Modern culture on fire with the Volcanic Attitude Festival

From today until next June 13, the first edition of “Volcanic Attitude” will take place, Modern cultural festival that will cross the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands. The festival takes shape from an idea of ​​the Cose Cosmiche collective, formed by Helga Franza And Silvia Hellwhile the artistic management of the project is developed in collaboration with Giulia Restifo And Susanna Ravelli.

The festival program is very busy and involves artists and scientists. On one side, Fabrizio Perghemwith an installation on the distillation process of volcanic vapors, Fabrizio Vatieriwith a sound performance in three acts, and the collective Zapruder, which will suggest stage fighting exercises on the beach. On the other hand, the scientific experts Chiara BoschiSenior Researcher, Department of Geosciences and Georesources – CNR, Andrea DiniSenior Researcher, Department of Geosciences and Georesources – CNR, Andrea OrlandoArchaeoastronom – IAS Institute of Sicilian Archaeoastronomy, Salvatore PassaroMarine Geologist, Department of Marine Science – CNR.

With annual cyclical conditions, the festival develops in two moments: the already existing volcanic position. Approach / Approach (28 September – 2 October 2021), research phase and artistic stay; and the next volcanic position. Landing / Landing, moment for restitution to the public of the experiences and results that emerged during the stay, presented in Naples, with the inauguration at. Morra Fonden GreekJune 10, 2022, at 16. We then continue aboard the ship Laurana in the Tyrrhenian Sea and on the island of Vulcano in the Aeolian Islands with a program of workshops, conferences and performances.

To find out more about this fascinating and innovative festival, we have interviewed Helga Franza And Silvia Hell by festival curators.

Mulberry Lighthouse – Ph.D. Davide Pompejano

When and how was the idea for the Volcanic Attitude Festival born? what are its goals?

“The idea for the festival was born out of a desire a few years ago, from a vision: to bring the artists to the crater of the volcano. Move the topics Cosmic Things, in other words, comparing and updating the studies and research of artists, scientists, philosophers, economists, engineers … on the island, by the sea, in the midst of the forces of nature that we talk about (at times) without “hearing” them. Find a cosmic perspective by sinking your feet in the heat and vapors of the volcano. Along with the availability of the Les Sables Noirs Hotel as our host, in September 2021 we went to Vulcano in the Aeolian Islands for an initial inspection and an informal exploration with a group of artists and people that we considered interesting to realize and shape the project in the future (Giulia Restifo, Susanna Ravelli, Vanessa Saraceno, Davide Pompejano). It worked. It was not easy because Iddu (Iddu or La Montagna, are some of the personal names that Sicilians give to volcanoes, Iddu is usually called Stromboli, while La Montagna is Etna) have shown us that we can not make plans without considering the environment in which we live, and one of the goals of the festival is also this: to try to understand the forces that control us and to appreciate their wonder ».

How is the festival developed and how is it organized?

“It’s a traveling festival, a four-day trip to the volcanic territories. The program follows the route of the ship that ferries us from Naples to the Aeolian Islands until it reaches Vulcano. The inspection in October served to outline this first edition, which is open to the public, both in terms of the places we have to visit and for the themes developed through performances, happenings, installations and lectures by artists and researchers.The idea of ​​the festival is actually to develop into two agreements, one for research and accommodation and the other, open to the public, to show experiences developed over time ‘.

Fabrizio Perghem – Ph.D. Davide Pompejano

Who will be its main characters?

«The main characters in this first edition are the three artists invited with the October group, three new researchers from CNR – National Research Council and an archaeo-astronomer.

The artist Fabrizio Perghem, who has previously worked on volcanoes with photographic and audio interventions, will develop a project for the festival about the special light on the island that hit him, and about the distillation process of volcanic fumes through a sculpture designed at. scope.

Artist Fabrizio Vatieri will bring I thought it was love, a project that reflects on the concept of human measurement and control over nature, intertwining the photographic and musical language with the scientific discipline. From data from 30 September 2021, the date when the CO2 values ​​measured at the volcano’s crater exceeded the limit of coexistence between man and the volcano itself, I thought it was love it develops through a performance in three acts and a book that serves as a visual appendix to the performance itself.

Zapruder’s project, The middle piece was born from the idea of ​​the collective to work on the revelation of an image through the involvement of a medium. Under the two agreements, the festival participants will be able to practice getting in touch with a mnemonic repertoire of images and visions, which in the recognition process becomes a reservoir of possible narratives.

With Chiara Boschi and Andrea Dini, the first scientists from CNR, we will study the structure and resources of the earth, from depth to surface, we will discover what are the current studies to protect and interact with our environment. Boschi is an expert in water-rock interaction processes in marine and continental environments, in oceanic serpentinization and carbonation of serpentinites associated with the mineralogical binding of CO2 (mineral CCS) and in negative technologies to mitigate climate change. Dini explores and investigates magmatic-hydrothermal systems with applications for geothermal and mineral deposits. Fascinated by the geo-mineralogical diversity of planet Earth, he studied rocks and minerals from all continents.

Marine geologist Salvatore Passaro from CNR is making a video of the Tymrhenian Sea’s bathymetry of the route by ship, making what the water is immersed visible on the ship. Archaeoastronomist Andrea Orlando, M.Sc. in Physics and International Research Doctor of Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics, Expert in Medieval History, Ancient Civilizations and Cultural Astronomy, Member since 2012 of the Italian Society of Archaeoastronomy (SIA), will introduce us to archeoastronomy and lead in a go to orient us in the sky, in its mythology, in connection between earth and cosmos ».

Vulcano della Fossa – Ph. Davide Pompejano

Three reasons why we can not miss it?

“The sea, the sky and the volcano. The fourth reason is that ‘Volcanic Attitude’ is an experimental and moving festival, and what will emerge from the participants’ interaction with these three elements will certainly provide unexpected and intense experiences.”

For the full program of the festival, click here.

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