; In addition, there will be a special session dedicated to the Health Technology Assessment (Focus MTA, June 14), which will allow for reflection with leading national experts in the assessment system for technologies and devices.

To these macro topics will be added in the Riccione program (as usual) the training courses, which are always one of the most popular moments of the entire AIIC annual event, to which over 2000 participants are expected. For years, the conference has also been the stage where the best national projects in the health technology sector are awarded. The AIIC AWARDS Award, in which over 130 teams and projects participated, “is designed to bring forward the professional skills found in the many NHS units involved in technological transformation”, emphasizes Lorenzo Leogrande.

The special jury – composed of sector experts, representatives of the institutions and the board of clinical engineers and led by Nino Cartabellotta – will announce the winners of AIIC AWARDS at the gala dinner at the Riccione Convention.

June 10, 2022
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